Victorinox Swisschamp Review and Tool Guide – Full steel testing list for my cut test videos, free to all. – support me on patreon if you like, helps me do the expensive stuff! – Full steel testing list for my cut test videos, free to all. – support me on patreon if you like, helps me do the expensive stuff! – If you like this content, you can help me out on patreon. No pressure.

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I also recommend, even as an Australian, shopping Knifecentre. I do it all the time and have had no issues.

Remember not to order spring assisted or automatic knives from overseas, or knives that come with a double edge. Customs will eat them.

Remember, in Australia, you generally need a lawful excuse to carry a knife. Having one on you equals needing to be doing or on your way to doing something knife related and legal. I don’t know all the individual state laws, but the best thing to do is be normal and not draw attention to yourself or your knife.

My favourite models are:
Spyderco Spydiechef
Benchmade 940
Fallkniven A1
Al Mar Falcon Ultralight
Kizer T1

I dom’t do cash for reviews or free stuff for positive reviews. Free stuff will generally be sent on to other reviewers.

I may be able to review or steel test your knife if you are from Australia. International back and forth post is a little hairy, so I generally don’t.

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Super handy dandy, found at gun show, needed lite polish, $20 big ones. Brings out the boy in Boy Scout. Cheers…

mike mills says:

14:05 Since 1985. Thanks!

ProCelestialEmpire says:

Does the Philips driver lock under pressure when screwing something? Thanks

nitrokyosho says:

Nice video mate

bearfoot130 says:

I like your review. This is my carry MT, and I love how feature rich the SwissChamp is for 6.5 ounces, compared to Leatherman’s offerings at a similar weight (Juice Xe6 and Rebar). I do feel that some of the SwissChamp’s tools (like the scaler and hook) will never see any use, but I also agree with you that those tools take up hardly any room on the tool, or weight. I have found any SAK to be bulky in the pocket due to their height, but I found and tried the “Victorinox Belt Hanger Key Fob”, and I had a “holy shit” moment, because now the tool is out of the bottom of my pocket, near the top of my pocket, and easily accessible to unclip and use. I do wish that Victorinox at least could offer the knife blades in a better edge retention blade steel, but as you said, I too only need to the pen blade for all of my cutting tasks, and it quickly strops back to razor sharpness.

My comment is better than yours. says:

Leatherman multitools are absolute trash I bought one and then a week later it was covered in rust and it didn’t even rain or get wet! That’s good ol’ Chinese steel for you. I love my SAK and they are made with very good steel, in fact you can find old Victorinox knives from 20-50 years back with little to no rust! You can’t beat the quality you pay for with these knives. Nice review.

weedXD38 says:

HELLO ,excellent review ,haven’t seen a Swiss pocket knives in such a long time , good to see there still out there!!! it was my first as a boy scout, many years ago!!! thanks for sharing n keep the uploads coming!!! 🙂 🙂

Hanhan 2604 says:

Good video I was wondering whether to buy it or not thinks no it would be to big but now I have seen your video I am buying it today

Maggieroniandcheese says:


I am fucking your waifu and there's nothing you can do about it says:

I think they need to just open up a customize your own victorinox instead of having 200 different models that aren’t perfect for anyone.

Jadon Ingalls says:

The hook actually is kinda nice to hold a bunch of the handles on plastic grocery bags

Siro conde says:

cual es tu opinion sobre esa navaja, cual preferis esa o LEATHERMAN.

flashdamingo says:

Third ?

TheKimjoh560 says:

Got this a couple of years ago. Never got along with it because I’m used to Leatherman tools. This one felt flimsy. However, since then I began working in an indoor office-like enviroment and thats where this excells. I invested in some custom copper scales aswell now it feels all unique and awesome and I carry it all the time, even if I carry a Leatherman.

Cooper William says:

I want one of these

Nick Hall says:

Use the can opener to open plastic packages? Wwhhaattt???

Ranger Tex says:

Had my Swiss Champ about 13 years now. Carry it everywhere, and so much lighter than my Wave. Some of my workmates used to mock me “What are you carrying that thing around for?” etc. After a couple of weeks they were asking me to let them borrow it. LOL.

Charles Collier says:

The awl is an all-purpose sewing tool as well. It is very good for removing existing stitching. The rounded side toward the material allows you to pick out the thread without the risk of digging into the cloth/material. Then it works well for sewing, especially thicker or more resistant materials like canvas and leather.

trav v says:

Wow this could very well come in handy. This is the best swiss thing I’ve seen.

Trumps No.1 UK Fan says:

£45 quid on Amazon

Offed Pez says:


Jesse Adams says:

almost every one of my awl’s have a ding where it hits the lanyard ring. weird they’ve never changed that:)

mrblitzed says:

I have a ranger type victorinox. With a bigger blade that locks in place. And with a same length saw. Love it.-))

davidpyper82 says:

Put sak in your title for more hits lad


When you use the worksharp what belts do you use and how many passes?

John mony says:

I’m 62 years old and from age 18 to 60 I worked as an Industrial Maintenance Man for GE here in the US. For about the first 20 of those years I was never without a Swiss Army Knife in my pocket. I was the butt of many jokes because of it but I can’t even begin to guess how many miles I saved avoiding trips back to my toolbox because I had a usable version of the tool I forgot right there on my knife. I eventually ended up with the Swiss Champ and carried it for 15 years and would like to respectfully disagree with you on a couple of your comments. The fish scaling tool is not that effective but, as you stated, the hook remover is, although that is not why you are wrong about that being a wasted spot on the knife. Those things are on there to avoid wasting space on the RULER, which is a very useful piece of kit, as I think you guys say. The narrow screwdriver on the back of the knife will access deeply recessed screws (Phillips as well as flats, in a pinch). The reason that I eventually stopped carrying my trusty Swiss Champ was not because of the ribbing I had to take, as you might have suspected ( I would just tell the jokester that I carried it to help him out if he needed a piss, as I handed him the knife with its magnifying glass and tweezers deployed)but rather because they are too expensive to replace. You mentioned issues with the scales getting scratched and I say I wish that was the biggest problem with them. If you ever have occasion to drop a Champ from anywhere near shoulder height onto a ceramic tile or concrete surface the scales will pop off and cannot be put back on. They are so shallowly over-molded onto a pair of rivets that they just tear out the plastic. If you drop them later without the scales the liners bend and you can’t open the outer blades/tools.

I am new to your channel but I already love it. Good stuff!

chris helvie says:

Good video but Gerber does betters scissors than Victorinox. You are right about leatherman rusting.

bekells says:

Nice vid could you review some Condor knives

Rodrigo Teresa says:

I got varnish on my Swiss Army Camper because I was opening cans of it with the flathead, so I soaked it in 99% isopropyl to try to make it easy to wipe off. When I came back the next day the scales had warped and bent almost 90 degrees over then fell off which is really weird. I wonder why that happens.

KillerDeegan says:


Thomas Harrison says:

The small flathead screwdriver on the back is perfect for electrical connecter blocks or any deep set screws again mainly on electrical items.. something that the can opener screwdriver can’t do and it can be used on small Philip head screws.

Lars Buskkraft says:

Had this one and loved it! It got stolen, when some idiot broke into my car 🙁 Still miss it.. but now I carry a Rebar and it does a great job.

EDnaut says:

Better blade steel, one hand opening knife, skeletonised titanium scales/liners/spacers and some amazing modular (upgradable) high output nano flashlight and I might chub up just a bit. I do appreciate the little details like the needle holder and pen, but otherwise for me multitools are all about those big pliers. Had them out this morning pulling the tail of a large strap through so it wouldn’t flap around off the side of the ute for example. They are like an extension of my body now, like a cyborg, I can’t go back.

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