Automatic Knife Speed Test: which opens fastest?

Check out our high-speed comparison of several OTFs and side automatic knives. How fast do these knives fire? We put them through the paces, film them in slow motion, and calculate the results. Which knife will surprise you by how fast it is? Take a look.

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Here are all the knives we tested:

Benchmade – Auto Spike:–Benchmade-Auto-Spike–1053?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Automatic%20Speed%20Test&utm_campaign=Main

Boker – Kalashnikov:–Boker-Kalashnikov–249?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Automatic%20Speed%20Test&utm_campaign=Main

CRKT – Elishewitz Anibus:

Gerber – Covert:–Gerber-Covert–681?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Automatic%20Speed%20Test&utm_campaign=Main

H & K- Entourage:–14700-Series-HK-Entourage–1193?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Automatic%20Speed%20Test&utm_campaign=Main

Hogue – EX-A03:

Microtech – OSS Cobra:–Microtech-Cobra–1102?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Automatic%20Speed%20Test&utm_campaign=Main

Piranha – Amazon:–Piranha-Amazon–509?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Automatic%20Speed%20Test&utm_campaign=Main

Protech – Emerson CQC-7:–Protech-Emerson-CQC7–399?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Automatic%20Speed%20Test&utm_campaign=Main

Schrade – SC60B:–Schrade-SC60-Knives–2102?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Automatic%20Speed%20Test&utm_campaign=Main

Smith & Wesson – SW50TS:–Smith-Wesson-Extreme-Ops–5011?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Automatic%20Speed%20Test&utm_campaign=Main

SOG – Spec Elite II:–SOG-Spec-Elite–516?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Automatic%20Speed%20Test&utm_campaign=Main


Asheville Steel- Paragon Para-XD:–Paragon-Para-X–518?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Automatic%20Speed%20Test&utm_campaign=Main

Benchmade – Infidel:–3300-Infidel-Series–513?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Automatic%20Speed%20Test&utm_campaign=Main

H & K – Tumult:–14800-Series-Tumult–570?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Automatic%20Speed%20Test&utm_campaign=Main

Microtech — Scarab Executive:–Scarab-OTF-Series–270?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Automatic%20Speed%20Test&utm_campaign=Main

Piranha – Excalibur:–Piranha-Excalibur–520?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Automatic%20Speed%20Test&utm_campaign=Main

Schrade – Viper:

Smith & Wesson – SWOTF2:–Smith-Wesson-Assisted–3049?utm_source=DB&utm_medium=Automatic%20Speed%20Test&utm_campaign=Main


DCavalcade says:


pro-self-offense says:

YOU NEED MORE SCARABS!!!who knows what im talking about?

Jeff Agnew says:

Absolutely adore my tumult! Great video guys, even in 2017!

kevin ragsdale says:

You can see the blade hang up when firing on the boker kalashnikov because you didn’t push the button in as far as it can go. The bokers I have do the same thing.

Cody Stefanini says:

Wow alphabetical order huh? Never knew P came before B but I guess you learn something new every day!

Craig S says:

Double the speed = twice as fast.. Learn the terminology uneducated dumbass viewers. Great vid bladehq!!

schmidt says:

what’s that big one at the beginning

Julio Inoa says:

I just ordered the side-opening Schrade automatic. Not that it matters much, but cool to see that it’s fastest one, second only to a Microtech.

wardog says:

you did schrade wrong with the otf the One just before that one is much quicker

also its not an actual automatic

ZaZaZa [FuZe] says:

Microtech ultratech!!!!!

Yaw Right! says:

are your hands just shakey or did some of the knives bounce before lockup.the hogue seemed todo it least.just imo

Bob Jordan says:

Anyway you can run this test between a good OTF, auto AND a SOG Flashback?  I live in a no-auto state and am curious just how much difference there is between a fast assisted and an auto or OTF.

Erik Gary says:

lol. alphabetical order. piranha first lol

1InfinityShade says:

throwing another curve ball at you guys. Do you know how fast a balisong can be drawn? Some of use can open the blade faster then a spring assisted knife. That might be an interested test. We do call it the quick draw after all. (sometimes i wish i could move and work for you guys and work as the balisong overseer ^.^ )

Casper van Beek says:

I thought I heard “auschwitz canabis” at 1:25, made me look again. I would have definitely bought that knife tho, if it was named like that

Joel Hullum says:

No Microtech Ultratech or LUDT?

Mason Thornburgh says:

ganzos are the slowest

fourtalons says:

i can open my manual knife faster than most of these automatic knives lol

Mayor Fuglycool says:

The HK OTF was awesome !

Mayor Fuglycool

James brewer says:

microtech and then out of all the knives the schrade is second fastest for the autos

ddrew 5000 says:

Great video!!
Man do I want that Benchmade Infidel OTF!
What a beautiful knife!

L7Mcmacdaddy says:

Do you open each knife 30 times to have statistically sounds results

Iron Shaft says:

My favorite knife brands are piranha and microtech

Funwithrcars says:

ik its not in here but is the dark ice otf a good knife?

Gumby Grom says:

What’s the first knife

Clayton Waymire says:

i was really impressed with the hogue. it was the only side opening that locked immediately upon opening, rather than the blade bouncing.

v mann says:

An OTF in an automatic

Superman says:

My only criticism to this vid, is about the OTF test. I noticed you guys put the SCHRADE Viper OTF, up against automatic OTF knives. To my knowledge, the SCHRADE Viper series, are not automatic OTF’s, but actually “Spring assisted”. Am I wrong?

Subpar Monkey says:

Would have liked to see tac force and mtceh

Never mind my name Man says:

My guess is the piranha

Jabraulter Braulter says:


A True Wisconsinite says:

Was anyone else as bothered as I was by how in the first group’s graph, which was suppose to be in alphabetical order started with the piranha?

762x39 says:


Thijmen Kuik says:

Just got a boker 74, it’s awesome

Oscar Lechuga says:

Gentlemen. Your “countdown music” is very lacking (actually sucks!).

Weslley Valerio says:

Deveriam vender para o BRAZIL

Ethan ridesbikes says:

out of all the knives i own, i only have one out of this group…. The entourage, which is scary quick, and will FLY out of your hand if you arent used to it. This being said, it is also one of the biggest knives in the comparison.

Ricardo Barbella says:

I just ordered a olive bowie kalashnikov knife with a copper blade .it’s very nice looking great in olive looks like a grenade and copper looks neat but bowie shape has a needle tip point for self defense and also good for everyday Carry .check into it .good luck,

Capolan says:

One nice enhancement – at the bottom of your final graph, also show the blade length and thickness of each knife. A longer heavier blade that is still faster than others – that’s an impressive piece of hardware, and that is a variable that should be taken into account.

Dan Hazard says:

great vid, but guys?….c’mon guys, iron those shirts!!!

look presentable during presentation

VicariousReality7 says:

1:24 lol wtf, i have never heard anyone say Anubis like that…

naruhina012607 says:

I’m very surprised schrade was 2nd in automatic knives speed

Michael Curtis says:

Do you price match?

Craig S says:

Awesome test. Now I have 3 knives I want lol

tonyfromconn says:

Double? No, OTFs deployed in half the speed. Math guys. MIF.

God :-O says:

Pff my lock back is faster.

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