A.G.A. Campolin 10″ 5mm Pick Lock – Best Italian Stiletto Switchblade You Can Buy

In this video I have two AGA Campolin stilettos, one in dark horn with a Kriss blade, and one in my favorite, Ram’s Horn, with a dagger blade. These both feature the old style with a handle swell, thick 5mm blade stock, pick lock blade release, and an above average attention to detail.


Mfbsmd sifsai says:

where can I buy one online?

jay unitedwestand says:

OMG is that beautiful can you guide me on where i can get a good solid stiletto? i only see cheap ones that are not even worth the money….could you guide me to the right place?

Guncleana says:

Please do a review on your AK-47 field knife there’s no other reviews out on that knife yet


vagabond88817 says:

Great switch blade. where can i get one?

RebelForce8 says:

Looking to pick one up. Dont like how big the scales are though, wouldnt it make more sense to have them flow with the lines of the rest of the handle ?

Grummash says:

Those are beautiful knives, but they’d get you some jail time if you carried them in public over here. The ram’s horn is lovely – I only have two knives with ram’s horn scales but I love the colour and the texture of it.

L1NG4N says:

Are the blades actually sharpened?

EpicSnuggleBunny says:

Enjoy seeing knives that I know nothing about, thanks for sharing!

Silver Seto says:

Beautiful beautiful beautiful

mooseclappin11 says:

Wow those are gorgeous! I’ve never owned any sort of automatic, let alone one as elegant as those. I am envious.

R Dixon says:

I can’t stand when the grip is not finished to meet the bolsters

Mike Hunt says:

could you post a link to where I can buy one of those

EisNeiN says:

The blockiness of the scales seems odd, but very cool over all. I take it blade steel isn’t usually a concern; these are kind of like silenced pistols — the only practical applications come with bad intentions. But for collecting, very interesting, very nice.

Casey Gamble says:

Do you like the Frank b ones just ordered it

BrotherBeard75 says:

We can not carry them or own them in Belgium….or you get some jail time here…

Turtle Bushcraft says:

Some very nice blades

Alejandro P says:

AGA , Beltrame , SKM are all over Priced pieces of shit , and I’m speaking from experience. If your that hard up for a stiletto try the cold steel ti lite line. Excellent craftsmanship , bank vault lock up , 4mm thick blades come razor sharp , deploy easily , actually they deploy a lot faster than the old school Italian stilettos because there’s no safety to disengage . I did a stab test with my ti lite 6 through some scrap leather at a friends crafts shop , and it effortlessly stabbed through the equivalent of 16 biker jackets in one thrust.

Chris Brady says:

I went to 3Knives website and considered ordering this knife to add to my collection. Seems they are located in Austria. Now, I’m 51 years old & know very well that the possession of this knife is illegal in my state. Of course, that’s never deterred me before from buying “cheap” switchblades inside the U.S., but passing through customs? That’s a $250 worry I’m facing. The site says, in plain English, that they are not responsible if confiscated at customs. My question to you (and your viewers) is: Has anyone ordered and what (if any) problems came from it? Thanks in advance….

c oll says:

Does any 1 know if you can buy one of those stilettos and get it shipped to California? Is it illegal to own??

Forrest Morgan says:

In The Wonderful FREEDOM State of Florida, we can Legally carry ANYTHING, Jacks, Saps, Knucks, Springers of ANY Length. Our Carry Permits, are for “Weapons in General” NOT just Firearms. The liberal States are a BIG LIE!! EVERYTHING is ILLEGAL! The Conservative States, are th FREEDOM STATES!!! Can’t argue with FACTS. Unless You area Close Minded liberal PUKE!! (filthy sort)

DemonOfTheWest88 says:

where could i buy an actual one?? . not a cheap china one

Lex Killer says:

A real stiletto doesn’t have a button they have a lever you push when you push it then the knife comes out not a button who ever told you this info was wrong

603 Predator says:

love the italians

Mrdrcaptaintroy says:

If those covers were flush and contoured I’d love them. I don’t get the huge cover thing

Ivan Damico says:

Thanks for sharing, Im always ordering something new, and vids like these give a much closer view of many knives I see online, just ordered my first Dagger blade, an 11 inch F Beltrame stag humpback limited, after seeing your Rams in dagger glad I got mine in dagger as well.. Also on the blockiness, They cut them in a mill to get the general size, but I heard one maker say the Rams horn smells SO BAD when sanded and heated to carve down it was in his shop for days, that might have a little to do with it, or it might not…..still a keeper on that one.

Cooper Tandy says:

Wheres the best place to get one?

Eddie King says:

Does anyone know of a great Italian stiletto for self defense that won’t break the bank?

Chris Brady says:

Carter…what did you ever do with this Rams Horn piece? It’s years later and you just recently started uploading knife videos again (I’m glad). But, where’s THIS piece? I want it! lol (JulesVane)

Paw paw says:

Very classy and well done steel.

Honest Dave says:

Awesome picks

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

I like the overbuilt construction.

Cloud Rabbit says:

Hey do you love that knife?

creepersops 2 says:

I know that i am a little late, but i need advice. I am a younger knife collector and i want to know of a small stiletto style knife that i could add to my collection. My parents probably would not approve of a big one i just want to know of a small one.

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