Victorinox Workchamp Swiss Army Knife Review

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Walker Prescott says:

I was going into Afghanistan in 2001 and bought one of these in rheinmien at the bx during a lay over and it never left my side for the next 3 years, I found a sheath that allowed me to carry it scout style and undetected in uniform and served me quite well……I lost the damn mini driver on my first deployment after I bought it

Maryam Nizamani says:

can you please review the swiss centurion knive

Oldcoinsandstuff1 says:

Just got mine today! Put paracord through the lanyard and tie it to a small karabiner . The karabiner goes on a belt loop and hangs the knife upright in your pocket !! Great way to carry a large knife so it’s not noticeable in the pocket. It works!!

jlind52 says:

Came down to the Craftsman or this Workchamp. The Workchamp won.

MrDidaxi says:

Good review, as always.

Doug Nickle says:

Excellent, informative review. Nicely done.

Matthew Cohn says:

Think they could’ve put a small thumb stud on that blade. Just a thought. Would be nice.

TheKimjoh560 says:

I love Vics but I hate how the blades need sharpening every 5 mins. They should sort that and add one handed opening on the blade. And add diamond file.. Perhaps make the pliers better… Oh wait now its Leatherman. 😉

Large heavy duty Vics just doesnt make sense to me because they are too flimsy and the steel is too soft. If its flimsy it needs a redeeming quality like being really pocketable and this one isnt. What about that high end folder in your other pocket? Sure, but if you feel the need to carry 3 blades where one makes the other two seem completely useless you might want to rethink a couple of things about your equipment.

Friend of Crows says:

Cool knife. How are the pliers? They definitely don’t seem as strong as MT pliers, but are they pretty sturdy?

JW's BulletsNBlades says:

i like

Pinki2019 says:

Interesting model. I see on Victorinox’s site they have an “XL” version that has a  clip point secondary blade, but it adds a bunch of other crazy tools (like a hoof cleaner and marlin spike) so it’s a bit ridiculous. Anyway, you do very good and thoughtful reviews. 

Chumgeyser says:

Another nice video.

I agree with you that the Workchamp has all the most likely to be used tools until you get into specialty tools. Also, as much as I like Leathermans (or Victorinox “multitools” like the Spirit), I just think this Workchamp design makes for an overall nicer, and more easy to use multi-tool design.

Jorn Navarre says:

I have this knife, love the lock blade and size, BUT the screwdrivers are incredibly stiff and difficult to deploy. It also needs a deploy loop like the rescue tool blade.

Patrick Germond says:

That knife need a thump loop on the blade for one hand opening..

mikedifeo says:

I looked at his tool. I liked it, but I passed it up because it lacked the magnifying glass. As far as these type of tools I like them to have meat on them, just like I like my ladies to have meat on them to hang on, LOL.. You  know the last statement will get me in trouble. At 65 I don’t care.

Oldcoinsandstuff1 says:

My favorite knife. Heat a pin with a lighter and make your own hole for the pin. I put a pen under the medal file .

KnifeTex says:

Now that’s a big SAK. I’ve been wanting one for ages. Nice. 

Chris Pierce says:

Could I perhaps replace the toothpick with a pen?

0rgazman says:

This is for work. But i prefer THE OUTRIDER, comeite with Deluxe Tinker.

Nomad says:

I love the Workchamp, my ex gave me one 6 years ago and it’s been my most used pocket knife/multi tool. I LOVE that it has a locking blade. The only changes would be replacing a can opener for another blade, turning the can opener into a combo opener like you mentioned in your video. I always found the magnifying glass too small and would prefer a larger one as a separate tool, rather than adding it to the Workchamp like you talked about. I have no problems with every-day carrying this.

fredde90210 says:

best review of the workchamp on youtube ?!

EcchiSpud says:

Extremely tempting!

MysterPynk says:

I have the Hercules which gives up the file. Rides in my day hiking pack and often on my belt or pocket on the weekends. I freaking love that model and can’t say enough good things about it. Great reveiw, as always.

Carthago Delenda Est says:

“Behold the thickness…” Israel

PapaSmurff660 says:

the fact that you can’t pull out all of the tools individually is a big turn off for me, so I have to go with the Swiss champ

Roger Olivier says:

Lovely knife !!!! I want one please. 🙂
Thanks for the review !


Jean Mac says:

This it not a Swiss Army Knife this it a simply Citizen Swiss Knife !

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