Victorinox Swiss Army Bantam Pocket Knife by TheUrbanPrepper

This video is my product review of the Victorinox Swiss Army Bantam Pocket Knife. The Bantam has 8 features: Large Blade, Bottle Opener Can Opener, Screwdriver, Wire Stripper, Key Ring, Tweezers, and Toothpick. Simple yet mutil-functional, the 3 1/4″ Bantam features some of Victorinox’s most popular implements in a compact design. The stainless steel implements carry a lifetime warranty and are built to stand the test of time, truly Your Companion For Life!


Color: Vx Red
Blade Type: Multi tool
Length: 3.3 “
Width: 1 “
Height: 0.4 “
Weight: 1 oz
Handle Material: Cellidor polished

AMAZON.COM: Victorinox Swiss Army Bantam Pocket Knife


Fsac says:

I’ve had mixed feelings about SAKs ever since my father gave me my first ‘real’ knife, a Buck 112 clone. I used SAKs exclusively until that day, then quickly ditched them in the same manner as I did my training wheels. They are a far more kid/people-friendly than any other knife, for sure. Truth be told, I think that has long been what I have resented about them. For me, they bring back memories of before I was ready for the ‘big boy knives’ that came in the years to follow.

jbkflowers says:

Good review. Thanks for the information!

stype977 says:

Nice !! I just love my alox bantam 🙂 Subbed

Pancake And Waffle says:

i have the same one but its made of wood and has a bear carving on it

Charleroifa says:

it’s not supposed to be a can opener.

Baranduyn NoIdea says:

I’ve had one in my purse or attached to my wallet for about ten years. Can’t do without it.

schneibgamer1 says:

my cadet was also only $12 with the regular red scales, although i prefer my Victorinox Ranger and Deluxe Tinker

Shumi Wu says:

Hi, my dad recently bought me a Swiss Army Knife Tinker and Classic SD combo pack. Me being a boy, have learned how to use a knife from camping and being in the outdoors. I love how the Bantam is so thin and yet has 8 tools. Great Video!

kerrie lyons says:

great video Urban Prepper!! i have the Victorinox Squatter which i just love!! keep up the great work!!

zildjiansince1623 says:

Awesome video man. But can you use the combination tool as a pry, for things like opening paint cans and stuff like that? Thanks

Yosefschannel says:

What do you think is better bantam or the waiter ?

CyberKlown28 says:

Someone said it’s possible to screw phillips head screws as well by holding it at a 45 degree angle or something. Is that true? o_O

sig415 says:

Very nice and helpful review, thanks

Vladislavs F says:

Actually I prefer bantams can opener better. It was hard to use at first but when I learn to use it is quite easy.

Pedro Baele says:

no its not, the knife casing is 84 mm

Andrew Brindley says:

No definitly not.

Tori Hale says:

Is the blade length on the victorinox bantam the same as on an 91mm?

Brandon Eme says:

i have one in blue nylon handle very good knife that i can pull out with scaring people

Triple Threat Outdoors says:

It’s 14.00 on amazon not 10

Guus de Jong says:

There is an alox version of this!! My first pocket knife was an ecoline bantam, I will buy the alox one and probably this version too. I loved it

Dirt and Rust says:

Very informative …thanks for sharing!

IsliHoxha says:

Never go anywhere WITHOUT a VICTORINOX KNIFE with you!! Check this out Damn! 33 essential features enclosed in a 3.5inch blade! For real I just got one and this knife is full filling my expectations so well like no knife before! and also affordable too, I SUGGEST!

tony sal says:

ha! I carry the small Waiter- have that same BM but cant pull it in a city environment, sadly…

Рамиль Балагутдинов says:

привет , Россия ! =)

DutchBikeBlogger says:

I have the Wenger Premier, Same knife, made by Wenger. For more info see:

Lando F.C says:

i have pocket knife too but my pocket knife has more tools it cost: 88php or 2 dollar very very cheap is made of stainless from philippines

MinstrelOnTheRun says:

Also keep in mind that the combo tool takes up the position of the spare blade, so it is also notably thinner than the conventional bottle and can openers. I came dangerously close to bending it with light use on my Compact. If you were doing a lot of prying and still want portability, go for the sturdier tools and alox handles of the Cadet.

Paul Kreuz says:

If all product reviews on YouTube could be like this one…

ktkace says:

The Singapore army makes one that is non reflective black and texturized~ 🙂

Gonzalo Nose Llama says:

Excellent review sr

Ralph Fitzgerald says:

Survival pocket knife needs just two things,a good blade and real good can opener that’s it.

Yosefschannel says:

M getting the waiter it comes with one extra tool the corkscrew

David Cooper says:

The item you refer to on the Bantam is a cap lifter. The Bantam does not have a can opener whereas the Cadet does. Most other SAKs have both tools.

gabe v says:

its also a phillips screwdriver,the way its angled allows to get a good bight on the screw head

Olrac says:

If you’re talking about the combo tool, then you are wrong. It was designed to also be a can opener.

MinstrelOnTheRun says:

Love your channel, thanks for all the great videos! You should update with a review of the Victorinox Compact. It’s barely thicker, and has a huge assortment of additional EDC tools (scissors, pen, pin, eyeglass screwdriver, nail file, parcel hook, and corkscrew) that might slim down your system.

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