Epic Stiletto Automatic Knife

Epic Stiletto Automatic Knife w/ Black Scales: http://www.bladeplay.com/item–The-Epic-Stiletto-Knife–6461

Full Line of Epic Stilettos: http://www.bladeplay.com/cat–All-Items–1–1–search=Epic+Stiletto

Excellent quality budget stiletto knife. The workmanship is first class for the price you pay! This Epic Stiletto features a black handle that is bigger than other similarly sized stilettos, giving it a more solid feel. The 440 stainless steel bayonet style blade has a decorative nail nick. The action on these knives is super quick and a lot better than our other budget stilettos. Rivet construction and sliding safety (both a bit loose sometimes). Includes nylon sheath.
Note: Rivets are brass-colored, NOT silver-colored (as shown in the picture).

Overall Length: 9.6″
Blade Length: 4.2″
Closed Length: 5.4″
Weight: 4.2 oz.


Tonya Green says:

Those are switchblades and their illegal

Wolflore Schrödinger says:

Ordered mine yesterday, hope it comes with the sheath, because I forgot to check XD

Florida Gator Fan says:

Just ordered the military green one so stoked

Alexrider000 says:

Anybody know if these are any good I looked it up on the website and am considering buying one of them.



Huss B says:

Is this illegal in aus?

BladePlayKnives says:

@Jimmy593 It’s our best low cost stiletto. You’ll like it.

BananiaMan™ says:

You only got a fucking comb in your shop..

BladePlayKnives says:

Nice! Leave me a comment once you get it and let me know what you think! I would love to hear.

kamikaze cortez says:

when will you guys have more frank b. stilettos on stock???

DG Richard says:

to bad these are illegal in most US states

Cipher TheDemonLord says:

The Chinese Milano Italian ones that have brass liners are crap. However the Milano ones that just have Milano on the blade and have stainless liners are quite good.

Florida Gator Fan says:

I love it best quality and came fast will order from you again

matthew nicholas says:

i will never buy china made knives even if there are switchblades cause they dont last long

TheJuanguerrero says:

are they legal in the US? i really want one but don’t know if its worth the risk!

Huss B says:

damn it..

roman popkov says:

i wold buy that but its e illegal in Toronto Canada

cad10666 says:

do you ship to canada?

WEIR DO says:

What brand is this knife
Haller maybe ?

Jarrod says:

If it’s not Italian it’s not a real stiletto (stiletto is a brand)

Middle Finger Technology says:

So you unlocked the big earner too.

Goat Boy says:

Not a stiletto, and a spring assisted knife.

nicholas 420 says:

do you have to be in the miltary to order one?

NyanGamer is Senpai says:

Its not even a stiledo dumb ass

Jimmy593 says:

such a great price… had to order one

BladePlayKnives says:

I imagine so. We can’t ship autos there unfortunately.

Jimmy593 says:

@Alexrider000 just got mine this week, the button to fire it is ridiculously hard to press. after a few fires my thumb is sore lol. maybe i just got a malfunctional one, maybe their just $20 lol. still looks pretty. i wish the fire button was smoother.

Bryan says:

Looks awesome, probably gonna get it soon 🙂

the man named HECORT says:

how much did this cost?

Flippin Dipper says:

they are illegal to carry but you can own one if you keep it inside your house

advanced says:

this knife looks good but really isnt work the price the plastic handle feels so wrong in my hands and the blade dosnt swing out that powerful and sometimes it will only swing out part way i say pay 10 extra bucks to get a good switchblade


I have this one…Blade Play is a Great Company with Outstanding Customer Service… Would order from them again..R.D.D.

Gracey says:

i’ve been wanting to buy this one forever

BladePlayKnives says:

You should get it! We currently only have the green variety, but I’m sure you could get creative with some spray paint…

joey lacorne says:

I bought one of these and the blade was not opening very good it got stuck boltsers came out cheap knife

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