Buck Impact Automatic Knife Overview

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Customers have been asking for a tactical automatic knife from Buck for years, and the Impact is the result of a lot of focused time and effort. This knife has a premium S30V steel blade that opens with the push of a button. The aluminum handle features textured inlays to enhance grip and a slider provides safe pocket carry and can be used as a secondary lock when the blade is deployed.


golddot370 says:

The blade says s30v not cpm s30v. can you confirm the blade steel?

Surago says:

are you bucking nuts?

Isaac Arnold says:

OK, Buck, now make an auto version of the 110. People have been converting them for years.

bill says:

I have 7 of the buck alpha huntes 277 ats34 and 154cm. Best knife ever. Buck should bring those knives back in these steels only.

Auto edc says:

I finally got one. Pleasantly suprised. Solid, smooth fire. Safety is ok with me..I have autos that dont and thats ok too. Very solid lockup! Zero blade play.
Spring seems good quality. Nice in hand. I honestly have nothing bad to say about it. I did get the tan/blackwash one. I only wish it was DLC instead of BW but thats ok.
Im on the Left coast. We can own autos legally just cannot carry..yet.
This will change over time folks. Just dont vote for Liberals. They have a Marxist agenda.

MMAh00lligan says:

well one thing they got it right…it is an impact…in your budget

Jon Bradfield says:

My Impact arrived today, and I couldn’t be happier! This knife has everything you need, nothing you don’t. The wide safety can be actuated with gloved hands and the S30V steel blade came “razor sharp” from Buck. There is NO blade play and the drop point blade, hollow grind blade has a nice swedge up it’s spine. This knife is TIGHT! No “wobble”, no ‘cheap’ feel to this machine. To the people that said that they can buy a beter auto for less, they should do it. I, for one, know that this knife is stout enough to endure some of the toughest situations, and come out of them “smelling like a rose”. The textured panels work well when your hands get sweaty, and lesser blades tend to corrode. This S30V blade is built to be used hard and come back for more. Since it is harder than 440C, ATS-34 and CMP-154, it should hold an edge longer than any of them. At 134.95 delivered to your door, itsis cheap at half the price. I have more expensive Benchmade knives and I like this blade just as well… or even better.
Buy one, you won’t be sorry!

Prestige Worldwide says:

Ehhh good classic but they are still using that old ass lock back shiznit

Neo Smith says:

The fact that auto knives are illegal in most states blow my mind.

Jose Fuentes says:


Stoney Lonsome says:

LOL- Are ppl really bitching about 135 dollar knife? Man, you guys must not buy many knives- that’s relatively cheap for a S30V auto in today’s market. Hell, Spyderco recently put out a friction folder in G10 running VG10 steel that runs 150-160 bucks- and it’s made in Taiwan. I wouldn’t buy this knife but, it has nothing to do with the price, I just don’t like it. It’s ugly to me and I can’t stand an auto with a safety on it, especially not a huge, honking safety in red right on the show side of the knife. It’s just not for me.

alex o'neal says:

Nice knife…looks like Buck is stepping up their game…

Jon Bradfield says:

I just ordered one. I also have a Kershaw Launch 2. The Buck seems as if it will be the “safer” of the two. (I DO collect auto knives and have a fine 110 Conversion (round button, single action).
BTW, automatic knives, in one form or another, are legal in 25 states. (That’s half of the nation, kids)!
The 1958 Switchblade Control Act was a piece of “feel good” legislation that did NOTHING to stop crime. It exempted LEO’s, Firefighters and EMT Personnel.
We all need to put on our “big boy” pants.

Jayson Thatcher says:

So slow firing out.

Jake From State Farm says:

shoot, for 135$ there are a lot of better auto’s

James Mackintosh says:

man, Buck is on a roll, the Marksman + this. I was so excited till I saw the blade… why did they waste half that steel on a HUUUUUGE swedge? Won’t cut for shit.

nathaniel wren says:

If it didn’t have a safety that covers half of the handle I would be interested.

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