Victorinox Tinker: Simple & Functional Swiss Army Knife

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super gamer 28 says:

Very useful thanks

Melos Antropon says:

I own a TInker and love it to death, but I never realized until your video that it has the “straight pin” holder like the Swiss Champ and Explorer.  THANK YOU for pointing that out!  For a total cost of about .01¢, I added another tool to my knife today!

JadeRuby says:

A knife is a Tool and Weapon second however you said Defensive Blade, Are you trained in Knife Fighting? i don’t think you are.

Also the Victorinox Tinker DOES NOT have a SPEAR point blade…Its a Pen Blade Please learn your facts about knifes before you make a Video about the subject.

BlkREPR says:

Never new about the whole for the pin and I have had one of these for years same model

MrRebus777 says:

Tinker has the most needed tools and is slim so it fits the pocket perfectly for EDC. The Cadet is perfect for dressing up. I wish they made an Alox Tinker.

Rikth Dcruze says:

I’ve heard that the Cold steel voyeger was made for sailors. and Fishermen.

inthepeaceofthenight says:

great review, thanks. just a question to you ferfal or anyone reading – what age do you think is appropriate to introduce a boy to swiss army knives? im thinking of getting one for someones 8th birthday coming up, if appropriate. suggestions on victorinox or wenger models are also welcome.

chris smith says:

People don’t realize that the softer victorinox blades are better because a field knife SHOULD go dull faster and then they are easier to sharpen in the field. A harder stronger metal is useless after a week out in the wilderness.

mark markovic says:

Swiss army knife has good reputation. You can have one in your pocket it’s not seen as threat nor aggressive or a danger.  

Pinki2019 says:

The small driver on the can opener works as a Phillips as well. So it’s silly to get the Tinker over the Spartan. The Spartan can do everything the Tinker can and more, if you add a straight pin and micro screwdriver. And the corkscrew has many uses beyond a wine bottle opener. The Spartan is the better knife IMHO.

Bryson Bermudez says:

You locky

Roflcopter4b says:

I think just drawing that first knife would be illegal in my country, let alone owning it, let alone carrying it in your fucking pocket.

Biaggio Pietro says:

is product made china ahahaha

Alistair Suter says:

skip to 4:46 to skip all his common knowledge babbling bullshit
edit: otherwise nice video

J Nada says:

I don’t like the phillips screwdriver opening from the middle. It would be much more useful if it opened by the edge of the tool.

Redsorgum says:

The small flat head/can opener, is also used for a Phillips head.

Marktuyet says:

nice review, thanks …couldn’t make up my mind among a few models but your video helped a lot .

van hill says:

Good review I use either the tinker the camper ( because it has a saw ) or the Pioneer. I Have a bad leg and weight equals pain so I tie in with the Swiss army and mora #1 with a small can of mace an i’m set.again a good review and I subscribed

Joseph Rothenberger says:

Love my Swiss Tinker! Great knife & practical tools. For $25 you can’t beat it. Great video

Jacob Drosdick says:

I would never carry a knife that big on my person. I’m talking about the self-defense knife, not the victorinox.

Gabe Adorno says:

I think the TI lite and Swiss Army knife explorer are better.

Myles Platt says:

I carry a pocket knife but not for self defense a folding knife is a tool not a weapon

joel750 says:

You just cannot go wrong with a very simple knife like this Victorinox Tinker. I remembered that this knife if MacGyver’s primary tool of choice when getting himself out of trouble and he solved a lot of situations using this knife. I had one in the 90’s until I lost it somehow but I replace it with a swiss champ. 🙂

Wickid Lizard says:

I have the tinker because I live in England and the other two are illeagle

peakperformance65 says:

I don’t agree with a lot of the things you’re saying. This is my opinion however I think for EDC it’s too heavy and a little overkill but in a bad way. I’d never use a blade for self defence, again, this is my preference. Leatherman blades are great for most cutting tasks

LookOut4Detoxx says:

when you pulled out that busse team gemini my jaw dropped!! :O

sweetcostarica says:

Excellent Fernando, a well spoken (from the heart) review. 
Thanks for the common sense review.

Arlen Norby says:

I agree that the Tinker phillips should be smaller but all in all I prefer the Spartan. The cork screw just has more uses.

Zimmemme says:

Very good, thank you!

Botski Bomb says:

i love victorinox. please make more videos!

The Dude says:


Jordan Mills says:

you do not want to use a knife for self defence use a taser!! knife don’t put your body in shock as fast as a bullet they will continue to attack you not realizing they have been stabbed 7 times before passing put making you look like you murdered someone hard to defend someone who stabbed someone 7 times in defense…

Ian Smith says:

Coming from a new user of swiss army knives, i strongly dislike the victorinox tinker. Small knives that are hard to grip, should not have a snap back function. It is easy to cut yourself when pushing the blade back in.

Daniel Stewart says:

One thing with the mirror finish and why most companies probably do not use it is simple.  For the same reason the katana sword makers used that finish in Japan.  With a mirror finish every imperfection in the blade is glaringly obvious.  You can hide a lot with a satin or bake on black finish.

Sam Swing says:

Why trust someone who can’t focus his own camera?

Jim Hinson says:

The much maligned corkscrew is  very useful as a pick. I use mine continually when taking apart valves at work  to dig O-Rings out of their seats.

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