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Continuing the folder series, I look at the Victorinox Trekker, a very popular “just right” pocket knife/Multi-tool.

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Farid Gadimov says:

Hi, it is Sandvick 1227. Everything ok with that steel, a little bit soft .

Seventh Seal says:

It’s like m390

Fredia Creech says:

It is an awl……the eye hole was added for sewing up heavy canvas or similar.The awl is great for putting in an extra belt buckle hole…..drilling holes into wood for….say like starting screws…..etc.

Dawn Benoit says:

CHRIS your video went black

For The Love Of The Woods says:

I am always surprised by the “Mystery Steel” type of comment with Victorinox. The different steels used for the different components are listed in their catalog. Besides most people who care what type it is will automatically form a biased opinion just because it’s not s30v or some other “super steel”. I’ve learned through the years by wasting my money that the steel is less important than the reputation of the maker. Case in point: 420hc from buck vs gerber vs leatherman…anyway…Victorinox does a great job of their 4110 ss.

tread nokash says:

A shiny ass steel?

Mark R. says:

also mine is hard to open even after oiling it soaking for about 3 days

Trần Thanh Mẫn says:

This one is designed for lefrthanded user

Keith Sim says:

I was issued one by my country army several years ago. Its a good edc but as for army? Military usage? Hmmm

Amer Akhmal says:

Same like me, after used it for the first time i got some broken at the blade..they sharp it too thin.

Dawn Benoit says:

CHRIS your video goes black in the middle of watching it

rich green says:

1 the steel is supposed to be surgical stainless steel 2 that little tool is a combo tool,a reamer a hole drill, and a leather punch 3,i paid a lot less for mine with forward serrations at ace hardware with member card & coupon YES shop smart people !

Lee Barker says:

It’s magnetic so not sure what stainless is magnetic just saying but it’s a solid awesome knife.

TheCulinarian says:

Nice review. I love Victorinox knives, and I think you nailed it. This is a great knife for a backpacker, second, in my mind only to the leatherman skeletool.

Dawn Benoit says:

My wife bought me the LEATHERMAN REBAR Multi tool for our Anniversary

Grand Champ says:

Yes, the steel won’t stay sharp during a lot of abuse. But I have never found a knife that is easier to sharpen into a razor than Victorinox steel.
Rust Resistant, easy to sharpen, reliable and a known brand. Hard to beat for the price.
Personly I’m a fan of the Sentinel – Single blade folder. If you use it for its intended purpose it should be a reliable partner for many, many years.
Personly I like to keep it simple and not breaking bank buying blades. A Victorinox folder and a Mora Knife fix blade and I’m in buisness. I like reliable, affordable knives and as for the common mans knife they do the trick.

The4cp says:

There is a version with just that blade and I love it. For some reason that Swiss army logo keeps people from being afraid.

Dawn Benoit says:

Can be used as a all

Shawn Sosebee says:

420A stainless Rockwell Hardness 52 according to, the ONLY place I’ve ever seen the steel type mention

John Fuller says:

as a southpaw I like the liner lock, I have the serrated edge as a truck mechanic I find it to work great on rubber air lines, etc.

Johnny Sal says:

I just bought a Trekker! $39 and it arrives soon. YAY. i really was interested in this after your video. Thank You.

muhsin bustillo says:

The tool is called a reamer, I believe 🙂 Synonymous with awls, but used typically for lighter, thinner material, like those used in clothing textiles.

allen martin says:

i will stab you with your knives

pixel mon says:

This is the steel: X55CrMo14. Quite a mouthful, eh?

Mark R. says:

Hi Chris i got one of these and i have play when the blade is in the lock position it has a lot of play about between 1/8. of an inch play does yours have that, i also picked up their 77.00 on and it has the same problem, get back to me and let me know, Thanks

throne breaker says:

The leatherman PS4 teams up very well with the trekker

Dominick Cabal says:

The standard steel used is 1.4110 though there are variations in the steel type and Rc scale depending on the where the steel is going. For instance the steel used in the blade for the swiss army knife is 1.4110, but for the springs and various steel riggings 1.4021 and 1.4031 are used respectively.

Sluggo773 says:

I have one and I attached a nite ize hip chip for pocket carry makes it really nice for edc

Brad Bahr says:

I have that knife. The saw has really sharp teeth. It is long enough to be very useful.

slodeth5 says:

The saw works well for cutting a temporary shelter frame. Compact and light.

Mr. Bluegrass says:

That one tool on that pocket knife you reviewed is a leather punch.

Lee Barker says:

My edc I love it I agree with the edge theory and did the same and it’s perfect now!

Joe Young says:

I just picked one of these NS versions of this knife up from Amazon, they had plenty in stock. This is a nice pocket knife and am glad to finally get one. Just fyi, I love SAK’s so I already had a bent to a positive impression of the knife. As far as the edge goes, I was happy with the edge and was not too thin. I tend to prefer my pocket knives to have a razor edge anyway and strop them to get it when I get a new knife if it does not have one. Great review on this knife Chris, and thanks for the work you do. SAK’s are a great all around budget go to knife, they are very good quality for the money and you don’t break the bank if you have to replace one. The lifetime guarantee is true to its word as I have had to make use of it too, again just an FYI for those watching the video. So for a good all around knife, whatever style of SAK you get, with a lifetime guarantee that you can use, and for a good price SAK’s are hard to beat. Thanks again for the video.

Anthony Delanzo says:

Leather punch

David R says:

The feature of the Swiss army knives that get the most use are usually the toothpick and the tweezers. I wish all my pocket knives had those 2 things. I have the serrated version of this knife. I think you’re paying paying for paying for the name. It seems to do nothing really well which I’d ti be expected from jack of all (or many) trades

Dawn Benoit says:

What is the best way to get to open quick instead of sticking

John Eli says:

I think if I’m going to get something that big, might as well get a multi tool

Tom Ritter says:

Got the early model the rucksack ! Its been a great blade

Dawn Benoit says:

Hi Chris check out the Dollar Tree dollar store for Survilal gear

А нам так нравится! says:

Thank you! Has subscribed. Like!#1000…

Dale Pifer says:

I have the same knife, but with serrated blade. Saw is best part, don’t like the smooth slippery grips. Little large / heavy for drop in pocket carry. Liner lock does push the opposite of other knives. Overpriced gadget. Would not buy again.

Memo Azzi says:

Wich is better trekker or ranger grip 78 ?

Harley Man says:

That pokey thing as you call it is an awl….it just doesn’t have the sewing eye hole built in.Actually call this knife a OHT….One Handed Trekker…because of the thumb loop to kick out the blade with one hand.BTW….the saw will cut more than ya think….Great review Chris

X-RAY ZULU says:

Victorinox have there own blend, it’s Rockwell is around 56,

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