Victorinox Knife Collection Update, Part 4, Jan. 2017

Victorinox Knife Collection Update, Part 4


James Cane says:

you should get the huntsman. a really good tool with scissors and a saw.

Pg R says:

Good stuff…….. Great vid

James Hinrichsen says:

I asked for a knife roll from man belt leather with the same specs as yours it’s going to take a couple weeks but I can’t wait!

Filip Young says:

Wow, that’s a pretty sweet collection man! Tbf, this is the first time I’m hearing about a Vic with a light on it. Sweet!

Shane Delahunty says:

Quite a large SAK collection but I was cringing each time you tossed a knife onto another one. You are scratching em all up bro and I don’t like that. You need to become gentle with your high quality belongings.

WonderousWolf says:

Great Vid Ur Knives Are Awesome

The gaming boy Maiers says:

Nice knive collection I do the same but I will make one tommorow can any body sub

stockholm17 says:

Very nice collection, but I prefer the smaller or slimmer, medium sized SAKs. That big fat one at the end, that’s the joke in’it. Too many pies.


cool video this is the one ive been waiting for haha i just put up a video on my collection too

James Cane says:

you should get the huntsman. a really good tool with scissors and a saw.


could you consider giving me one of your many swiss knives or doing a giveaway please

I really want one ,

xu Susan says:

Hi, Do you happen to know how to find City Knife in Holland? Thank you!

Raul Ortiz says:

Great video!!!

celeriacmarcus says:

This is very exciting to watch.

birdie399 says:

One youtuber has a video showing 79 uses for the hook. 🙂

Charles Kemp-jones says:

It was not spartan lite it was cybertool

Asto Knight says:

I just have the Swiss army hiker and farmer

KnifeTex says:

Nice selection!

ScottTK says:

Sweet collection of Vics!

Jonathan's world says:

wow,cool collection!I have a small collection of 7 knives and I’m only young cause I’m a weeblow I’m cubscouts


That’s a great collection of knifes brother
some models I did not see before
thanks for showing

Messer HQ says:

very nice collection! let me know if you would trade a serrated spartan. I could get you a Bavarian Spartan…any interest?

Skank Hunt42 says:

everybody hating on the hook. i love the hook. never cn 1 with the nail file tho. thats awesome, as is ur collection

Rangersly says:

I’ve loved Victorinox since my childhood. My favorite is the Explorer which rides in my EDC backpack. I also carry the very flat and light Victorinox nailclipper. Thank you for sharing your impressive and very cool collection!

miklospinter says:

Hi man, nice collection and good video! I can’t wait to see the Alox part!
Some small comments:
– The one you showed between the Bantam and the Tinker, the one without back tools is called Recruit, I believe you said Rally.
– You mentioned that the Spartan and Tinker both come in 84 and 91 mm. Yes, but for the Tinker they are just called Tinker and Small Tinker, whereas the small version of the Spartan is called Tourist. Just in case someone looks for it.
– The knife you called a Super Tinker is actually a Climber because it has a corkscrew, not a Phillips.
– What you called a medium flathead on the Swiss Champ is a chisel.
– The last knife is called Deluxe Tinker (same as the Super Tinker + pliers).
I guess you actually know all of this, you just made some mistakes. I’m just being a smartass because it might help others.
Keep it up man, and make that Alox collection video soon! 😉

Callum NYe says:

Awesome knife collection

christy Cothran says:

very nice collection i have all crkt and gerber knives

Swiss Army Dan says:

Got it right the second time around on the actual Rally. Sorry to bug, cheers!

Rachael Hescott says:

Your super tinker is actually a climber ,but nice collection

Swiss Army Dan says:

Dig all your videos btw

Woodsquatch says:

Watched all four vids… great collection, and quite the variety. Four thumbs up!

Bradley14 says:

Awesome video! Nice collection!

Simon Feeney says:

The Older Red COMPACT with ribbed cork screw and no pin is called a ” Golfer ” quite collectable. See SAK Wiki. ( had mine confiscated by Spanish Airport Security. ( hence I bought a COMPACT )

Callum NYe says:

Awesome collection really want to get a Swiss champ

WeRunGuns - WRG says:

Amazing Collection!

Cris Reyes says:

you got the climber at 16:38 buddy!

MrSharp says:

Thanks for showing your collection! very nice! Cheers, Bart

M:Tronaut says:

Great vid and I love green, too…wish these emerald scales were easier to find, and you haave to get some hunter green 🙂

osvaldo alanis says:

Hey man u may want to checkout theh have 1000’s of usef knifes for very cheap

Zachary Gordon says:

I want a nice colored alox so bad! I have an 08 soldier. check out my instagram @zackattack.polaroid

ima4ster says:

I’m going to start checking on used Victorinox knives on EBay!

Swiss Army Dan says:

One correction, that “Rally” (84mm)is a Recruit. Cheers!

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