Victorinox Swiss army knife Hiker – review

Review of the Victorinox Swiss army knife hiker.
Includes: Large Blade, Small Blade, Can Opener with Small Screwdriver, Bottle Opener with Large Screwdriver & Wire Stripper, Reamer, Punch & Sewing Eye, Woodsaw, Keyring, Tweezers, Toothpick, Phillips Screwdriver
Blade Length: 6cm
Non-locking blade


Chain AZ says:

nice! very similar to the swiss army camper ( my favorite)

3bears says:

i like this one, it has a reasonable toolset, and not full of ‘bloat tools’ like that damn cork screw, or nail file…. lol

Juan Roche says:

Field master is the best

TheBazFella says:

Great review L. I’ve never had one of these but I do like them and see the point of them. Did you nearly cut yerself again at 1.31 and 2.13 lol? Nice one mate 😉 Baz.

Bladeasaurus88 says:

Laser , red dot , suppressor .. LOL
Nope mate its the hunter . Same as the hiker only has a scissors instead of a saw and a corkscrew instead of a phillips screwdriver

A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge says:

Blade lock laws!?! SERIOUSLY!!!???!!!

Weaponsandstuff93 says:

Yep these things are pretty lethal, not so bad when you’re getting one tool out at a time, but trying to juggle everything at once is pretty dangerous.

James Slander says:

I’ve wondered what the name was for mine for years. I got one when I was eight for my birthday but never figured out what it was called .

Av. Kalashnikov says:

I have this 7 years ago and lost it. What a shame ! 🙁

Weaponsandstuff93 says:

Ah that seems to be the same but it has a corkscrew as well.

Weaponsandstuff93 says:

Nice, does it have any cool attachments.


For those who is wondering the blade dont lock

Çagatay Duman says:

i think victorinox are best for EDC

Bladeasaurus88 says:

Good video mate ,
i recently got myself a real SAK cant remember what one mind 🙂

munkeysunkle says:

the wire stripper is actually the small notch on the underside of the cap lifter. the hole in the reamer is a sewing eye used for pushing thread through canvas etc. it was originally for troops to make repairs on their equipment.

Anthony Barrett says:

Number 1 rule with Swiss Army Knives only open 1 piece at a time.Unless you have too many fingers.

Chanthecat says:

my dad gave me his old one which has his name engraved

Weaponsandstuff93 says:

Ah thanks, it was called a reamer on the amazon page so I just went with that, an awl would make more sense.

Jackup460 says:

Don’t know if it has been mentioned but the hole on the reamer is for threading. The wire strippers are in the can opener tool.

Weaponsandstuff93 says:

Yeah shame victorinox don’t do more blades, I was hoping they’d do some nice fixed blades but they only seem to do small folding knives which us a shame.
As for reviews I’m quite good at just talking crap for a while so that’s why I tend to do them a lot. 🙂

thuan khuu says:

does it have a lock for the blade?

Nathan Garza says:

The hole makes the reamer a sewing awl.

Weaponsandstuff93 says:


Weird Science says:

I think this model is the best fro EDC and remote travelling. I would have preferred however if they put the Phillips screwdriver on the end though for getting into tight places. My fathers father brought him one in  the mid sixties for cycling holidays in France. The tradition continues and I chose this model.

Gun Tech. says:

Been looking at this for outdoors use, and I’m not convinced by the blade. I have a one size smaller swiss army knife and it’s thin, and like this one they’ve made a notch near the handle to make it even weaker… I have the Morakniv Bushcraft and want something like that. It could have a couple more tools on it, like the sawblade on this knife but I definitely don’t need a crappy screwdriver, bottle opener or ehhhhhh corkscrew. Any recommendations? I’ve seen some but they look like guerrilla daggers…

Weaponsandstuff93 says:

Yeah I liked that it had the wood saw which most of the normal ones don’t have.

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