Benchmade CLA: Best Auto Knife Ever? (KNIFE BLITZ)

The Benchmade CLA is possibly the best auto knife ever, at least in my opinion. It’s light, it’s ergonomic, and it’s absolutely beautiful. I can’t see it being improved upon.

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Vallie Collins says:

You should consider doing a video showing the whole collection of your knives.

Bruce Restrepo says:

+The Late Boy Scout Really enjoy what you’re doing with these blitz reviews. Was disappointed to hear that they’re over now though. Any chance of you reviewing the Cold Steel Ultimate Hunter folding knife?

William Phillips says:

Cool review

kyle kaminski says:

I am between this knife and the benchmade apb 6800. Any input?

tactical intolerance says:

knife blitz

JonLIsALoser says:

American made?

Daniel Heller says:

wish this was manual

Dan says:

Yeah the silver button is definitely very noticeable… If it were black, making the entire knife blacked-out, I’d definitely buy it…

Xellos14 says:

The lines on this knife, I saw it first on the Best of 2015 video you did, and I went out that DAY to check the store for one. The lines on it and feel were just too good, but weirdly I just wish it weren’t an auto. Crap laws here, can’t legally carry an auto every day, still I had to have it.

Chuck Norris says:

which is better this or the afro II

Techno sailor says:

your videos are very nice. i accidentally came across this, but i had to subscribe because i should start learning more about knifes and tactical tools considering that im studying to be a police officer.

Guillermo castilla says:

Compare to BM5000

Gabriel Vicente says:

Do edc knives have plastic handles? if not? what are the usuall metal used
please answer im desperate to buy an edc knife

Grant Etherington says:

what do you use to sharpen that knife to better than factory edge… so many options, just curious what you use.

Dano DeMano says:

Thanks LBS!

Russell Nelson says:

I luvz me some Benchmade. Long live the blitz.

Lee Harrell says:

Own it. Love it. And, holy cow have you seen the new 4300-1?!?! Just bought it too.

new2survival says:

beautiful knife but pshcho pricing. i understand US materials and other costs but come on benchmade.

J4R3D28 says:

whats a fence sitter exactly?

Daniel Hestopher says:

How do you feel about the Mini Reflex II?

TrilobiteTerror says:

My parents just gave me a Benchmade CLA as a college graduation gift (today, like 2 hours ago)! It was completely unexpected, I said they didn’t have to get me anything. It’s perfect, exactly what I was looking for (I’ve been looking to get a Benchmade for about a month now and have been doing a bunch of research as my birthday is coming up in a couple months). The two big things I wanted for my Benchmade is a G-10 handle (as opposed to the aluminum) and I wanted a deep carry pocket clip. The surprising thing is I have been at college this entire time and haven’t said anything about it to my parents!!! My Dad just happened to figure out perfectly what I would want! I love the knife and I can carry it in my state (as I have a concealed carry permit). Oh man, am I excited!

willieboy3011 says:

Good review. I wonder if there is any real difference between the coated and non-coated blade for cutting paper, cardboard, and wood. I doubt there would be any difference in self defense use, admittedly. Also, I wonder how this knife compares to the slightly larger BM2750 with its D2 (60-62 HRC) steel. Looks like a very sharp, well centered blade, with a good locking switch.
Still, like the reviewer here, I too would be very curious to know if the lock is dependable under the stress of making contact with a hard object. I had a blade fail once at a bad time, and the knife is useless. I would be most curious to see any tests on that. Again, excellent review.

Tony Tyler says:

I’m thinking either this one or Zt0804cf…. DEFIANTLY leaning towards the BENCHMADE 4300.. kool video thx for sharing!!!!!

kblair1701 says:

nice auto!

dano727 says:

$208 for 154CM? At least make it S30V for that much money… I do like the scales!

Matthew Yuen says:

Not into autos but this one is pretty nice in terms of design and function

J.L Hoffy says:

If you like this knife get the USA made HK Patrol with D2 steel for $105 to $115. The Patrol kind of slips under most peoples radar.

Tim Facklam says:

How much was it

Christopher Widjaja says:

Are these allowed to be owned or carried in Toronto?

NuShooter SixTfour says:

i like that auto action a very nice knife

gogeta862 says:

Wish i could own an auto

Darin Parrish says:


EasternMountainHiker says:

Very nice! To bad my liberal democratic state doesn’t allow the carry of auto’s 🙁 We can own just can’t leave the house.

aerosaaber says:

I don’t own a benchmade knife, yet. I definitely like their deeper pocket clip

Geeez Teeez says:

Have been EDCing this knife for a while now. My only complaint is that the handle is a bit slick. I also have a bit of vertical blade play.. but that doesn’t really bother me.

Christian Betz says:

How would you characterize the grip texture of the scales? It doesn’t look like it would be rough, but is it tacky, slick, or otherwise? What about with wet hands?

Zach Pierce says:

Can you do a Kershaw Launch 1 review?

Devon McClanahan says:

Does this knife have full liners? I can’t tell they blend so well with the scales.

Nathan Simpson says:

I really enjoy auto knives just to sit and play with

Clayton Wilson says:


scullkrusher says:

Cool knife!

Fletch Fay says:

Hey loved your two reviews of the apb and cla and was curious why you preferred the cla. I thought the apb beasted the tests and was more impressed by that than the lighter weight and g10 on the cla(also did very well on the tests). I am sure I am missing some crucial in hand information as I haven’t handled them but was hoping you could let me know what pushed your preference in that direction 🙂

Ryan Holzer says:

Hmmm…I got the Loco after your review… I like this one too!

Zach Donaldson says:

I want it.

Rich Schwartz says:

I have a smaller bench made folder and one fixed blade. I love them both.

specopsbrat says:

IMO the AFO 2 and the mini reflex are the best autos that Benchmade makes. The AFO is much gripier than the CLA. The CLA is more comfortable but I found it too slick for self defense. EDC it would be ok but I would be concerned if I had too use it to defend my life. The AFO is heavier if weight is an issue.

TheFiendRacer says:

Damn that knife is so damn cool. I wish they made a Manuel cuz I live in California.

Brose Wood says:

Love me some Benchmades!

Douglas Stewart says:

Man, you guys make it hard for me to decide. Every time I watch your videos I just add more knives to my wishlist. Im finally trying to get up to a benchmade for an edc. Needs to be good enough for defense as well as general use. Do you think the Griptilian handles the wood-shaving (or that type of grip and force) better?

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