Hawk Knives Custom Deadlock: The perfect OTF?

There are things about OTF knives, specifically double action versions, that prevent people from buying them. Gavin Hawk has addressed these issues and made what should be considered the new benchmark for all OTF automatic knives. Let’s break it all down and see what he’s done.

You can order yours direct from: http://www.hawkknifedesigns.com/ and follow him on Instagram at: @hawkknives


Frank Salem says:

Gavin, I have a question. Was hard firing or soft firing an option on this knife? I ordered one and had an option for materials and single edged or doubled edged but was not asked if I wanted hard or standard firing. Did I have a choice?

A Guy Holding says:

I’m curious, does this have a feature like the microtechs where the blade stops if fired into a hard object? If not what happens if the blade is stopped before reaching full deployment?

Ed Bailey says:

If what I’m seeing is correct, the cost for one of these starts around $800+ and up into the 1500+ range. If that IS the case I really don’t see this selling in any numbers. A Benchmade Infidel is a $400 otf and you can get a Microtech or Paragon for even less all with a lifetime warranty. Once a lifetime warranty is in place it’s really tough to justify double or triple the cost for essentially a similar knife from a less established company. From what I’ve seen, nothing about this knife warrants the price. I’d be a buyer at $250…any more than that and I’ll stick with the previously mentioned companies. Anymore than $450 for a knife is getting into quality firearm money…and that’s where it’ll get spent.

Random Explosions says:

$1,000-$1,800 USD What the hell is that price?!?!?!

Jose Ramirez says:

This guy jerks off to knives lol

Loki Sigurdsson says:

You sound like the narrator for the movie the sandlot.

Realcowboy Realcowboy says:

what is the price for these beauties

Mark Connery says:

I heard that knife rattle a little bit!

InTheFleshInc says:

They are out of there minds marking up the price of these knives, no way would I spend $1000.00 to $1800.00 for a knife. So what about the little guy like me that can’t afford such, I don’t see this manufacturer in business long. Seriously unless they put a fair market value on these.

AngryIrish87 says:

What the fuck would you care about how tough a knife is, you are a collector not a hard user.


lol great fuking video thanx!

steve crawford says:

I own the current gen all tumbled Ti Deadlock, it is superb. No joke, superb.

Yet I has to fast forward through the bulk of this presentation…apologies but long free-form videos are super brutal to get through.

I absolutely do share the enthusiasm for the product I rate it as A+ … Buy one YOLO …

jacob mckinney says:

$1,000 to $1,800 is average price range. outstanding product and an incredible knife review. however this knife is exponentially out of my price range. I’ll pay 400$ or less all day for good knives but u less something is made of gold I can’t spend what I would on a used car for a knife. still an amazing product by an outstanding company and definitely worth collection.

Ben Clark says:

Another set of thoughts for those opposed to the “cost” of this knife. Brands like Microtech offer customs as well. Try getting a double action out the front from Microtech, or Marfione custom knives with a titanium frame, titanium switch, titanium pocket clip, carbon fiber scales, a high end blade steel, AND a hand ground blade by the maker himself….for around $1,000. You’ll pay at LEAST $3,000 and you’ll still have some blade wiggle

Sasmodog says:

I want one…… I bet this is the most common comment left on UTUBE.

tr3nta says:

What i want to see is a button that isnt loose, this one sounded pretty loose too, ive never liked really expensive knives but this one is pretty cool, and the person who made it seems pretty cool too

Older&Wiser says:

I’m not sure some blade play in a OTF is a bad thing for reliable lock up. I’d buy a version if priced in the $5-600 range. I live in Texas and can legally carry any knife I want, as long as I have my CHL and handgun, as the law Jim mentions has changed. My EDC is a Microtech Cipher OTF…what did the version in your vid sell for, Jim?

biblical giants says:

Those knives have to have some play in them. The only looseness that ever bugged me on the microtech is the vertical give that comes when cutting stuff.

madzebra says:

In Texas with the passing of HB1935 as of September 1, 2017 we will be able to carry daggers, dirks, Bowies, etc… so now an auto opener with a double edge will be legal.

Public Beats says:

I’m sorry if this offends anyone. I don’t care what your knives are made out of, or how there made, I will never spend $1000 on a knife..period.

Meximan of Steel says:


iamyohan says:

I love my deadlock, other offs seem like tinker toys now, i got what I paid for with the deadlock

Daniel Hestopher says:

Voiding a warranty for dissassembly is actually illegal under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, it’s just that no one is willing to take them to court over it.

Ghostwalker CIA says:

Gavin seems like a pretty chill person.

xthemachox says:

get what you pay for, currently going for $1500 usd O.o if I had the money i’d be all about this knife.

Cody Bennett says:

What is the name of the otf with the red blade??

Brandon Brewer says:

That looks great! I really admire your ability!

sylenceexposed says:

In and out plant lmao wtf

DJEvilWayz says:

If this was created with the tacticool guys in mind, why is it so shiny?

Killabee-23 says:

Those things are nasty!

Chance LeBron says:

I want those knives! That’s an awesome OTF!

virgil warren says:

Maybe it’s because my ultratech is double edge but it has almost no side to side play and no in play but I can pull the tang out a bit further

GotTwins29 says:

Nice knife but I can buy 50 Lightning otf knives for the same price as one of these

malehangershop Bob Jones says:

Inner mechanism revealed on Gavins Instagram! Simply beautiful!

infamouscoma886 says:

LOL $1,000-$1,800 years screw you im paying that much for a price of metal! I don’t give a shit about what it made out of what he hell would anybody pay that much for a knife that is going to sit on a shelf!

Paul Houston says:

gone sexual at 3:08

Paul Houston says:

a claw knife im cheesd thats a karambit

raven sousa says:

Jim dual edge is ownable in Texas it isn’t carriable outside of your house unless to a car you own due to people buying them in person and not online so as long as it’s your car and you use it in your car you can carry it but it’s not legal as an edc i live near Houston and I own throwing blades that by law are dual blades as long as I’m in my yard I can throw them the only knife you can’t absolutely own is a gravity knife that paratroopers use

XxShadowslayerxX _ says:

3:10. Lol my wife will tell you that



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