Are Automatic Knives (Switchblades) Legal?

Another question I get asked regularly.

The answer to this depends on you, what “privileges” you have, and where you live.


tcbarr5 says:

to bad they aren’t legal to order across state lines even if it is legal in your state due to federal laws…

Laquefa says:

What is the third knife with the hole.

Eddie King says:

The Mikov Predator is built like a tank. I highly recommend you look into it.

cm21961 says:

i want that ”TOP”

Sam Seeberger says:

holy hell dude its called an assisted opening knife not automatic knife

Seth Watson says:

In the last couple years, NH basically voided all knife laws, including ones regarding length. Live Free Or Die!

Jeremy Rodriguez says:

If one handed Opening knifes are illegal… than one handed shooting guns should be illagal too!

lygersarereal says:

Here we go concerning ourselves with the wholly void state statutes again.
 Carry whatever firearm or knife you wish.

Ice Eazy says:

Take away ur birthday?

gunny says:

its the police that are a fraid of someone stabbing them with even a fast opening gravity knife, thats the deal. they dont care about you or me, they see the pocket clip and they harrass you and try to get you to pull it and their plainclothes and dont anounce themselves as cops . i saw how it happened to a friend they saw the clip and they started to push him around but he new they were cops and kept cool and still brought him in, sorry officers but i have never been arrested i am 58 and i dont like the way i was treated even when i called for help, to them everyone is a potential perp

Tyler Clark says:

What firearm do you carry, Carter?

Jacob Mcconihay says:

They are legal in wv if they aren’t concealed

BrownMexican1397 says:

Lol “shits and giggles” I want that top one

Kyle Hamberger says:

Are they illegal in Georgia?

Blowpop69 says:

Can you compare the benchmade AFO 2 with the gerber 06 auto

bottle2lip says:

for some dumb reason in NV, automatics/switchblades are illegal to own, but we have pretty laxy laws on firearms, and other types of knives, open carry legal, etc

from what i understand they outlawed switchblades 50 years ago here, in vegas during mafia years…law just has gone under radar, should be repealed

that being said i own a couple automatics, i just dont EDC them…

Edward Richtofen says:

For my Michigan fellas and felletes I believe they are illegal. Correct me if I’m wrong.

CaliforniaMcGees dude says:

all of those are illegal

SuperRip7 says:

What about the federal law ?

craig howard says:

uh yeah lol besides it was on the local news.

anthemlog says:

People like to ask, “Why would you ever need one of those?” about a gun or a knife. I don’t buy everything I have because I need it. I buy some stuff because I want it. Why would a knife have to be any different?

Wesley Hawthorne says:

I don’t know about the other 49 states in America but in Colorado switchblades and knives with blades over 3.5″ in length are illegal which is bullshit in my opinion because I love switchblade stilettos and would love to carry an automatic instead of an assisted opening one. I don’t really have a problem with assisted opening knives but I’d like to have my knife out and open in a flash if I need it for self defense.

SoulObject says:

Interesting you brought up Texas (where I live). In 2015, they lifted switchblade (automatic knife) restrictions, and as of this month, Sep 1, 2017, even long blades like swords and knives over 5.5 inches can be open carried. It also removed restrictions on double edge knives STATE-WIDE!!! I love it. That means I can carry my Benchmade Infidel without risk. Also, this state law preempts local ordinance, which means no city can pass tighter laws than the state, and even if arrested for such an ordinance, you can’t be prosecuted. This is a huge win for blade owners in a state that has historically had the most restrictive knife laws in the country for nearly its whole existence. There are location restrictions, so read the new code (schools, bars, churches are still a no-no for some of these blades).

You are 100% correct on checking knife laws in one’s home state (often county, city as well). Ridiculous as it is, many such violations constitute felonies, which should always be avoided.

Ivan R says:

Never follow unjust laws, it’s called civil disobedience

JLM Auto Vlogs says:

Hey I live on the border state of Illinois right next to Missouri. I want to get into knife collecting and want my first knife to be an all black switch blade. I only want to use the knife to only collect and maybe open a bag of candy. I won’t even be carrying it with me. I heard in the state of Illinois it’s illegal for some reason, but in Missouri it’s not. What should I do. Since switchblades are crucial to knife collecting

Tyler Appel says:

In Missouri pretty much every knife is legal, including things like stars and other such weaponry

autonomous2010 says:

I was rather surprised that Missouri allows switchblades. Its even cool to keep one concealed. It feels a little ridiculous to own a large switchblade specifically for opening candy bags but… Ehh.

mister smith says:

All knives are legal in South Carolina.

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Nick Jokhai says:

why are knifes illegal and guns or not. Hear me out, you can carry a gun to a bar but u can’t walk around with a knife

MrStr8shooter says:

It is a bummer in Colorado switchblades are illegal to own will have to stick with spring assisted knives I guess


in my state, the only knife type that’s illegal are switch blades.

danny krumpton says:

Who gives a shit if its legal or not! If you need it to protect your self or family Cary it!!

Terrie Miller says:

I.m glad to know it’s now legal in Texas. I am a woman with rheumatoid arthritis and it is hard for me to open a lot of knives. I had one that was easy to open that I loved and carried for years but it was seized when I lived in Wales.The UK has strict laws about locking blade knives I wasn’t aware of. I have never found another since that I liked. Thanks for this review. It has given me some ideas.

ThEsHaDoW343 says:

The only knife that’s illegal over here in Texas is gravity knives.

Graham Wellington says:

I found a beautiful $300 auto a month ago and ran a lost and found add thinking it was legal here in Nevada and no one called. But now, a few minutes ago, I did some research and find that it’s illegal. Brother! From what I read, cops are allowed to have them (here) and so I’d like to go to the local station and see if I can’t get a couple of hundred bucks for the thing (without being arrested or having them take it from me). Gosh, it has a cool factor to it as it’s of very high quality and I really don’t wish to just toss it in the trash. Any suggestions??:-)

silverflash says:

Did the laws change in Texas and, what changed.

RideTheLightning80 says:

I live in Maryland and the knife laws are great! Any folding knife automatic , assist, manual …as ling as it’s not a fixed blade has no limit on size ! If there was a folder with an 18″ blade I COULD legally carry it open or concealed… I’m never moving

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