2016 Microtech OTF Automatic Knives Overview

Click Link to Shop http://www.eknives.com/product-tag/microtech/ As of today 3/7/16 these are the current knives in stock for 2016. This does not include the Anthony Marfione customs. Microtech has these models currently and this is a vid to show you sizes and looks so far this year.


Elof Kjellson says:

I want the utx-70 so bad. I have the ultratech t/e, and I love it, but I LOVE small knifes, and that little utx-70 would be even better for edc. Unfortunately, they’re always out of stock, so I can never get my hands on them. My local knife shop has and still does have a utx-70, but I can’t buy it since I am not military or law enforcement.

straight edge reviews says:

what metal or steel do they uses

Mark Squared says:

Way overpriced.

NaviSky Hunter says:

I’ll probably get a ultra when I’m able.

Dan Hazard says:

do you or anyone you know anyone who may have a microtech utx-70 ca edition for sale

Joe S says:

do they still make the utx 70? can’t seem to find any in stock.

Ryan Waite says:

Why would they stop production on the Combat Troodon? They are stellar!

Adam Lang says:

What a terrible review

Rob4Motion says:

Just stumbled onto this video ! Love it .

IamDabid says:

Just fell in love with the Halo V

Eric Johnson says:

I’ve had 3 benchmade presidios in 3.5 blade. Lost two – a fkn cop stole one.he just plain kept it and my glock 27. he got fired later but my stuff was long gone~ ~ANYWAY- can ANYBODY. tell me where to find a troodon or infidel or any military grade ultra- dependable knife that’s not $1200 or $2500 bux? In severely disabled but I can take care of myself with the right tools.. Please help- any ideas would be welcome

Quinn _ says:

Fuck halo knives are so expensive

Grant Davis says:

What’s the second knife’s name name

Elias Maloney says:

also don’t forget to hit the thumbs up

Hazno OW says:

I got ear raped every time he closed a knife in this video

Tyler Moore says:

What’s the second one

Estéban Lavoie says:

im at canada, can i buy some?

Holstek Gear says:

I can’t say for sure but just from the screwheads it looks like you have some clones. From left to right: real, fake, real, fake, fake, real, real. Idk much about Microtech so idk for sure, just an observation.

Fermanagh prepper says:

I wish I could get 1 of these in my country

Dan Hazard says:

do you know anyone who would sell the utx 70, would you sell, I can’t find it anywhere

Tu Kinh Hung says:

I like the 5th one

Charles Bevan says:

Excellent job showing the various Microtech OTF knives that are available. These knives are indeed the best of the best when it comes to OTF’s.

Shift-Light says:

Nice looking knives, I would have to stealthely buy one under my wife if I do lol

anthonyu2 says:

How much does one cost?

Elias Maloney says:

I’m tring to make a youtube chanel can you help me by snding me a few things I’ll mention whoever helps me out

AdoreYouInAshXI says:

Where can you even buy a UTX 70/85?

Seth Adam says:

Just cant get with a knife that needs to be taken apart to be cleaned, the concept is just a little to much of a gimmick.

Switchblades Otf Sales says:

We sell knives go to http://switchbladesotfsales.com

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