Budget Auto Knives: One Is Way Better!

There are not a lot of budget options out there is you are in the market for an automatic knife. So I went looking and found these to knives that both come in at under $40. So let us see what they can do and which one is way better and why?

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Manix2 Lightweight http://goo.gl/YPcV9m

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ESEE 6 http://goo.gl/X5D0wM
Fallkniven A1 http://goo.gl/hfpfLh

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Ka-Bar Becker BK39 http://goo.gl/vDgAwx
ESEE Junglas http://goo.gl/6cW90K



ocBTyga says:

before watching ill say the böker rocks!

edit: HA! 😀

Irish Bastard says:

indiana didnt care unless you were cought with one comitting a crime so they made them legal

Vaping Asylum says:

I’m glad I live in PA for the relaxed weapons laws. The only knives regulated in PA is daggers.

Chicago Pedaler Project says:

Why can’t I ever find anything i like in stock!

Who has this Boker in stock?!?!

Bass Fishing with the AntiChrist says:

16:53 ADHD button

J V says:

Honestly wish the switchblade ban will be removed soon.
People should contact their state reps to support this bill so it can be removed
Here’s the link

Fifthwind says:

Should be a 2 minute video, milk that cow.

Jon Bradfield says:

I have several Boker automatics, go with the Boker. I also have a special penchant for American made automatics. I have a custom Queen #1L (conversion), a Kershaw Launch 2, and a SOG Spec Elite II Auto (a favorite) and a pair of Buck 110 Autos (one a spring-leaf conversion and a “factory-fresh” knife).

Yes, I like good stuff and my taste shows it.

don't ask me says:

My boker is great. Been in daily use for about 6 months. Paint on handle wore off quick but easy to sharpen. Kershaw blur is pretty good also crkt fossil is so smooth and has stout blade.

Maël Missier says:

we can easily see the WOBBLE on the schrade

Gogh Phucough says:

Good to know! I have been looking for a good Automatic Knife. I carry a SOG Fielder, folding knife and I love it but I want an auto.

az desert says:

I have 2 boker klasnikov 74’s nice automatic for the price. Scrade

Rick Kerans says:

Hate to say it but ever since Schrade messed up the Jess X I don’t have high expectations of the company.

smokethirteen says:

If you scratch the handle and the material in the scratch is silver colored, it is metal and likely Al. If the material in the scratch is the same color as the surface of it is injection molded. some sort of nylon or plastic.

Derek Davis says:

Come to TX see me running around with blue paint on my face, and a great sword.

Tyler Mcgrew says:

How do you feel about the kershaw launch4

John Ralston says:

… Thanks for a sensible review… it worked ; )… cuz i have a Bokar ( my 1st ; ) on the way. i have bought a few Schrade’s along & like themthe way, ( i’m 73 ) but still end up carrying my 60 y.o. Old Timer. .. but, try as i might, when i need a knife, my left hand is tied up, so i have to let go to retrieve my knife. hopefully, this will finally be remedied ; )

Nilly Sigger says:

would have been way easier to cut that plastic with serrations just saying

Adam Ethridge says:

Texas can carry swords, TEXAS FOREVER!

Raymond Soler says:

I just got a Boker from HQ and I absolutely love it on sale from $75-$34 fantastic buy!

marvin says:

Video starts at 16:53

Uno Carb says:

They are legal in Texas now..the law was considered archaic and outdated!

Steven Huffman says:

Really enjoyed the video. I have been wanting an automatic for a long time now but they are usually too expensive for the good ones. This comparison video was very informative. I was going to get the Schrade even after the review because I really liked the way it looked but, after going to the Blade HQ website I found a Boker in all black with a blade that I really liked so I went with it instead. I have a couple Boker knives already that are manual openers and I carried them each for years without any complaints. The brand impressed me. Thanks again for the review. Very helpful.

lucky brannon says:

move to Texas where any knife is legal to carry! here we can legally carry a machete or sword in public as well as an assault rifle on my back!

PB Jones says:

I bought a HK auto knife at Big 5 sporting goods, here were I live. It is one of the best auto knives I’ve bought.Only 19.99 on sale.

Bruce Morton says:

Too bad; I much prefer the blade shape of the Schrade. It’s been over a year since you published this program, has there been any action by Schrade to fix/improve the locking mechanism?

Philip Oppenheim says:

Your viewers will get more out of your display if you keep your hands still.

thesignman704 says:

That was 17 minutes of how great both knives are and 2 min of being picky. Not that you didn’t have a point, it could have been a 4 minute video and much much better.

Mike Robbins says:

I have 2 Benchmade Auto’s… one of which I carried for 2 years. I now have a Boker 74 and have carried it for I think 4 years and love it. The button on mine sticks up further than the one on your knife. At least I think it does. You can actually feel mine above the handle… I do have to tighten it every once in a while though…

AntoniusRome says:

I’ve had issues with my Boker. The big one being, the lock failed.

o1mtbiker says:

I like the boker I have bought that knife over and over. It’s a good work knife for what I do. Only issue is I have had a blade break when I dropped it, Nd the spring has now broken in 2 knives. But that’s over a few years of constant use

txduck says:

Hold the Schrade still for a second and you’d see the nick in the handle above the lock showing it’s aluminum and not polymer. It’s more than likely some mim process that gives it the odd feel

reps138 says:

i just ordered this shrade from blade hq a couple weeks ago.. i love it. only difference is my lock is in the same location but on the spine, not the handle scale….. anyone else have one with the lock on the spine?

Matt Baker says:

Got a spring assist schrade for 17 things solid heavy as shit. Boker wharncliffe also. Love it. Bout to order another one…

Neo hoy says:

I already know which one is good and one is bad the schrade is gonna suck

Gene Schmidt says:

I was hoping the Poker would win 🙂

D Boss says:

First I’m glad Colorado lifted that dumbass ban. Now , the limit is 3.5 inches which is fine but I wish it was under 4 inches, But it’s a great start.

Caspar says:

See folks, he had to involve both inches and millimetres, shows the shortcomings of the old measurements, SI units rule.

Miles Ackers says:

Without watching the video I’m gonna guess the Schrade is the one that sucked because Schrade is a charade.

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