Boker Kalashnikov 74 Automatic Knife JUST GOT EVEN BETTER !!!


zog noty says:

fuck the idiot laws

Mike Hughes says:

My mistake I have several Bokers and some do have ffg. That is a bayonet grind on the one picture here. Not the S30V That is FFG.

TheRTSGamer says:

All knives legal in Kansas :). And any lower government is prohibited from any form of regulation on knives. One of few redeeming qualities here.

Chumgeyser says:

What makes S30V better than AUS8?

Dustin Cade says:

I just got two boker autos and they are really stiff and the buttons are very hard to push… do you have any advice? p.s. I ordered the thrunight penlight from your video! thanks so much!

MosTechHelp says:

Would anyone know how I can get a replacement if I wanted to I got my mini a month or two ago

Batesmotel1960 says:

I love my Boker I live in CA we can own them but can’t carry them.

Tristan Heath says:

now they’re around $60 thats a great deal compared to your $50 8Cr13Mov’s being put out by everyone and their mother.

FlyingNinjaSquirrels says:

I hate these knives! The locks fail after some use, they develop vertical blade play, and finally the blade broke in half.

Bunny Boy says:

love his knife reviews, but damn these two are ugly as hell haha

Jose Luis Marzan says:

Thanks for your useful reviews, I wasn’t sure to purchase this AK-74 Auto but your review made me decide to buy it. I just ordered the S30V version.

Ufuk Erdoğmuş says:

Awesome!I love mag too:D

Chris61_62 says:

Do they have a safty

mike middleton says:

I’ve been looking to buy this knife for about a month now but any of the big sites that sell them say that they can’t ship them unless you are military/government personnel. I live in NY and they are legal to own for hunting/fishing/trapping but can’t seem to find where to buy an auto.

Justin Echard says:

I absolutely love this knife I’ve carried it every day for over 10 years and never had to do more then oil it once in awhile and sharpen the blade. I’ll definitely stay with this brand for as long as it is around

TBG's S2000 says:

I know there are several auto knives, both models, new and old, is there any blade play? do you have to adjust it a lot to keep the blade play to a minimal?

Thijmen Kuik says:

What do you think about the Boker Magnum Italian Classic?

Greasball Mcnall says:

stupid libtard laws

alex smith says:

Idk how easy it would be for you to review a sog snarl, but that would be great… Either way any video will get a like from me.

dying says:

I’m not great with technical terms, so what grind would you call that?

Player Review says:

I really enjoy this knife. So cheap and after you sharpen them, they’re just amazing. I would enjoy different handle material, but then I’d have to pay more.

TheROCKefeller says:

Such an underrated model, love ’em.

Dutch Blades says:

There’s a steel snob in all of us :p Might have to pick this up somehow… Love the old version I have 🙂

Apav says:

I definitely prefer the new blade shape

Jesse Vargas says:

What’s the difference between the metal that’s is used for the blades ?

Ruger 40 says:

Is S30v better then Aus8 which one hold an edge and easier to sharpen

TacticalandPractical says:

What are the handles made out of?

Ed Rodriguez says:

Thanks for the link..

Marc Le says:

Could I carry it in North Carolina

shurdi3 says:

Just because it’s S30V doesn’t mean it’s better…

archeryhunter72 says:

Hi, auto knives are now legal in Indiana, so obviously i must have one. i am looking for the lightest knife that has a pocket clip. my fav every day carry knife is the ka-bar mini hunter. can you recommend me a good light knife with a pocket clip? Thanks

Blue 16 says:

would u say this knife is safe to carry in your pocket, do u think it would open accidently?

Liono liony says:

Awesome, love oughtohmatick knives. ………………..should I run spell check……..nah pretty sure my spelling is on point.

Jack Dont leave Gmail signed in Warerner says:

are they legal in texas now

Deplorable Dave says:

Legal in Florida with my Conceal Carry Permit. I only carry auto knives.

shcmoly says:

Boker Kalashnikov’s rock.

unclecow says:

those are so cool I kinda relate to supa’s comment

unhallowedraymond says:

it’s only illegal if you get caught

Irish Bastard says:

does bladeops ship to every state

A daft punk says:

Kalashnikov, not Kalishnakoff.

Andrew Eldridge says:

The Bowie style blades are on sale at bladehq

PkwyDrive13 says:

So glad I live in Texas where we can carry automatic Knives now.

2bit MarketAnarchist says:

Funny until you said that was the box I actually thought that was a ten round AK mag

Chris61_62 says:


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