wenger giant swiss army knife review

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Libor Supcik says:

nicely made mate

William Boyd says:

how practical having all your tools in a pocket knife

L. Ambrus Aliz says:


Thomas Aasen says:

I have just bought one new from a store for around $800.00. And it’s the sharp version. It has also just been to Victorinox/Wenger for adjustment and service. I think I did a great deal on this. Guess it will increase in value. Cheers from Norway.

swissbianco says:

see the most unique limited edition swiss army knives at http://www.swissbianco.com

Daniel Sultana says:

Can the tools be closed?

Thomas Aasen says:

How many of this was made?

amigajunkie says:

Awesome but totally impractable to carry.

Zenobiusz Kant says:

great accent!

Kenny Vo says:

Made for display purposes only, obviously this wouldn’t be carried out and about…Imagine taking this baby out to open a beer

captainkid1 says:

That’s not a knife, this is a knife!

Big Fat Whale says:

I love your accent! 😀 Good review though. How much does it cost?

swissbianco says:

i thank you all for the comments!

Jason Clark says:

Macgyver would love this.

Jack Hemsworth says:

longer than it is wide, and very unwieldy. good display piece though

TheRealMrMoosh says:

wow. you’d really have to watch your fingers when closing one of those.

Jakob Jakobson says:

It looks good and its an awesone decoration element but I’d never buy one. I really like swiss army knives but only the ones I can use

RemixFreak99 says:

Son geils Teil, ich wett da au so gern ha 😀

Blank says:

Does it have a toothpick tough?

DevineChalk says:

I own the biggest Swiss army knife. I also own the smallest. Bar none. Thankyou for your contribution.

ThezealotBob says:

this is freaking awesome

Swordsman Poland says:

That is cool

brutalbrital says:

amazing never sell it mate

djmasonator videos says:

I want this. this thing is cool.

Thomas Aasen says:

Does your flash light work? Mine doesn’t. Is it easy to change battery or light? Also, if I should send it to Victorinox(/Wenger?) for service, I wonder if I could get them to put in the laser, make it as original? I also have this version, sharp.


I first thought this was a joke but then realized it’s for reals after you showed the certifications. Amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Mickiey Slim says:

I watch the sak documentary and you sound like the CEO of victorinox

Dan Gronert says:

It would make a wonderful center piece for a coffee table. When you have guests over then it would be a fantastic conversation piece.

Richard Hilton says:

An incredible piece of kit. Thanks for the demo.

braden10101 says:

For me, This is very impractical. But defiantly a conversation starter!

darthcual says:

Thank you for sharing that, swissbianco.

TheFirstInterceptor says:

U sound like the ceo of victorinox

jyounger97 says:

Very cool thanks for showing it

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