Victorinox Swiss Army Knife vs. Bear Grylls Pocket Tool – REVIEW – Best Pocket Knife? Let’s see…

NEW – Bear Grylls Pocket Tool vs. the Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker – REVIEW – from – Is the Gerber Bear Grylls Pocket Tool better than a Swiss Army Knife for Survival? And are either one of these guys the best pocket knife? Let’s see…


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Bear Grylls Scout Knife:
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Bear Grylls Ultimate Multi Tool:
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Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife:
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Old Timer Jr. – Classic 3-Blade – Pocket Knife:
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Gun Tech. says:

Tweezers and toothpick…

Alec McCullough says:

And why didn’t they show the tools on the Swiss like he did the bear grylls

Patrick Germond says:

What is the SAK blades made of?


I am not allowed to get a knife but I am a teen

Mirela Conde says:


Drawkill Foxy says:

That gerber pocket knife only has 5 things which is okay

Nega Morena says:

fala em português

Dinie Zuhairie says:

need more function? like another knife? BG for me

that fit Asian says:

My Swiss Army knife looks like that but it’s all white. Is it real

Dan Thornton says:

I can do more with a fork.

DestroyerZ says:

Screw all the other victorinox knives. Just get the swiss army champ

Lucas Vasconcelos says:

how durable are the Bear Grills Pocket Tools? Victorinox’s are pretty durable and can be easily passed on through at least a few generations and still work and it’s claimed that NASA uses them as official tools.

mmbaster says:

in a survival situation, every sharp edge is a knife 🙂

Vector says:

Best dick measuring contest ever

BornIn1500 says:

Every time he says the word POCKET, he YELLS IT. wtf, man. Couldn’t even watch the whole thing.

oli williams says:

my swiss army knife has more and no bear grills pocket knife will beat them tbh

Alec McCullough says:

Swiss it’s more trusted and many models of the knives along with the quality

2ndchanceinlife says:

I can’t ever take Bear Grylls seriously, nor tools under his name… never will I buy a Gerber product.

Jacob Drosdick says:

I hate the narrator’s voice

I carry my Revolver In single action says:


SonnyGFX says:

gerber makes no scense

Rikth Dcruze says:

BG is a tank! but Victorinox out guns Gerber here… but I am a BG fan, so it’s really tempting for me.

marine4Legion says:

nothing better than Swiss Army Kife

marcducati says:

Macgyver had a Swiss army knife…the original Macgyver obviously.

Betty Kerry says:

swiss knifes better

Daniel Van says:

They are the same thing but different brand name to me.

Legit American says:

The steel that victorinox uses is much higher quality than this Bear Grylls stuff

Cadet Zahra says:

great work david! 😀

Bugs says:

this are not the new swiss army knife

J. St says:

The best Swiss Army knife is still the officer version we get in the army as recruits. It’s perfect

Anonymous User says:

Gotta love that shitty 70s porno music.

clorox bleach says:

Swiss army looks so cheaply made

James Hinrichsen says:

3.22 see?!

E J K 53206 says:

Swiss all day

Hal McAdams says:

No one ever talks about the Swiss Navy Knives.

SOUTHPAW731 says:

phillips heads were not designed to be torqued down thats why a true phillip has a round center a cross hair or cross head is different

Dylan Schillinger says:

I love Swiss Army knives I have 6 of them

vorkev1 says:

big difference in knifes the swiss army knife is made in sweeden as the bg knifes are made in china all of them in china. I know this for a fact as I do a lot of dealings with knife companies and china manufacturing. all china mad swill knifes are fake all bg knifes stamped us made germin made are china made and just standped us or germany

Avery Deb says:

The fact I don’t think I’m going

ScorpionRegent says:

I don’t buy Bear Gryls products. He may have had some input to it’s design, but he didn’t make it. He isn’t giving me a any equipment for free or paying me to endorse him. Once I buy a knife, it’s my knife, not his, so his name is irrelevant. Bear Gryls is not going to parachute in and save me if his branded knife fails me in the bush. Gerber makes good stuff so I can’t say there is anything wrong with the pocket knife. I’m sure they make something just as good that isn’t pretentious that I might consider if I needed to buy replacement should my Swiss army knife ever be stolen.

MrRebus777 says:

I agree, the Tinker is the perfect everyday carry tool knife… along with a larger blade.
SAK Cadet for dress carry.

Rosario Gutierrez says:

I am a spartan survivor.

Marcus Phillida says:

No saw, no lanyard? Come on Bear…

Drawkill Foxy says:

Im Sorry for Saying those things and yes i have been a fan of BG i have a BG and its the little looking leatherman wave or What its called i still like BG

silver N survival says:

i got both the blade on the bg SUCKS zero edge retention

ponck sup says:

this is not a review, it is publicity plain and simple.

Marius Meyer says:

gb and swiss army knife are=

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