Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife – What is the best pocket knife ?

Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army Knife – What is the best pocket knife ?

Hello. I’m Paul Messner.

Welcome to my channel.

At the end of September, my brother gave me a fabulous gift for being the best man at his wedding. I was thrilled to receive a personalised Victorinox Huntsman Swiss army knife. I already one of these knives so I knew just how good they are. This one obviously is extra special to me.

In this video I show all the tools that the Huntsman has, and put a few of them to the test. It’s not as tool laden as the Swiss champ or other Victorinox knives but for me, this is perfect and it’s the best pocket knife I own.

What do you think is the best swiss army knife ? Please let me know in the comments below.

Here’s a link to the knife on the Victorinox website. I recommend you check it out.

To see me use the knife to process Fatwood then please check out my video here.

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All the best….Paul


Paul'ie 4X says:

Say Heah Pauley, I use a Awl, alot in the bush, I also use the Can Opener to open my Pork and Beans with my Butcher Shop Hot dogs with mustard and onions. You said you don’t open wine with that Corkscrew. I find the Corksctew to be very handy to untangle knots on paracord. I bought my Vic. Rangergrio 78 with the Phillips instead. So on my Bokor Tech Tool I got a Corkscrew and a Mmall Plier to pull my shorties out of my Cigar Mouthpiece. I also love my Vic. Farner because it has the right tools for what I use in the bush. That was very nice if your Brother to gift you with a excellent tool, Thanx for sharing it.,,.p

miklospinter says:

That piece of paracord would drive me crazy while using the knife. 😀
Good video, and the Huntsman is a good knife, indeed.
But check out the Victorinox Farmer: metal (Alox) handles, more robust but thinner construction, thicker tools, bigger and beefier blade, and the best thing: in-line awl. That awl is so much better than the one in the back!
The Farmer doesn’t have the scale tools, the back tools, the small blade and the scissors, but if your main needs are the saw, the blade and the awl, I think it’s a very good choice.
There are/were also some variations of it: The Harvester and the Electrician Plus have a small (hawkbill / sheepsfoot) blade instead of the can opener. Pretty much the perfect outdoor toolset for me.

bereantrb says:

For those in the market, substitute a philips screwdriver for the corkscrew and you get the Fieldmaster. Everything else identical.

Foxy Roblox & more! says:

THIS one has been used already i Can see it

Jacob Drosdick says:

The corkscrew can be used to untie tight knots

benlp2002 says:

“Here’s one I made earlier”

John Doe says:

The corkscrew is very handy for untying tight knots, and removing wall plugs. I’ve also heard of people drilling it into a wall/tree and using the knife as a coat/backpack hanger. Don’t know if thats true or not though.

Michal Urban says:

One of my three favourite Vics (Farmer for durability, Ecoline Camper for size and wider tool range, Huntsman for the most tools in the still manageable size) and a very good review! Thanks! 🙂

Critical Civc says:

You just got a sub! Amazing tool, getting one this week. Amazing vid!!

Eddie Robinson says:

Wouldn’t be without my huntsman

Philip Nicolson says:

Enjoy the lakes.

Le Grand Fromage says:

Excellent review, and greetings from Canada

Peter Zabilka says:

Thanks Paul for a great review.

Ganimedes says:

Man, try to clean your victorinox. It’l look awful with that dirt.

Moran Guy says:

This is just a great pocket knife for everyday tasks

bluesy92 says:

I use a deluxe tinker as my EDC, because it’s a good urban knife. But I’m planning a camping trip next summer, and want to buy a Huntsman for it, because while not useful in my day-to day life, I think it will be outdoors. I also want a cadet, but that’s just because it would be good to carry in a suit pocket for special ocassikns.

Mr.Sirbiffer says:

I have a field-master, which is just the “tinker” model of the huntsman….good little knife, always have it in my pocket when hiking or camping….although not the only knife i take along. The spartan is my edc urban/work knife……the spartan and compact models are probably my two all time favorite SAKs with a strong lean towards the spartan.

CyclingSoreThumb says:

Nice review. I put an slight edge on the bottle opener/screw driver so it can be used with a steel for fire lighting.

tony sal says:

that edge on the back of the wood saw is 90o and will strike a ferro rod!

Serkan Reis says:

A great gift and a nice review, Paul. I think the brand is called Vi*c*torinox though.

They also have some great watches.

MrTenbuks says:

nice one …love mine ,corkscrew nib good for them tight knots that need loosening,small blade good for better control on feather sticks or whittling and all purpose hook opened up then stood on flat surface can be used as a back rest for phone if you like watching films in the wild or as a kind of hanger on paracord ,cheers paul !

Shawn Michael Messner says:

Are we related?

pocketknife info says:

Interesting site about folding knives

Craig White says:

Dear Paul Messner Sir…
It’s good to see you! Give my Love to your family all the best in your Brothers marriage.
In Junior school as a kid I had a mate with one of those knives I wanted it so bad they were all the rage then to the point copies were around or something anyway I liked those knives. It appears that you Paul Messner are brilliant at reviewing gear everything about you is first rate always willing to share nuggets of wisdom that may be useful to multitudes of various groups of outdoors folks. I couldn’t comment on the stick burning compact stoves you reviewed Myself I got a cheap Chinese gas stove in an Orange box needs canisters to run… I also have Primus omnifuel Ti. for best. Your foldable wood stove is at least silent in comparison to what I have they go like rocket engines. I’d have to go with a locking knife myself I have a small French carbon steel one can’t think the name just now? Paul Messner Good camping on your up comming trip please be good take care look after yourself.
From Craig White. GB

knpstrr says:

What a fantastic gift!

j3o300 says:

Very nice video! I’m getting one this week!

so steve says:

I love my sak
great little knives

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