Victorinox Swisschamp review

**Be a Champ**
My review on the legendary Victorinox SwissChamp penknife.
Seriously who doesn’t yet have one of these. What are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go get yourself one.



• Large Blade & Small Blade
• Corkscrew
• Fish Scaler with Hook Disgorger
• Can Opener with small Screwdriver
• Bottle Opener with large Screwdriver
• Ruler(cm & in)
• Wire Stripper
• Nail File
• Nail Cleaner
• Metal File and Metal Saw
• Fine Screwdriver
• Chisel
• Reamer and Punch and Sewing Eye
• Pliers with Wire Cutter
• Key Ring – Phillips Screwdriver
• Tweezers
• Magnifying glass
• Toothpick
• Ball Point Pen
• Pin
• Mini Screwdriver
• Scissors
• Multi-Purpose Hook
• Woodsaw

Disclaimer: The views in this video are mine alone and do not reflect a third party or Victorinox as a company.


Fábio Ricardo says:

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Weird Science says:

Not knocking the champ, but I remember my fathers SAK from the 60’s. Much thinner, lighter an better looking IMO. The Hiker is therefore much better for EDC IMO. Everything you need and nothing you don’t and much lighter. Note: No Phillips screwdriver on Hunter!?

some dude on YouTube says:

have u seen leatherman pliers, call thoese beefy?

don Cisneros says:

I just got one I payed 102 dollars

Tim Andrew says:

I recently bought a Victorinox Ranger. It didn’t have a mini screwdriver or a pin in it. I got a screwdriver off Amazon for £2.89, but they wanted £2.30 for the pin, so I pinched one from the wife’s sewing box. I don’t see why they can’t give you them with the knife.

Brenndon McGill says:

I plan to get the Swisschamp. I have the champion (MFG. 1983-1985) I use it everyday from working on Boeing 707s to rebuilding a toaster oven. I love it! Shows it’s the best when it’s 30+ years old and works like new. Thank you for the review!!

Cheese Hello says:

Harder and harder to pull out 😉

Ala Eddin Ashour says:

LOL I love how the wife vacuums the house during the review, Nice video keep up the good work thanks

jojorobino5312 says:

What a beauty! I’m getting one sometime. I’ll buy it and carry it to work and stuff. One of my friends has one of these and I fell in love with it as soon as I picked it up it.
UPDATE: got it and its awesome.

Andy UK says:

to much waffle for a review

Grace Bailey says:

the first tool also had a flat head screw driver

Valium & Flowers says:

dude i didn’t even know it had a pin 🙂 thank u im holding it haha

Jeremy D says:

Kind of rambly. First 5 minutes of the video could be reduced to: “buy a pouch” and “it weighs 6 oz.”

Dominique Buzon says:

Thanks for the review! For me just the most useful and quality knife.

CuberCris says:

please tell me where you got that case put a link in the reply

Aaron Wag says:

Not a pen knife!!!!!!!

rickd248 says:

I’ve carried a Swiss Champ for over thirty years. I’ve used every tool with the exception of the dehooking tool since I’m not a fisherman. Well, never opened anything with the cork screw but it’s a handy place to carry the small screwdriver.

James J LaRue says:

I love the SwissChamp, I’d say Explorer is my all around favorite day to day.

InAMinMaths says:

This is like the David Brent of reviewers

ThatKidOnYoutube says:

3:52 i honestly thought i paused the video

Zachary L says:

Bet James Franco’s character from 127 hours wished he’d have bought one of these..

Greedle says:

Where did you buy it? Great video!

Jacob Drosdick says:

5 minutes in, still haven’t gotten to the tools yet.

Stet Tan says:

You talked too much gibberish! Just review the product(s).

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