Victorinox Huntsman Knife Review

Victorinox Huntsman Knife review


Lee Groce says:

I used the can opener in my Tinker to pry open a car key, it is good for situations where you don’t want a blade to cut cut things.

Susan Cheung says:

I have been using my huntsman for over 25 years. good knife

FoodOnCrack says:

You rather use the edge of a table to open a bottle? That’s just stupid…

Stephen Davis says:

These are meant as a tool to help u everyday or in the bush not as a weopon or for what u already have its in yer pocket and has all the necessitys u need

donjuan42566 says:

Who gives a shit a white mans English, you still understand what I said . Dog.

SonnyGFX says:

open the can other way round is easyer try it

Yuri Danylko says:

Does it have a safety?

Craig Buckingham says:

Sometimes those rarely used functions come to the rescue and that makes the utility of a multifunction knife really handy.

Prepared Survivalist says:

The saw is really meant for notching and cutting small diameter pieces. It’s not meant for sawing through limbs.

Dano DeMano says:

I have the Camper and I use a lot of the tools, but agree with you on some of them as not being needed!

Enkidu1701 says:

There are also small Vics with a locking blade.
There is for example the EvoGrip S17, which is very similar to the huntsman, but has a locking blade. (formerly it was Wenger)

Deus Dex says:

The problem is that if the blade or saw locked it wouldn’t be legal to carry in many places.

deadlypotatoes says:

I love your visual examples you give with the knife, very helpful.

Steven Stam says:

Does it cut down trees?

Harry Dickus says:

LOL, you obviously don’t smoke weed or drink….

ChiefDrakula says:

I’m a Leatherman guy, but I always keep my Victorinox classic in my pocket. Good luck charm

StayAlive Survival says:

Great video! I have the victorinox handyman myself. It’s basically the same knive but with pliers.

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah Denis, I think you will like and do a video on the Bokor Tech Tool, the 4, City 2.8in. Yeah, its made in the 12c27, Yeah, A lovely piece of kit, yeah, the City means the Black instead of the Green, I think.,,.

real metis says:

if you dont use the tools why do you have that knife just saying

Kid Bass Master says:

i remember once the blade colsed on my finger, blood all over, yet not a single tear+a cool scar.

Saxy._dude says:

How much

MultiNiko42 says:

it’s just unbelievable how many SAK owners don’t drink wine.

donjuan42566 says:

He don’t know anything about knives.

Brady Blackburn says:

I’ve had a Recruit for a while, and I’ve been looking for an SAK with more capabilities that would still be comfortable to carry in a jeans pocket. I picked up the Huntsman yesterday based on your review. I love it so far. Great review of a great knife!

Awesome Silver says:

that’s why you get Fieldmaster it has screwdriver not a wine opener

17thefuzz says:

I have this knife for 5 years now and I carry it every single day on a clip i bought with it. I think about buying bundeswehr one for some trips but i probably dont even need it. It is just addiction.. Victorinox addiction, everybody who has Vic has to fall in love with it.

Israel Branco says:

The Huntsman is a “outdoor” SAK. There is a very similar model named The Explorer that has basically the same toolset, but instead of a saw it has a Phillips head screwdriver and a magnifying glass. I think the explorer is the “urban” version of the Huntsman. Great video!

Jim Abbott says:

Good review. All the tools are handy if you need one and this all you have! I have one of these, thought it was a climber at first because I didn’t realise it had the saw (inherited it from Dad when he passed) bloody great little knife. I carry it as my ‘urban’ EDC now and use it all the time. I cut my fruit and lunch with the larger blade and use the small blade for opening boxes etc. at work. I also bought a Rucksack (prior to realising this knife had the saw) as my “wilderness” EDC for camping, hiking and so on because of the larger locking blade and saw. It lives in my pack and this one in my pocket.

Yogi Lilly says:

the same knife but replace the cork screw with a Phillips screwdriver is my 2nd favorite SAK knife…. the Field Master, prefer in yellow with Gadsden flag/motto. The 2016 Wounded Warrior Field Master Stars/Stripes will be this years purchase for sure.

what is my favorite, the discontinued Harvester, Alox model, has the saw, awl, large screw driver/bottle opener, large blade. but why my fav, the small blade is replaced with the Pruner blade. If they were to put this blade on the Field Master (replace small blade) that would be my ideal knife. A real working tool set with scissors, or alternative bring back the Harvester and add scissors…. either way I be happy.

Daniel Leandro says:

what a hater man! all the stuff in there is worth having and will be super worth having in a survival scenerio awl for striking your ferro rod and bottle opener for your beers and cork screw for opening the wine for your chick and don’t be looking around everywhere like and idiot

Unlimited RC says:

Good review.

Buka Junge says:

Der Vorteil der der nichtaritierbaren Klinge ist die Verwendung als EDC, da in Deutschland das Tragen von Messern mit verriegelbarer klinge und/ODER Einhandfunktion nicht gestattet ist (i.d.R.). Hatte vorher immer ein Ranger von wenger (kein Einhand, unter 12cm, aritierbar) und es gab schon einige Probleme damit, sodass ich jetzt aufs Huntsman umgestiegen bin (zum Leid der Finger) :/

Equal Videos says:

I personally like victorinox much better than letherman based on reliability alone just saying and the reason none of these features lock into place is because if you have a blade or saw locked into place it’s classed as a dangerous weapon which is good as they are allowed to go on scouts trips with and also if you have it in public then the police will usually just causion you wereas if you have a locked blade you will get taken to the police station.

Kevin Salanga says:

Ofcourse you didn’t use those tools yet. You said the knife was just new!

Grace Bailey says:

i cut my thumb really badly on that small blade

Tesla Edison says:

Has anyone tried starting a fire with the SAK magnifying glass?

JMB RC says:


Parker White says:

I’m gonna get one with a hardwood handle

bram kemp says:

Once cut myself with the can opener

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