Victorinox hiker, Swiss army knife overview and discussion.

Taking a look at the victorinox hiker Swiss army knife.
Swiss army knives are great multitools and make great pass down gifts for the next generation.

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Ninjakiller44 Gaming says:

I was 9 when I got my Victorinox Hiker I loved it it was the best gift ever

Matthew Jeffres says:

I was around 10 or so when I got my first SAK. I have several more now. I carry daily the Trekker and Tinker along with a fixed blade and forest axe. I work in a nature preserve and have need of such tools.

I believe every kid should learn knife safety. Plus there are fun arts such as whittling that are right up a SAK alley!

SAK knives have there place in the great outdoors. Use the Right tool for the job.

Thanks for the great review.

Matthias Schulten says:

I am just looking around for a good one to buy. And if I buy one it’s gonna be my first victorinox

silhouette silhouette says:

I’ve bought a Hiker for my son who is eight old. What’s about me, I have got a Trailmaster, one hand, waved, and with the screwdriver instead of the wine-opener. It was got by me specially for mountaineering/climbing.

Alex Is AWESOME Mig says:

I still use mine

Alex Reactions says:

I got mine when I was 8

john says:

Great video. I ended up taking your advice and buying one of these. A nice knife for not a lot of money. To me these are great no-nonsense multitools to have in your car center console, glovebox or backpack. I’ve got a tinker (hiker without the saw) and that is main car duty. My son has a recruit which is a smaller, simpler knife without the saw, awl or screw driver. The hiker is in my pocket when we take a walk outside. All in all. These are extremely well built, easy to buy and last a long time. I recommend putting a piece of paracord or something else to make it easier to carry. Thanks.

Killer Dragon 56 says:

I got mine when I was 11

Elite Time says:

I like the camper, does everything I need

Geeky Galaxy says:

My brother was 11 when he got his first Swissarmy knife

X-RAY ZULU says:

Victorinox, i was 7 yrs old 1st one,,,i UN fortunately, let’s say “” lost “” almost all my original kit,,,,been carrying at least one for over 35 yrs now. I say I carry three at any one time, but then I’ve one in my wallet, on my keys, there’s one in my 1st aid kit,,

AWKisbored says:

I’m a big fan of the hiker **hits truck with a stick, just shaves it**

Harvey phillips 922 says:

I’m ten and haven’t even got mine yet

Lahdan Khalfan says:

I got my first swiss when i was 12 years old and still, my dad bought my an outrider and i still have it in a good shape

kidbach says:

Good review. Somebody named Lara Croft on youtube is using your video as their own.

Robert Harper says:

I’m 10 I have one

Kai Cody says:

I was 9

superwatermelon69 says:

I got my first classic sd at Walmart when I was ten

Thomas Alcock says:

I was 11 and I’m 12 and got the scaled red climber ii

Helen Robinson says:

I was 7 years old when I got my first swiss army knife

Nick Cao says:

I got one when I was 8 or 7 and it was red but I lost it in my room

Js Dubon says:

I was 5 it was my mother’s and I used to play with it under her supervision, it was mine 2 years later I am now 35 and I carry a Hercules 111 mm. I like the hiker but blade lock is a must for me so I am restricted to only specific models with that feature. Thanks for the video.

The world of Mason Grimm says:

i am ten and i have a similar knife but not a Swiss knife

AIRwalker says:

I just got it today and im 17

GreenApples_K says:

I believe I got mine around 12 when I got my little classic and I never went without it and ware it out lol and now I’m on I think my 4th one never think about trying a different one cuz it works so well over like 10 years so I alway keep it on my keychain

Darren Neiger says:


Гопник Максим says:

I’m 14 and bought spartan camouflage for myself and it’s part of my EDC

Heroic Harper says:

I am 11 and have one, victorinox

Alyas Lambo says:


Debbie Carr says:

I was 6

Green Productions says:

I like carrying a one hand tecker

Rick Temmen says:

I didn’t see the saw … Did I miss something ? I was 32 and I bought a Camping model and cleared my lake property of about 50 sapplings … Great knife … I still have it plus 18 others …

dusty gaming says:

i got a swiss army knife when i was 9, that was passed down from my mother, i dont know which one though. i think it is discontinued now.

Larry Gasper says:

Its a good Multi Tool, i was actually looking the other day at it to get it for my brothers birthday.
My self i have the mini version, and it served me pretty well,

4xl7 R says:

I was 7

Vigilance Jedi Guardian says:

I got a “spartan” victorinox.

Liquid_ 0llister says:

i am 13 and i really want one but all i got are multitools and im hoping my dad lets me have one its just my stepmum any tips on convincing them to let me get one?

kevin tran says:

I was 11 when I got my first

Ewan A says:

I got one 2 yrs ago and just got a hiker yesterday

Colt the Flash Airsoft says:

My first one was 8 years old i still have it.

James Ritchie says:

I carry the Fieldmaster, which is exactly like the Hiker, but with the addition of scissors and the parcel hook. Well, and also with the addition of a higher price tag.
II also had a Hiker, but gave it to one of my sons.

My primary pocketknife is a Case XX Amber Bone CV Jumbo Stockman because it’s a much better carving knife, and a much better knife for hunting and trapping. The Fieldmaster/Hiker, though, is a great addition to my primary knife, and I use it pretty much every day. In the woods, the saw and the awl are so useful that doing without them makes life a lot harder.

Anyway, I was seven when I got my first pocketknife. It was a Barlow. I had friends who got their first knife as early as five. Things were vastly different when I was young. We were allowed to carry pocketknives in grade high, school, and the teachers came out during recess and played mumblety-peg with us.

In jr. high, seventh and eighth grades, the ag department had a hunting contest each year, and gave awy a rifle and a shotgun to the winners. We were allowed to carry them from class to class to show the off, and then took them home on the school bus.

I blame city living for most of the change. For the first time in history, we’re at the point where more people will be living in cities than in the country.

john says:

Glad you like the hiker. I just got my 10 year old a tinker and a hiker for me. Figure between the two of us we have probably the most popular and cost effective Victorinox knives. Agree what you said about people being weird about knives. I hope it’s just a phase and that people will settle down and relax. Great video. Thanks for the review. .

Sam Kennedy says:

I got the same one. I carry it everywhere!

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