AKC Italy Swinguard Stiletto Knives – Retro Knife Series

Brilliant AKC Italy Swinguard Stiletto Knives – Retro Knives


The_Brokest_Camrea_Man Xpez says:

wish I had one

Raymond Williams says:

Lovely knives, J.B. I wish we Brits could have some. Thanks for the show and tell. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

GunCollector007 says:

Both look fantastic! You really come across some great deals.

Terry Franks says:

what about blade wobble.Ive heard they have a bit.

Eddie King says:

First let me say I really like your channel. Subbed. That being said, I have to respectfully disagree. I’ve never had any luck with AKC, with the exception of one. The AKC shotpuller. The shotpuller locks in solid and came sharp outta box. The AKC stilettos however have to much blade play, and are dull and hard to sharpen. The Frank Beltrame stilettos are way better in quality and fit and finish. Imho

Eric Ball says:

T have a few of them ,very well made automatic .

Jock Of Ages says:

Superb examples JW, the blade on the buffalo horn one reminds me of the Gerber MK1, similar grinds,if not exact.

greg bjornson says:

Have you owned a Reuben’s Blades swinguard?? Or even fired one??

Cipher TheDemonLord says:

Really want to get a swinggourd.

Stiletto says:

Real nice, Bro… 🙂

Christian Blade says:

I have a couple and they are nice. The only con I have with AKC’s is they don’t seem to fire open very well in my opinion. A little oiling does help with it though.

nicestknives says:

I wish I could add a couple of these to my collection, but Officer Dibble would not like it!

BladeObsession says:

The one with buffalo horn is sweet JW. As always enjoyed watching.

jay unitedwestand says:

are the AKC solid knives bought a beltrame and the blade moves around and the bolsters are lose..how is the AKC?? honestly!

Johnny Lifeson says:

Those are really nice. I have a few , but not quite as nice.

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