Budget Automatic Knife Review: Ganzo G7212 (3.3 inch blade, G10)

This review is for the awesome under $20 Ganzo G7212 Pocket Knife. The knife has a spring loaded, push button action. It features a G10 handle and stainless steel construction. It’s pretty heavy duty, and built well.

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Eddie King says:

QC must have been on the ball. Mine came razor sharp. Sturdy little number. Only short coming is the weight is a little heavy for the size.

kilasracingfactory says:

Dankest knife review in the history of mankind.

jay100 says:

Great review, linked ur vid thru “gear best” if u got ur g7212 from them how’s their shipping? Wondering as the other video link said it took 38 days so I’m wondering if their like deal extreme in China? Let me if u can. again great vid very funny thanks.

Ed Farnham says:

Funny! Keepin it real; well done

Mark Tudor says:

I’m 3 years late and I don’t give a …. rat’s ass. Time is a cultural value to which I rebel against. That said I have to applaud to the fact you didn’t lost a penny in 3 years and your production is steady at the same level of quality. That’s impressive! Also this little chinese auto.

Art Simon says:

Awesome video! Loved it!

Carlos Matos says:

Hey Knife Bro… I just ordered an Edge Pro sharpener… any idea how well it works on smaller knives like this?

Candace Glover says:

shave all your arm hair off- like normal people do

Biff Danielson says:


Eddie King says:

Subscribed at duty “doody”.

Capt Ron says:

Does Shadow Hawk make a special ops military tactical G-700 auto knife yet?

Eddie King says:

Well darn. You finally talked me into it. I popped on this one. Should arrive 1-7-2016.

jay100 says:

Kool I got ya thanks gonna order tomorrow n we’ll see, thanks I’ll let u know.

bill smith says:

This knife really is a high quality knife put together well beyond its price.i aquiered one last night,and it would be a perfect little edc knife if it werent illeagle in canada where i live so itll just have to be a collector piece for me and never leave the house.its nicer in my opinion than my boker kalashnikov auto to although not as snappy as the boker but who cares,its open faster than you can blink.so go ahead and order 1 or 2 without hesitation.

raffterrs@gmail.com says:

hehehehehehehehe you are funny. cool knife.

David D says:

Hilarious video!! Thanks!!

Dexter Charles says:

i have seen better moonwalks, but you did have the right footwear.

BobLoblaw23 says:

you make really good videos. i thoroughly enjoyed myself. i thank you for your small contribution to my day, and may the jewish gods bless your bank account.

Walkingc0rpse says:

Ha. Duty..

SailfishSoundSystem says:

But will it blend?

Shorne Pubique says:

if I can’t get a pair of those shoes i’m going to kms

Luke Carter says:

Whered you buy it

DeathOn ThePrairie says:

I just happened upon this vid. damn near pissed my pants I was laughing so hard. dude love your semi hidden dry humor. I subbed solely for the humor. thanks best laugh ive had in a while.

intogear says:

Outstanding…well done! subbed

daicamping com says:

G7212 stonewashed

jay100 says:

kool Thanks a lot. In fact I think there’s a$3.00 difference between the two one’s $17.00 & one’s $14.00 can’t remember which is which but for the price I won’t complain I just want to get it from the quickest and most reliable company. To bad budk don’t carry this line thanks again.

Gatorscales says:

Thanks for the great video, I really enjoyed it.
If you ever “need” some Carbon Fiber scales to review, please ask, I will send something, and I will make sure it is Heavy Duty…
Contact me thru eBay, Gatorscales

Alex Sector says:

I like your reviews. ^^

Power Move says:


mafia jimmy says:

ah.. I wish it had a different pocket clip

Emanuel Buttigieg says:

Was that apple a Honeycrisp?

David Lowry says:

Fucking commentary is hilarious. Subbed.

Brock Lee says:

Awesome review! total endless summer / Bruce Brown vibe going.

GunCollector007 says:

very cool. Subbed.

Luigi B says:

I just subbed. I like your style.

Panzer Faust says:

to add to my previous post.I ordered this knife from Amazon on 6th of this month and it won’t be till the 8th of next month.I ordered a knife from DHgate last week and it’s here today.AMAZON SUCKS

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