Victorinox Trekker:Perfect EDC Tool! REVIEW

My first Outdoor Arena Review. I consider this SAK to be the perfect EDC tool. and to enforce that statement, i demonstrates its versatility but showing its uses at home, work, and on a trout fishing trip.
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filmed in the El Paso, Texas/New Mexico area, Chuhuahuan Desert. Survival, Self-Reliance, Bushcraft, Camping, Making Fire, James Harris. Original music by Cuervo Negro, Junkyard Fox,


Patrick Pray says:

This was a great video, very well made, and exactly what I was looking for. Not just a theoretical discussion of what a Swiss army knife can do, but someone actually showing how they use the knife on a daily basis. Thanks!

TexMex says:

If they made the leatherman skeletool with a woodsaw for me it would rival this knife for my edc

Death Here says:

Great video bro

ERIC 471 says:

i use the hiker model and i fish w my dad all the time the hiker had all the same attachments(plus one more) but in a smaller package it also costs way less

Armando Andrés Meabe says:

Loved the video, subscribing! keep going 🙂 greetins from Argentina

Parker Cushing says:

Hey nice fish! This knife looks great to get my dad and me. He’s 71 and has used only a SAK while climbing, fishing and backpacking through the Sierra his whole life. The large size may be a nice upgrade from the medium size he usually has.

Korla Pandit says:

You should play the “slightly more robust” version of Robin, sidekick to Batman.

Banana Man says:

This was an awesome video

JH 1095 says:

Great video… Nice to see the knife in use.

ERIC 471 says:

did any one see the cat

Mr. Misty-eyed says:

This video was very well made. Good job! (:

Daniel Berry says:

Excellent real world review of the Victorinox Trekker, which is vying for my attention with the Forester model, and, I plan on buying one of those folders in the coming weeks.

However, I will always have a very warm spot in my heart for my well used Camper, and as soon as I make up my mind about the Forester, or Trekker, the Camper will be rotated with an Emerson Horseman for EDC.

Loris Buschor says:

Great knife James!

StandsWithABeer says:

Gotta tell you…I truly Love Wenger/Victorinox/Swiss Army knives….but they have the absolute crappiest can opener around; nothing beats a Lobster Claw can opener. Anyway, that is the only “fault”, IMHO. Please check out the super-duper Victorinox RangerGrip 79 Swiss Army Knife…it will blow you away! 🙂

Brandon Monroe says:

Awesome review, you convinced me to buy this.

Buddy haut den Lukas says:

Why not the Victorinox Outrider?

Tony M says:

Great video.. Down to earth, real life usage, no BS. Thanks.

james feeney says:

have to admit your videos featuring the knife swayed me into getting one for edc. always seem to be around moisture so the stainless trips and it fits comfortably in my pocket. not too many gadgets

Rafael Agostini says:

Great video!! As a matter of curiosity, are descendent of native american? Greetings from Brazil!

Bushcraft North of 60 says:

This gives me the idea to just video each time I normally use the SAK, and just compile it into a finished video after a while. Thanks.

Jackson Carpenter says:

Did anyone see that cat

Jacob Stacy says:

U can use your all for the striking rod

Maurice419 says:

Bonita lake??????

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah, I went with the slightly larger Delemont Collection Rangergrip. What’s neat is the logo is a push botton to close the knife. It’s a liner lock so the ogo botton pushrs the limer lock. Actually the blade is around 4″ plus the same with the saw. So yeah, besides using the awl alot, I ise my Rangergrip as a back-up knife, I got the 78 with the Phillips, But the Corkscrew can untangle knots.,,..,,.

Matthew Jeffres says:

Great review! I guess I am one of those old timers, because my SAK Tinker has done a bit of everything and done it well. I am in the market for a slightly larger SAK and I think the Trekker, with the classic spear point will fit that bill. Thanks again for sharing!

StricklyGunz says:

i will say… that was a very good review.

Pizza Steve says:

I like your videos for an odd reason keep it up

Lukeozade 217 says:

dude you seriously look like Tuco from breaking bad

Chicago Arkus says:

How about a better mic

Wilson Miranda says:

Nice review. I’m looking for a SAK for camping, I’m in between Trekker and hercules…
I read somewhere about the steel, and it’s X50CrMO14 aka 1.4110 stainless at 56 rc.

Rob Garner says:

Just a tip to get quicker results with the can opener. peirce the can so the blade portion is half way into the lid and then, without a sawing motion, rotate and push the blade potion around the lid. No need to saw up and down! Trust me you’ll love it and probably forget the p38 once you get the technique down

ITBS Forever says:

That was cool to watch. A real life demonstration of what the tool is useful for. This video was well executed. Good job, man.

Craig B. says:

Great mug!

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