Victorinox SwissTool Mulitool Knife Review vs Leatherman and Swiss Army Knife

If you’re familiar with the Swiss Army Knife and Leatherman Tools, then you know that Victorinox makes a full-sized pliers-based multitool called the SwissTool. In this review I compare the SwissTool to the Leatherman Surge, the Wave, the Supertool 300, and the SAK Champ. I describe the functionality of tools and give my thoughts on whether I prefer Leatherman or Victorinox multitools. To support my channel buy stuff through my links below.
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Lars Buskkraft says:

Nice review. Worked with a guy on a site, that had that tool. I use the Rebar. Man, it sure pissed him off seeing that Leatherman every day..

Rudy Du Plooy says:

I playing a drinking game. Every time you say “tool” i take a shot. Hoopfi I’ll mayke it $£%#!…

Panther Bladerunner says:

Bro, you forgot the corkscrew. The Swisstool (all of the versions) come with a little hole on either side into which a detachable corkscrew (sold separately) can be inserted and used to open up a yummy bottle of rose. You can order a gigantic sheath that has a special place for the corkscrew, but, otherwise, you’d have to carry a weird detachable tool loose in your pocket with your condom from 1985 and breath mints. The sheath is about the size of 4 Wave sheaths rubber banded together. Anyway, there you go….a “secret” tool on the Swisstool!

RMFN says:…

Tejas101 says:

I could build a spaceship with that tool. Again.

Josh Doty says:

Nice review. I have a Swiss Army knife with pliers. I use them to pull nose hairs. I am listening to the podcast you were on too. Interesting.

Jannie Janse says:

The Swisstools have chisels, don’t they?

I think that’s pretty cool. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that on a Leatherman.

b w says:

No Army would use…? The Us Army has been supply Gerbers in cleaning kits for years. Dude. Dude. Do your research. ;O)

Nick Shabazz says:

You review like I feel somedays. It remains magnificent.

Lars Buskkraft says:

You asked, so: the Leatherman waranty works here in EU just fine.


One day I hope you have a meetup for your fans, and we’re all going to bring a fucking can and open it for you in unison. I also watch your videos in non chronological order.

ModernArnis says:

Love the review, especially since you don’t believe in using facts… i feel the same way, facts are misleading…

rrp925 says:

I am not a barber, but I still feel important. Thank you.

Survival of the Fittest says:

Whenever im feeling …down, maybe even a little depressed,
I come and watch your video’s.
Just to remind me some other dude *sounds* more depressed than me.
And that makes me happier.

Now hearty heart my damn comment!

Randall Kelley says:

Bet you have never heard the words, “hey, anybody got a pair of pliers?”.. Holy shit bra!

D Gray says:

I can’t wait for a review of the Swiss Army.

Blake Grendel says:

Best channel

Tom Faranda says:

The,swiss tool spirit is actually a better tool.

ThisIsAPrettyLongUserNameWhyTheFuckWouldHeDoThatSoThatEveryoneWouldThumbsUpIt says:

Will it replace my Skeletool…..


James C says:

I carried a leatherman rebar for the longest time. Then I got a leatherman wave+ as an impulse buy. Now I’m carrying a leatherman juice s2 and I love it.

Kenneth Solomon says:

Lol. Your humor and sarcasm makes your video more informative! You were terrific on Knifenuts podcast! You showed No sarcasm there. Just some boredom. Anyway that got me to subscribe here.

Christopher H says:

Serrated blades are great for torture…Just sayin’

Landon Wills says:

yea, you are marked bro. Your next Victorinox review better be like : “All SAK carriers/enthusiasts are are smart and very well hung.” no but….seriously. <3

Azz Whole says:

2:14 You realize that you are now marked for death by all the guys like me who would no more walk out of their house without their SAK than they would walk out with no pants on?

jonny anger says:

I would ask that you always add at least one thing to the review that is not directly related to the subject. Just to annoy the rivet counter out there. Epic AKB. Lovin the channel.

Christopher LP says:

Great Vidya. I’ve given it a thumbses u- thumb’s – wait, thumbses es shit nevermind

HammerK99 says:

I feel like this dipshit is going to start reviewing the shit in his kitchen junk drawer.

mikedifeo says:

Great vid. I agree the Surge for the big manly dude, the Wave for the smart old man like me who understands the use of a multi tool can never be as good as using the right single tool. One thing I noticed you didn’t say, well maybe I didn’t hear it because I dropped my hearing aid in the middle of the vid. The Leatherman tools can be taken apart, whereas the Swiss tools can not be taken apart readily. That means you are at the manufacturer’s mercy. I changed my knife on my Wave from the 420 to a 30V steel. Found the 30V knife on Ebay at a great price and changed it. Can’t do that with the Swiss tools. I, like you, need psyche help when it comes to multi tools. I don’t have as many as you do, because I became addicted to Sig Sauer and H&K, so I am always broke. I have about 15 multitools. My favorite are Leatherman, followed by Swiss, followed by the real Schrade (American made) and lastly SOG.

Lars Buskkraft says:

Could you do a review of the Wave Plus and a Mikkeller beer? (Or a Ærø beer or a Ølværket beer or.. ) We are quite proud of our beers in Denmark and it would be cool to hear what you think.

Agustin says:

I have the mechanic hahahaah

Hue Janus says:

I have the victorinox rescue tool and the leatherman surge. While i think the victorinox is better made (finish), i vastly prefer the surge.

John Smith says:

Hey, you know you’re going the wrong direction when you opened that beer bottle, right? Dummy. It would open much quicker if you went the other way.

MasterStormCrow says:

So, full disclosure I’m a Leatherman guy. If I were to change to a swisstool, would I also have to bring my sex change operation forward? I am not saying that only women can use them, no! I’m assuming you’re not allowed to have both. The Bro Law on this would be appreciated. Is it like the Browning or Baretta rule, because I flounce that one? The best tool for the job man. Thanks for the vid, as always, just the right level of cheek. (I’m still getting the opp no matter what you say…..;-) Cheers!

KnifeTex says:

I gotta be that asshole. The SwissChamp and Swiss Champion are two distinct models- inclusion of pliers being the only difference . Yours is the latter, not discontinued. I don’t feel any better for having said this. I’m actually embarrassed. At any rate, good video except for totally fucking up your SAK models. Good luck finding a “big tool” to fit all your needs, you picky MF.

out of stab says:

You are the only creator that can make me watch a 10+ min. video about a multitool.

Porki Chili says:

Still on the way to discover Victorinox large 111mm awesomeness.

Scott Chantos says:

Those are some nice speakers you got there. ZLX 12’s? Do you moonlight as advanced dj bro on the side?

Stahlwerk88 says:

I’d say a multi tool in a belt pouch is more akin to those bros who carry their keys clipped to their belt loop with a massive, obnoxious carabiner. Also, people who take the doors off their Wrangler.

James Moore says:

Great review! Love all the objective points of comparison. I’m happy with my SwissTool RS, but I’m an occasional user at best. The large scissors are outstanding and very functional. The serrated “rescue” blade is nice to have. The ruler is surprisingly useful — very handy.

The smaller SwissTool Spirit X looks nice, being smaller and with a more ergonomically designed handle. I’ll be interested if you ever review one. Unfortunately in eschewing the flat handles for the nice curved design, the Spirit loses that great ruler.

Buzz Busby says:

I think TOOL toured Switzerland at some point in the last 25 years

Jacob says:

I forgot to make a witty comment the first time I watched this video this morning, but I got one now

StOp PouRiNg ThE bEeR LiKe THaT

MetalMan Sean says:


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