Buck 110 Automatic Knife Review

Buck 110 Automatic Knife http://www.bladehq.com/cat–All-Buck–64?utm_source=DBAnnCard&utm_medium=Buck%20110%20Automatic%20Knife%20Review&utm_campaign=Main
Watch more overviews here: https://www.youtube.com/user/KnivesHQ

The Buck 110 dual action automatic conversion knife has been altered so that when you push the added firing button the knife opens automatically, but you can also open the knife like a regular folder. Solid Buck craftsmanship that knife enthusiasts have come to appreciate meshed with first class machining to create this stunning alteration. Comes with leather sheath. Excellent quality conversions. Brass firing button and bolsters. Rosewood handles.
Note: All of these are converted by a second party, they may have small blemishes from being machined to be automatic knives.

Overall Length: 8.75″
Blade Length: 3.75″
Weight: 6.5 oz.


Jae Hong says:

….oh you and your niggardly ways…

jeff RockHallKnives says:

i just bought a buck 110
now i need the Auto version lol

400SS says:

Too bad its illegal in california because its auto and over 2″ (im pretty sure anyway)

m p says:

I want one

Blade HQ says:

The warranty is void when it’s converted. If you buy it from us and there are problems down the road, give our customer service a holler. We’ve got a couple guys that are pretty handy that could probably put the knife back in service.

abt420 says:

@KnifeHQ You are out of stock on all except the left handed version of the Auto Buck 110 are you gonna restock soon?

Blade HQ says:

We don’t do the conversions in-house, but I’ll bet if you dug around online, you’d be able to find someone.

Blade HQ says:

the easiest way to find out is by calling our customer service line. 1-888-252-3347

Blade HQ says:

We’re hoping you don’t find yourself needing to cut someone too often?

Blade HQ says:

Hmm… since it’s an aftermarket mod, it might be a little hard.

Ugamer247 says:

Wouldthis be legal in Canada?

Blade HQ says:

My guess is yes, but I don’t have any personal experience with this one… anyone out there in YouTube land know the answer?

aidan willingham says:

i have 2 buck 110 one my grandpa gave to me and he bought it used and then my grandpa had it for 30 years and i contacted buck knives and they said it was between 42 and 38 years old and my other buck 110 is the chairman series

flipper 140 says:

I have the 50th anniversary edition it’s my edc.and it stays razor sharp.love buck.tried other knives and always go back to what works.but I want one of those.looks awsome.

niggardlyways says:

Automatic knives are usually a lot more convenient to use. Well at least in my case, because whenever I find myself needing to cut someone or use my knife, it is a LOT more convenient to be able to open the knife quickly one handed.

Jack Casey says:

Is there a safety on the knife?

Blade HQ says:

How’s your left ear doing?

dupe topher says:

Oh great now are we gonna give our toddlers switch blade lollypops? WTF is this world gone nuts? Just kidding looks great love it great addition to a classsic….cd

myles6311 says:

I have an uncle Henry schrade+lb7

TrevBuilds says:

I have the same knife given to me by my granddad almost 10 years ago.

Harry Dickus says:

Looks sweet. Is there a safety mechanism to prevent the blade from releasing when the button is pressed? Only asking cos of the little ones.

wedge3577 says:

can i get my 110 converted?? and how much? dmartinelli3577@gmail.com…thanks…

400SS says:

@sasquatch4liffee So you can own them, just not carry them around?

David Breck says:

I was given one by my mom in 1977 which I used daily till 1989 when it was stolen 🙁 This has always been a GREAT knife! I missed it greatly for years until I was given this auto 8 or 10 years ago. It is awesome, but I will always remember my first!

Blade HQ says:


yrusonoitall says:

I got to get one or two of these, love the brass button, can’t wait to get one.

Would be great if this second party would ship a bunch to Wall-Mart in AZ that would be great.

Mike Phillips says:

Illegal in Canada?  
I just bought a buck 110 from the factory in post falls Idaho. Great people, great knives, you could cut the pride in the air with one of these

marquell1001 says:

I have a regulsr buck 110 but is there a way to pay for a conversion to automatic?

knives save lives says:

cool knife. who would one send it in to for warranty work?

Taylor Watts says:

@1lovesoni Well I see where they’re coming from, and that’s cool and all, I just wish they put more manual knives in their videos. And lately, they’ve been doing a good job on it

Cameron says:

They are all out of stock…. Will you be refilling this because i want a buck 110 but i hate the original way to open it and i love this auto one.

GunsAreEssential1975 says:

Holy crap $139? You could by a case of these things, take them to your redneck hunting club, have a few beers, and make a killing! These boys will sell the farm to get an auto 110! Looks like a really slick conversion. I say screw the safety. In my opinion, the safety takes away all of The benefits of an auto . If I have to flip a safety off before I hit the button, my manual folder is faster to deploy.

Cody Wettenbone says:

No audio from the gentleman, anyone else experiencing this? But I love the knife, wish I had the dough!

Samantha Goldstein says:

WOW!! I have got to get me one of those!!! 
Great looking knife

Liam Woodhouse says:

i just wish there was a dual action firing option, flick out, flick in, and that Canadians could own this

TheFutureGamer55 says:

My right ear is unhappy.

BadDivinity says:

SO AWESOME!! just made the 110 “tactical” lol

Blade HQ says:

Nice! It’s a good one. $139 on BladeHQ.com.

Taylor Watts says:

“Whenever I find myself needing to cut someone..”
You win xD

Cold Duck says:

How much?

Chris Zeravica says:

$139? Are you kidding?

Blade HQ says:

Nice. Does the knife have a story behind it? As in, did a grandfather give it to you?

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