Heirphoto says:

I saw where a guy filed the parcel hook into a lock pic tool. The Champ looks like a smaller, handy alternative to a full sized multi-tool if carried in a belt pouch or bag/briefcase.

Carlos Eduardo says:

Awesome simple yet detailed review!!! I’ve been looking into a SwissChamp, they’re quite affordable for what you get. Even knowing Victorinox already, this video helped a lot. Good channel. Greetings from the Caribbean.

M J DeGrey says:

Good call on adding the mini screwdriver to other Victorionox knives.

OnceAPunAThyme says:

They are useful, I have too many of them. Unfortunately the corkscrew on my Champ broke, the end of the fish scaler broke when I tried to pry a tack out of a wall with it, the springs on the scissors and pliers broke, the screw on the scissors wore out and now I can’t find the other half (managed to source a screw!) and the magnifying glass plastic snapped (should have kept it better oiled). I like Victorinox too much but I am not convinced they are using the toughest grade steel. Also, why are scales (handles) so expensive to replace, they are just bits of shiny plastic.

Bushcraft North of 60 says:

Great review. This might be my next SAK. Take care.

NGMonocrom says:

Hook will be most useful in a camping situation. Fire going, small pot hanging over the fire thanks to a wire bale. Use the hook on the bale to remove if off of the end of the horizontal stick holding the pot over the fire.

Kandi Klover says:

Oh the XAVT is very useful actually.

jackfordmac says:

What you do with the opened kidney beans?

Skank Hunt42 says:

i just ordered a swiss champ. i owned one for years and sadly it was stolen. i do wish tho, victorinox would let us pick which tools we wanted

William Burr says:

Thanks for educating me on a few of these tools that were unfamiliar to me.

liverush24 says:

Yours came in a box! I thought that they only came in blister packs these days?

Terry Valèntïné Dean says:

Possibly the Best review I’ve seen yet!
I NEED one of these knives!!!
It would be Very Useful here on my cattle operation!!

John Montgomery says:

One of the better Swiss Champ reviews I’ve seen here on YT. Good job!

Vasireddy Dheeraj says:

hey there…my seller missed to put the user manual in the box… is the manual really premium? I mean should I drive back to get it or is it just fine…? I have a PDF copy of it from the internet… thanks in advance

Primitive Futurologist says:

Bought one of these quite recently for EDC & love it! Didn’t get the eyeglass corkscrew screwdriver though. 🙁 Nice review.

Brian Ferris says:

I received a Swiss Champ for Christmas love it already (I already know how to make a tobacco pipe and whistle (I’ll put up a video of the processes soon.)

Umesh M.K. says:

A very nice review with detailed explanation of all the tools. Liked it. I got mine yesterday and it is the same black colour Swiss champ. Really liked the colour which is quite different from the usual red one. Have been collecting Victorinox SAK for sometime now but I like the Swiss champ the most alongside my cybertool 41.

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