Victorinox Swiss Army One-Hand Trekker Lockblade Folding Knife

The Victorinox Swiss Army Knives One-Hand Trekker is a lock blade folder with just the right tool for most outdoor tasks. It comes in non-serrated and serrated blade versions and several colors.

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Lee Barker says:

Love mine Brian!

David Altemeyer says:

Thanks for another great video! I have a one-handed tracker enjoy it very much and I use it just about every day. Thanks again!

Michael Simons says:

Great knife I love mine!

Matthew Butler says:

For those who don’t know you can replace both the tweezers and toothpick with firefly ferro rod, however I would keep the tweezers Incase you get splinters

Preparodies 1 says:

Man I love Swiss Army knives, if I was made of money I would probably have a collection of a thousand of them.

srvctek1 says:

Great review Brian, just got one based off your review.

Tim Summers says:

I really like this knife and it might be my next Victorinox acquisition. I’m not a big fan of the serrated blade and I’m really glad they’re so thoughtful to make a non-serrated one to please customers like me. Victorinox can count on my business.

Gun Tech. says:

This is one of my top picks (within Victorinox). Non-serrated near the handle is best if you’re going to have serration at all. I prefer completely non-serrated, so there’s at least one edge I can keep sharp in what is really not a dependable knife for outdoors, no matter what the SAK model. I don’t recommend an SAK even as backup outdoors, I’d rather have some $8 Morakniv. Cos if your main knife is lost or dulled, what you need is a backup edge, not anything they put in SAKs.

Survival On Purpose says:

Just a friendly reminder. This is a family friendly channel and children read these comments. Please refrain from using even mild profanity as it will cause your comment to be blocked and we will not be able to engage in a dialogue.

The same goes for racists rants, name calling and pointless negativity. There are plenty of outlets for that sort of stupidity, this is not one of them.

Thanks for you help! – Bryan

Jacob Drosdick says:

The brand name is Victorinox, not Swiss Army Knife.

Dan B says:

What are the serations for?

Gary says:

i’m in NSW, Australia. could I get away with carrying one of these? there’s nothing outright illegal about it (food and drink preparation is a lawful carrying excuse) but I feel like cops who’d tolerate my climber wouldn’t be so reasonable with such a massive blade and i’d get in trouble anyway.

Outdoor Dauber says:

+survival on purpose – “just like all Swiss Army knives…” FYI, the “soldier” model does NOT include the toothpick and tweezers. Good review and thanks for your vids.

lapicker says:

Brian! I really REALLY can’t believe that YOU did a knife review without telling us whether it would strike a ferro rod.

mwillblade says:

That saw blade zips through thick plastic and bone! Is that your pet skunk?

John Chastain says:

Purchased the non-serrated version based on this review. Great folder for fishing and camping. Works much better as a knife than my Leatherman Sidekick. Saw is long enough to be truly useful.

Heru Divine says:

The one behind your

Paul'ie 4X The Consiglior says:

Say Heah Brian, Infact I took a similar knife to back-up the knife I’m using this weekend, I took my Victirinox Rangergrip 78, My main knife is my Fox Parang Bushcraft Jungle Knife, I’m finding out, I could use it a a one tool option, But I’m so use to multi carry. That’s why I brought the Vic. For my personal chopper I brought my 24″ Council Pack Axe with heavy sheath and sling, and my Silky Bigboy 2000 with sheath. and ofcourve my Kodiak Gearsling. I still concider this to be a managable carry and using it in alot of snow proves it to me. I really like it. What’s the difference between your Vic. Trekker and a Vic. Rangergrip besides handle color. Anyhow, Have a Happy St. Patrick Day.,,.

TheTruthQuest123 says:

Imo those screwdrivers and even worse yet, the tweezers and toothpick are useless. Id much rather have two long blades on each side.. so I dont have to sharpen as often.

Piotr Zdziennicki says:

Not too smart swinging the blade around your crouch…also you seem to use both hands to close the blade, which defies its purpose. Bear in mind, it was not made for left-handers only.

Junge Robert says:

this is almost the exact model which I was given and use at the swiss army. Ours is green and the serrated version

Mark Eisenhower says:

would have been better if there’s clip, the knife is half serrated, and the saw is a little bit curved.


Serrations are good for slicing bread and sausages in Europe.

The Zebco Fisherman says:

Can you review your small yellow Swiss Army knife?

Heru Divine says:


Young Woodsman says:

Victornox should make a fixed blade knife, their folders are so great they need to make one

Heru Divine says:

Did he know there was a skunk behind him

Matthew Jeffres says:

I always keep my SAK Tinker with me. They Are fine knives. Thanks for sharing.

Dan B says:

What are the serations for?

N.W. Jonkhart says:

Victorinox is easy, the ranger grip74 is a slick blade the 174 is with the rescue blade. So is the 78 and 178, 79 and 179 and so on.

Adolf's Youth in revolt says:

was that a skunk behind you at 1:20?!?!

Jasper Alphen says:

Isn’t this almost the same as a forester from victorinox?

Michael Varney says:

My Uncle was cutting wood across his lap like that during a camping trip. In front of me, he slipped and the knife ran down into his lap and missed his femoral artery by about 1/2 inch. From that day forward I whittle and cut side side saddle.

Steve Lucier says:

I’m not one for serrated blades. I have a special one only for emergency or defense by CRKT with VEFF serrations with a double guard which I need. However if I were to buy a knife with serrations this likely would be a top consideration.

Heru Divine says:


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