Victorinox Swiss Champ – Very Long Term Review

Victorinox Swiss Champ – Very Long Term Review.

After owning this knife for over 22 years I thought it about time to review this little gem. It’s a sturdy built, dependable friend that has gotten me out of many a tight spot with all its wonderful tools.

Highly recommend this as a pocket knife you can tuck away someplace close to hand.



Looks well used. I just got one from my husband lol he thinks it is necessary for everyone to
carry a small tool box with them . lol

Mark Webb says:

Nice job! Have you always carried it in a pouch or did you ever just pocket carry?

Runs59 says:

22 years, a very significative and interesting experience. Thank’s for your video !

Mike Arthur says:

Fantastic knife, my EDC for 25 years or so . Very handy.

Paul Sargeant says:

I have had mine for a very long time. 17 years plus. I don’t carry it around but it is in use often. It is a good companion to have in a suitcase when staying in hotels. It is a well made bunch of tools. Have never found a use for the parcel hook!

Matthew Leddy says:

Where did you get the pouch from?!

James Hinrichsen says:

I want to get this and the mini champ. The mini for pocket carry and the Swiss champ for my EDC bag. Great review

M J DeGrey says:

I own a champ, a spartan, a mini champ, a soldier and a swiss card. Kick ass tools all of them.

Nya Stclair says:

Magnifying glass can get you a fire started if you have sunlight. Save you energy in a survival situation =D

OnceAPunAThyme says:

Good review. Twenty years on, mine hasn’t fared so well. The corkscrew broke on the third bottle of wine, though I have to concede that the cork was a cork from hell and I perhaps should have given up on it. The spring on the scissors broke and then the screw came out and is lost. The end of the fish scaler broke when I used it to try and lever a a nail out from a wall. Again, as with the cork, I probably asked for that one. The magnifying glass snapped when I tried to get it out, my fault for not keeping the joints lubricated.

All that said, I want to disassemble the knife and replace a few parts but I can’t find a purpose made tool for removing the pins. My idea was, I would pick up a lesser knife and cannibalise it for parts. Has anyone out there tried that?

Newie69MK says:

I own a Victornox Tinkerer. Not as packed full of tools as the Champ but it does well in a pinch. I never leave home without it. I’m looking into getting a Victornox Outrider though for camping.

Siro conde says:

hola AMIGO, muy lindo su video,meinscribi en su canal. una pregunta: cual es su navaja preferida

Bacchus Leto says:

I was thinking about getting this, but I realized that it might be too practical and wieldy, so I got a Wenger Giant instead.
But in all seriousness this was a great review. It’s really a testament to the build quality of these knives that it looks so good after 20 years.

John James says:

brilliant idea adding plasters to the pouch

ghd67ik2887218 says:

i have a ranger. the pliers didn’t seem to be useful and i prefer to have a separated magnifier

Will John says:

I think that after a certain point they just become to thick to be comfortable to hold, and that’s when the leatherman tools come in. IMO

orthotobi says:

that a big knife 🙂

gerade bowden says:

Bought mine in Barbados 1994 while on my Honeymoon.Still in great shape like yours, always with me when I travel .Won’t leave home without it.

Colonelchimp, Bushcraft, Survival and Prepping says:

they are truly the best pocket knife ever, i have two, one came with the same case you have, but the case itself had the usual survival gear in it, including a propelling pencil for some reason haha, a signal mirror, paper etc, i still have it in my kit, and a little later i found another on ebay for a few quid, very cheap, so i got that too, coz..why not , mine also has a reamer on it i think, but the best thing about them is the lifetime warrantee, if you break a blade or tool, or in my case the jaw on the pliers on excercise in cyprus, you just send it back, and rather than fix it, they will just send a brand new knife, all it will cost is postage, great deal, gerber do the same deal, so do zippo lighters, so if you see a broken one cheap at a yard sale or junk store, ore ebay etc, grab it send it back and boom, new for old,

stype977 says:

Great video . Great SAK . Have the same model and got it with same pouch :-)Subbed and cheers from Croatia

Kim Swee Lye says:

Have you come across a swisschamp without the parcel hook? I have one

Joey's Variety Channel says:

where did you get the pouch

Harley Man says:

I find that the 111mm OHT….One Handed Trekker is a great knife that the blade locks and there ya go.You can get it in a serated blade or regular.One thing you didn’t pull out was the reamer.I always look at the reamer first to see if its pre 1985.That’s the year they added the sewing eye.I have about 43 SAKs and so far about 4 Swisschamps I just love them.

blakjaknz says:

Got my Swiss Champ in 1999. Needs a new pen (ink ran out), and a new spring for the pliers, but otherwise is great. Biggest problem I have is that I wear it on my hip daily and i’m sick of the Velcro on the Holster failing (Victorinox only make the dome type in red now, I need black). Never lubricated or serviced, has been banged around a lot, but still in good nick minus a few little dings and such. Recently misplaced my holster, feel quite naked without it, but had a near-miss of the knife falling out one time too often. Where can I get a holster like the one you feature here? Or any suggestions on alternatives?

Kashif Jamal says:

I have a workchamp which is 111 mm version.its even more practical than simple champ

Johan den Hertog says:

I used my Victorinox SwissChamp since 1985 every day. Look as new and have since 2 years the Mother of Pearls version. As collectors toy i have the XAVT version of the SwissChamp. The only thing that wearout is the Victorinox Leather Case.

van hill says:

nice I’m SAK tinker fan myself

Zi.Q Yang says:

22 years! that’s amazing mate. Great video!

Herman Alcaraz says:

Great video. My wife bought me a Swiss champ. It’s a very good pocket knife. It has been my edc since then. I do hope mine lasts as long as yours.

Msdj Jdndn says:

Can you remove a row of tools out of these? Thanks

MysterPynk says:

Time to give that fine tool a bath. Love my swisschamp at about 8 years in.

Randy Cunningham says:

Is it avaliable in all Victorinox stores?
3 stores here.

David Percival says:

Good honest review. Thumbs up from me and thanks.

Happy Camper says:

I had this one but really is too thick, so I gave it away.  I have about 10 others victorinox and are really good

Deepak A says:

great video.. I bought a Victorinox huntsman yesterday.. hope to use it as long as you did.. Any tips in maintaining it?

David Leavy says:

Good video I have one also

Gnome Add says:

I had the 1985 version of the Swisschamp (was it the Champion, perhaps?} for over 30 years and it served me very well. It was time to retire it. I put it to work many thousands of times. Though I was a bit hesitant, I opted to replace it with the SAK Craftsman. Over the years I had found a use for every one of my previous SAK tools with all the bells and whistles, but the Craftsman seems to whittle it down to what is relevant for my needs. It should last me the rest of my life since I’m older and far less abusive to my tools thanks to experience.
I collect knives, mostly single blade knives. If I had to choose one knife for the rest of my life it would most definitely be a decked out SAK. I wore out 4 Leathermans in the time it took me to wear out 1 SAK, and I mostly attribute that to build quality, not abuse.

John Doe says:

Thank you, very interesting review. 22 years!!! And bought it just yesterday…

geocacher79 says:

Great video, if only it came with an awl/reamer it would be perfect…. I just got this one and it is really cool. I’ve had the classic for about 15 years and love it. I’ve driven over my classic (by accident) and it had no affect on it other than a few little dings in the scales. Victorinox tools are just amazing.

K Edmodson says:

Jesus, I’d be angry if I got one for free. Awful thing.

Mirela Conde says:

muy lindo su video. usred usa mucho esa navaja el dia a dia

Sharjeel A. says:

22 years! I lost mine within 2 years.

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