Victorinox Swiss Card Lite – Review

Review of Victorinox’s Swiss Card Lite a 13 function tool card.

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Peter Kunimura says:

For a zombie apocalypse

Liritanhappy8 dilsan says:

you beach ?

Marc Hills says:

Two really good points you make: the absolute necessity of that finger loop in order for the scissors to be functional, and your answer to why a pin? Why a toothpick? Agree that a pin is a surprisingly useful little tool to remove slivers, lance blisters, clear clogged glue nozzles, etc. About the only thing I ever really found the toothpick useful for on a traditional Swiss Army knife is to clean lint and accumulated gunk from the various crevices between the tool blades. A very well done review.

Techie's_Stuff Kulkarni says:

Well Done !! Nice review

Alle Dethan says:

f #

Loner says:

i ve a little problem tat i need to seek therapist for. i right away fall for ladies who wear a ring on thumb finger.

Image BLOGGER says:

Christine, loved your review.
Loved your wallet. Perfect stitching. You into paracording too?

“We should be together” – STAN, EMINEM

mouthfulloffeces says:

Wow! She’s GORGEOUS!

Xarcht says:

I got the one that is one step lower, but I like it a lot.

Dave Thomas says:

very nice video, I think I am going pull the trigger on this tool. Also I’m diggin that thumb ring.

Ronin T says:

Female practical sense never stop to amaze me . Keep on with the good job please .I can repair a car motor or a computer but I cant saw a button or find my way to what do need in a supermarket if my life would depend on it.

Ads Sds says:

I saw a blowjob vid with a girl that looks like you and with the same hands

Raditat Preston says:

Did you just call the blade a letter opener

john anton says:


Skank Hunt42 says:

are you from Canada

kamil latocha says:

urban survival ?

marin1977 says:

I gave you thumb up solely for explaining every feature, nobody else bothered to show how to change the battery (big point for me).

Damo 007 says:

I had one of these. They fall apart too easily- Scissors spring stops working, pen runs out of ink in no time, pin gets lost and that battery for the TINY light is SO expensive and hard to source !

Peter Kunimura says:

NO more better than a army Swiss knife is not better than a victorinox army Swiss kife 🙂

Trương Hoà says:

You say so much, i have a haedache, your sound for me so tired :((

Mirela Conde says:

muy lindo video, por que no haces de navajas VICTORINOX

JS KALSI says:

way too slow

Joie Mojica-Gahum says:

Great review!1 Have you tried the roadeavour one?

germanshepherd13 says:

excellent excellent review… thank you so much.. ordering one now

Matt Gittins says:

I think the word you are looking for is depth not deeper

Aditya AP says:

She forgot torch

Louis Rodriguez says:

wouldn’t it be easier to say 4 millimeters rather than point for centimeters? like one foot instead of 1/3 yard.

Yonrin says:

By holding the flat battery on each side like you did, you could actually short circuit it and ruin it. Not that this is really relevant anymore.

VAC2 says:

Your using the ruler wrong 😡


Great review, really well done!

Harley Man says:

What a breath of fresh air to have a lovely lady doing a knife revue….great vlog..!!

Okaro X says:

The toothpick is with the knives so that people would not pick their teeth with the blades and cause damage.

Cinqmil says:

TSA approved?

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