25 Automatic Knives in 22 minutes | Knife Banter Ep. 46

Bokers and Bucks and Protechs, oh my! If you’ve been thinking of buying an automatic knife, you’ve come to the right place! Check out all our autos here: https://goo.gl/YSXPCF

Read our Automatic Knives Blog Post: http://www.knifeblog.com/automatic-knives-decoded-boker-benchmade/

Knives in order of appearance:

Boker Kalashnikov: https://goo.gl/XEPzkK

Boker Mini Kalashnikov: https://goo.gl/a8CnKQ

Schrade SC60: https://goo.gl/VKw8Kg

Boker Magnum Auto: https://goo.gl/SqQvgn

Boker Strike: https://goo.gl/J4ZYo4

Kershaw Launch 1: https://goo.gl/dYCK9N

Kershaw Launch 2: https://goo.gl/SRiAf5

Kershaw Launch 3: https://goo.gl/mAHYmj

Kershaw Launch 4: https://goo.gl/b8YLmN

Kershaw Launch 5: https://goo.gl/7n4B3u

Kershaw Launch 6: https://goo.gl/h4sGgC

Kershaw Launch 7: https://goo.gl/sv8sfs

BRS Warhead: https://goo.gl/Zb6yWk

Protech Magic “Whiskers”: https://goo.gl/jk9sbG

Protech TR-3: https://goo.gl/NSVSBJ

Buck 110 Auto: https://goo.gl/aJTJM3

Benchmade CLA: https://goo.gl/dsceV4

Benchmade Adamas: https://goo.gl/295aXQ

Microtech LUDT: https://goo.gl/vGYqZG

Gerber Covert & Mini Covert Auto: https://goo.gl/TZ4uRr

Gerber 06 Auto: https://goo.gl/YXyU3j

Piranha Bodyguard: https://goo.gl/hw9TTQ

Sog Spec Elite I: https://goo.gl/5g6fDB

Brian Tighe Custom Tighe Breaker: https://goo.gl/rM8dQp

Hogue A01 Microswitch: https://goo.gl/v1FsLr


mbm2355 says:

When Ben fired the Boker, it almost appeared like an OTF.

roninpride says:

Ben we love you and we want to see your collection.

Alex Collado says:

Knife collection vid!

Dicey DxD says:

Aren’t automatic knives illegal in all 50 states or something???

wsmaga says:

Very cool video. I love autos and the buck 110 auto is one of my favs. I also love that its still a classic lock back. Now let’s get buck to make that 110 a dual action auto, grand slam right there.

Brody .W says:

At the end of the video Ben said he loves me…weirdo, show us your knife collection!!

Miguel Torres says:

Cool! Ben lets see your connection

Connor says:

I love the Piranha (great design, great blade steel) but why did they choose comic sans for the font on the blade

Bryan Herbert says:

Much love to OG Ben. Show us your blades, bruh.

KungFuTweety1 says:

i love that buck auto!

KungFuTweety1 says:

i want to see bens knife collection!

Tyler Deese says:

Does anyone else not like the font on the piranha… idk why I don’t like it

Nathen Wallis says:

Yes, let’s see Ben’s collection of knives

JAY LEE says:

Bens knife collection = 100 knives all under 2.5″ blades

Rescue Badger says:

I’ve been wanting to see the full collection! I think we have seen a preview of it in an early Knife Banter.

Matt H says:

I dont have an automatic yet so I really appreciate this video. After this I’m thinking about the piranha bodyguard

Simon Chiu says:

Comic Sans on the blade of the Piranha kills it. Let’s see Ben’s collection!!!

the_karate_kid_is_back says:

We need to see Ben’s knife collection

Patrick Batemare says:

i definitely want to see ben’s knife collection. he doesn’t seem to go for the high-end stuff so much, but it looks like he appreciates a variety of mechanisms.

Panther Bladerunner says:

My 7-year-old daughter literally wants me to play, “What iiiiiiiiiiiiis up, guys?” before she’ll let me put headphones on so that she can watch “My Little Pony” while I watch you guys do shit.

Solomon Sgt Justin L says:

That was a good one. The Gerber 06 Auto is definitely my favorite out of the group, but now I think I’m gonna have to give the Benchmade Adamas a go. I definitely want to see BOTH of your knife collections, and I liked the editing too.

Patrick Connors says:

I watched all the way to the end and agree… a lock is good thing, even for a hobo.

Carlos Barron says:

Zach, Andrew, and a Ben collection vid please

one-of-us says:

I, for one… LOVE the Buck unlock or release being different than the open button because it seems more sturdy in staying locked while open.

The4cp says:

The 110 has to close with the back lock. That’s what makes it a 110. The strong reliability of the lock up.

Cho Deecke says:

Seeing Ben’s collection would be a really interesting video to watch. Show us what ya got, dude. Enquiring minds want to know …

Bluebird Powers says:

Lol so ben had to bother the editor huh? I feel for ya bro!

marcvought says:

I’d like to see the collection.

bbnguyen92 says:

Let’s see Ben’s knife collection!!!

Bluebird Powers says:

Do bens knife collection!

Micah Wright says:

Ben let’s see your collection. I also tend too love specific knives, and lean too mid sized knives.

LibertyOrDeath 1775 says:

Ben let’s see your collection. Ben you are the face of Blade HQ. I’ve never questioned your love of knives.

sngx1304 says:

I’ll buy that used Protech off of you

Christopher Albuquerque says:

Lol. Love the vids Ben and Zack. Keep it up..and WE WANNA SEE BEN’S COLLECTION.

J. Ryan Obi says:

Would love to see Ben’s knife collection. Ben, don’t be so sensitive! I’m sure it was tongue and cheek… everyone who watches these videos know they’re because of you and BHQ. Y’all are the best!

Tyler Young says:

Let’s see that collection Ben! Love the knife banter videos guys keep it up!!!

robert searson says:

Thank you guys for making great videos. As someone who just got into knives 2 years ago, I really appreciate the way in which you guys causally/comically explain/introduce different knives. I also appreciate Ben’s frankness when talking about being a ‘cheap sucker’ (his words not mine) when purchasing knives, as so many knife videos on YouTube focus mainly on knives that are in the hundreds – thousands of dollars. That being said, haha, it would be cool to get a regular 3rd guy or girl on the show that mainly likes expensive knives. With Ben being focused on affordable quality, Zac being focused on practical/field usability, and the 3rd person on expensive exclusivity. It would be like the ‘top gear’ of internet knife shows. Again, thanks for making great content, and look forward to more videos.

MntDew Monkey3 says:

The buck 110 auto is the best knife out of all of them.

Canaan Breen says:

Of course I want to see Ben’s collection… Next episode I double dog dare you…

Cpmknives says:

I’ve only had one auto open in my pocket and it was the Adamas. Got a nice slice out of my thumb so if you wear carpenter jeans and carry an axis lock auto use the lock.

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