Victorinox Spartan black 1.3603.3 – Review


rusty says:

I’m gonna get an engraved one with hardwood scales

MrPleers says:

I,m an artist. And I,ll use the small blade to sharpen my pencils.It,s just perfect for the job.

Damian Stróżyk says:

Believe me – you can cut your hair with this blade. I’ve just did it 🙂

Kaushik Ray says:

Good job Patrick. I am going to buy this knife, and after seeing your video review, I am sure that I won’t be disappointed.

Ryan Bruneau says:

Can someone tell me what the difference is between the Spartan and the Camper? Thanks

iLife ǀ آي لايف says:

thank you

George Ts says:

Don’t leave the blades(basically all the tools) close with so much power because after some time, they won’t be sharp enough at the contact point…

yukosaturno says:

you make knife reviews too??NICE!!!!!

Rohit Dhanorkar says:

i got the spartan vx colours! check it out

sexyjadebunny says:

Dose this have the storage hole for the straight pin? Thanks

Patrick3331 says:

The technique makes the difference. And it’s a great way to justify a SAK. 😉

Patrick3331 says:

No, these knifes are all tools for every day tasks like opening boxes, letters or other things. I mostly use the scissors and the nail file on my knifes. What I meant was, that this law not to carry knifes (even these ones) is not thought through, cause no one can attack anyone with a Victorinox. It would take too long to get it out and open the blade to use it as weapon. That’s what I meant.

Maxwell53095 says:

“-don’t use it this way”. hahaha

weaponsdrawn says:


Patrick3331 says:

I know, online for sure. I have bought the little screw drivers for all my knifes already! 😉

Patrick3331 says:

No worries, I am a very peaceful character! Knifes are just a hobby, but more for collecting and enjoying the handcraft of it.

Patrick3331 says:

That’s the expression I always forget! Thanks.

Offtrailed Dino says:

Nice knife review,I got the same knife but it’s in silver-tech colour.
By the way,nice job.

Alex Weidl says:

for anyone who has this knife or other victorinox knives, a little-known feature is that when you open the cork screw there is a tiny hole where you can store a pin

Calvin Klein says:

the scales scratch so easily

Patrick3331 says:

Victorinox are great quality knives for various tasks.

Patrick3331 says:

You are rot, it has the hole, but the needle was not part of the delivery. I didn’t even see that!

Klaus says:

next to the bottle opener there’s like a hook.what’s that for?

sexyjadebunny says:

LOL, You can buy spare ones, Just didn’t know if it had the hole or not, You can also get the mini screw driver to store in your cork screw, Good vid

Patrick3331 says:

Haha, well thanks I guess. But my English isn’t superb by far, long way to go before I get even close. But thanks, I guess it isn’t the worst of what’s out there. 😉

MrPleers says:

Because the point of the pensil often breaks when I,m using a pencil sharpener.When I,m using a knife to sharpen it,it never breaks.

Patrick3331 says:

They sell them here, though I get mine from back home (prices are way less compared to Dubai). Apparently since a few incidents with some youngsters who started stabbing each other in the past they are forbidden to be carried around. So, this size I leave at home (as sad as it is), cause by the time you get this one out of the pocket and open the other guy is gone long time. I carry the Victorinox Mini Champ (check my other video) which is really small but handy!

Patrick3331 says:

My purpose is not for protection at all. I rather run away then getting confronted, today people are just to crazy. And I would not start a fight either, it’s not worth it to get beaten up by some idiots who are bored and just look for trouble. But either way, Dubai is very safe, not comparable to Europe or US.

Calvin Klein says:

The Spartan is all you need.The best

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