Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Cadet Alox Multitool Review and Function Demonstration

The Swiss Army Knife Cadet is a classic compact pocket multitool from Victorinox. This review covers all the functions of the small capable blade that also features screwdrivers, bottle openers, can openers, and a nail file. I compare it to Leatherman multitools and a few other Swiss Army Knives like the Super Tinker. If you like this review buy the Cadet from my links below.


Fallofmind says:

I prefer a nice sturdy SAK. It helps take up vibrations when I hit my tip to hard.

Geovanni Sarabia says:

Is leatherman or nothing

paulbigboss says:

No one buys them? In the USA maybe. But they are known all around the world.

Really, another knife? says:

I still find it interesting that you have an actual job. Not saying that you shouldn’t have or can’t get said job, I just imagine you getting paid to shoot YouTube videos and baton yard- forests…much like a docudrama. Anyhow, great video as usual!

807D14M0ND5 says:

“no blue lines sorry” I feel like you’re addressing me. Apology accepted…maybe.

Luís Silva says:

Nice review. Hearing you say a Cara Cara 2 costs 20 makes my heart hurt, I can easily pay triple over here in the old continent. I’ve discussed it with Sal Glesser, and sadly he told me the retailer was doing an ok job of pricing. This is why so many European collectors buy so much from Gearbest. Still want a Para 2 sometime though.

Chad Fulton says:

That might have been your finest batoning ever.

chuckles470 S says:

Bling and a tie cool .
It’s greyhounds instead of screwdrivers now.
Nice knife and batoning btw. I lost a Swiss Army knife and it still makes me sad thinking about it.Well done as always.

Mitchell Delmar says:

If you never owned a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife you should buy one, so you can know the feeling of owning a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife before consigning it to a drawer, never to be seen again.

Player Review says:

I still drink screwdrivers!

zachary graf says:

people still drink em’ new vid idea SCREWDRIVER REVIEW do it with cheap popov vodka and minute made from concentrate so its super cheap

Joseph Alvarez says:

I still drink screws sometimes… #hipster

sngx1304 says:

I saw 5 tools in that shot. BOOM!

When I was a kid, I had one of the shorter SAKs. As I get older, my SAK has gotten longer.

Lone Stranger says:

Why do they make you wear a suit and then lock you in a closet…. Oh wait never mind.

Chris Allison says:

The thin stock and shorter lengths on SAKs makes them ideal for apple flavored ring pop slicing duties.

I—Theist says:

I seen a homeless bag lady clean her nails with a Swiss Army knife on a park bench once.

lerch400block says:

I am a service tech (hvacr) and I “lost” my old Swiss after 3 months of carrying and trying to use. If your not in the boy scouts this knife is useless. I did enjoy the little stabby tool, worked good to restring baseball mitts.

Porki Chili says:

Are swiss knives actually multitools? I always thought multitools are built around the full-size pliers. Well, in any case the large army backup knives and their civilian versions are certainly more useful than a ladies’ purse knife.

Jorgen Sandstrom says:

The Alox is nice. Have a couple Pioneers. Nice one even though it’s a slip joint.

Joshua Ritzheimer says:

Thank goodness you batoned this blade! I was worried you wouldn’t since it isn’t a comtacbush blade.

Jim Tangren says:


BornIn1500 says:

Probably the first guy to baton with a Swiss Army on YouTube. A truly groundbreaking and historic moment for humanity.

Christopher H says:

Nice SAK Bro

Zed X636 says:

Love your videos. Haha

Hue Janus says:

That’s a boring sak. Mine has scissors and a cool set of mini pliers on it. No corkscrew though, but i don’t wine so who gives a crap.

Grumpy Mr M says:

Every man needs to have ‘wood’ at his desk! Or a pencil.

Grumpy Mr M says:

Once again, great vid, bro, cheers.

Jose Osornio says:

I love my little Tinker … Tactical AF.

ConcreteTurtle says:

Yay batoning! So tactical!

scott williams says:

Best review yet!

Davin Klein says:

Hi Advanced Knife Bro, I just Graduated Highschool and want to invest in a new pocket knife for everyday carry, my Current Kit is a Benchmade Bug out and a Leatherman Signal or Original Supertool, I’m debating between a new Benchmade or possibly a Spyderco, my Budget is $100-$200 ish, any suggestions? I’m looking for something maybe bigger, I love Deep carry but not having deep carry isn’t enough to keep me away from a knife, thanks.

Joe Szabo says:

Those knives are great tools/knives but what if I get attacked by a terrorist or really annoying salesman , not “tactical” looking and no bright green Zombie Killer written anywhere .

John Tedichwon says:

watch?v=_J6-3l3hCm0 Hell it’s bout time you got a sak review out. Btw If you duct tape a sak on a normal “fixed” pliers and sharpen one handle to be a prybar after you strip the plastic coating, then is it a red neck multitool? Closest thang to one right? lol Victorinox I need a modular multitool like that that installs or uninstalls from the handle. #Redneck innovations.

Mexican Megazord says:

the first video with special effects? The clone voices, were truly magical

SuperSteel Steve says:

Bro…. I fucking lost my shit when you batoned that stick…
Good shit

wojtekimbier says:

A Swiss Army Knife? Is the channel renamed Basic Knife Bro now?

Nasty Nate OutDoors says:

It’s not a SAK review until the Batoning comes out. Hells Yeah!!

Bob Aus Metalheim says:

Doing some YouTube swag while being payed at work? Hahaha winning!

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