Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Production 2016 ENGLISH

Swiss Army Knives production video


Chris Lee says:

I don’t get the comments lol. Cheaply made. Probably the best cheap tool you can buy but certainly not high quality lol. You going to tell me these are better than a leather-man or Gerber multitool? Lol.

soisitimpossible says:

I know I’ve had one for 25 years now and still works like a charm.

dave the barber says:

Outstanding design, impeccable craftsmanship and manufacturing. Quality and function in every detail. Mine is a ‘Compact’ and I don’t go anywhere without it. Thank you Victorinox!

Made Dedi says:

I love victorinox ( jakarta )

ツA 1 says:

*”Sharpen them in a way that guarantee’s they stay sharp for a long time.”*
_No one who reviewed this video knew anything about knives._

ThisIsPatrick says:

Where to buy some

Khalifa Ahmed says:

this makes me wanna make my swiss army knife pregenant with smaller swiss knifes

TheEternal Hunter #Nmrih says:

My father have one which is a survival version said on the manual, it’s quite huge and the entire kit consists of matches, a compass and many other things, it has been put away for a long time until one day I took it out and inspect all of its functions, everything is still in working order and didn’t even rust !

I was amazed by its resistance to rust since it has been stored for so many years without oiling, these Swiss Army knives are like they are meant to be used and passed down to the next generation!

KaareFoxy RBLX says:

The Best knives for cutting donuts

Omendra Vishwakarma says:

Sir i want to buy an original victorinox trailmaster in red colour….where from i can buy

Active Atom says:

Three reason we are proud of this company.
A The product materials are from local sources.
B The product is made in a beautiful location, how do you even work when you live and work in such a natural beauty place.
C The pride that goes into the products is clearly displayed throughout the process.
We love the Swiss Knife brand.

largol33t1 says:

8:57 – I have that exact model. I love that it has hex bits on a swing-out holder.

Maddawwg45 says:

my alox cadet never leaves my pocket and right now im looking at the ruby spartan as my next purchase

American Paisa says:

What in the hell is a WENGER?
Oooooh it’s a subsidiary of Victorinox.

SNOOP U 2 says:

It is by far the best tool box knife I carried one for years then I have to give other knives a chance

Fajar 8217 says:

I love this video. Never get bored watching it over and over

Vaclav Novak says:

You guys are amazing like every single product. I own several knives and have to say I was very impressed with its quality and ergonomics. I want to work for your company and be the part of your success. Have a very nice and productive year 2018 and good luck !!

Matt Dessecker says:

I just bought a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife for the first time in my 51 years. I picked up a Huntsman in translucent sapphire and absolutely love it! I’ve carried a blade on me for YEARS, but never a Swiss Army knife.

Shibnath Sarkar says:

dear sir. can you call me because I need a job. my number+919038094983

Usama Raheem says:

Oh my gosh
I want this

Rudy Roberts says:

“紅蓮の弓矢” would work well with this video. lol

Cheedi치디 says:


Fabio Augusto says:

Wonderful video. I have the Fisherman. Great knife!

Lice Pissidon says:

Chickyboo in the red spotted at 7 minutes

Squid Balls says:

8:33 That stand will not be safe in the ghettos.

KaareFoxy RBLX says:


I—Theist says:

Why do you only hire women? Do you people hate men or something? I didn’t see a single guy in your production line or retail store.

Grayton W says:

7:00 to 7:30, wow. Even if you could deal with a repetitive routine and were paid decently, that seems like such a mind-numbing job. If you had to do that day in and day out for hours at a time, it seems like you brain would be mush after a while…

Jayaseelan k E says:


fournier michel says:


Tsai Jason says:

Oh god, I just realize the swisscard is for woman…..

SNOOP U 2 says:

That’s the first thing that cracks in the plastic handles!! They need to rethink the handles

random loadout says:

I have a classic sd and it stays sharp. I bought it used and it still cuts a poster board like it’s butter

Tyler Snyder says:

Basically the most consistent folding knives made today, I’ve never seen it heard of a bad one.

I would have to say the Vic recruit is probably the perfect lightweight and compact folding knife for everyday utilitarian use, it’s certainly the best you’ll find at $15 and cuts may better than probably every modern tactical folder at 2X-100X the cost.
Two great extremely thin and slicy knife blades, a can opener with small standard driver which will also turn Phillips screws, a large standard driver / cap lifter , a wire stripper, a toothpick, and tweezers.
There are many things you can do with Vic functions that are not official uses, and with some creativity you can accomplish a lot on a daily bases with a Vic.

02wolf boy says:

Is anyone else hella proud of owning a victorinox

paidda says:

Through the years I’d lose a few but each new replacement come with thinner and lighter blade assembly. Quality remains the key to owning one or two so I don’t mind getting a different version or size..long as I have the occasion to use it, it’s a victorinox!!

GRIPTILIAN 511 says:

Wow now I am proud of my Swiss Army lives

Nobody4president says:

Why is it that Victorinox/Wenger never outsourced the manufacture of their knives in order to “stay competitive”? For over 100 years MADE IN SWITZERLAND by the Swiss. The quality has remained impeccable and the price affordable. I call bullshit on all the other companies that sell out their own countrymen for higher corporate profits. Call me what you will but I buy Victorinox for myself, wife, children and grandchildren, because it is the SWISS Armyknife. If it ever says Made in China on it I would never buy another.

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