Hogue OTF HO34012 out the front automatic knife aluminum handle and CPM154 blade

Hogue OTF HO34012 out the front automatic knife aluminum handle and CPM154 blade


SigMonolith says:

i hate the laws

Fugu_Face Sr. says:

Cool vid and heads up on this otf !!

100eyes says:

Way too expensive, maybe the Chinese will clone it for $50 lol

PowerMadHeadBanger says:

I am really digging these Hogue knives and Elishewitz is one of the few knife makers that is concerned about lock strength so I would trust this over other OTFs.

Jimislash says:

That’s a cool OTF. I would use it against the little woman, but I don’t think it would slow her down. She’s like a pirahna had a baby with a wolverine: just a tornado of teeth and claws. 🙂 Great video! Cool blade.

Just Mike says:

Very nice but too pricey for me.

MrGeerbear says:

LTK- Hogue is really branching out. They seem to be getting more innovative than many US companies and they have their presentation down too. I like the honeycomb pattern. I hope they do many colors. OTF’s are very popular.

East Fork Drifter says:

I’m really liking this one and will probably get it even though I’m in shit California.

Eric Olsen says:

cool blade and love the hoe’s but for that price I rather buy 3 or 4 clone otf’s

Dubglock23 says:

Shittin and a gettin it!!! Nice knife

Ed Bailey says:

If they wanted to complete with Microtech and Benchmade you think they’d try to knock the price down a bit, especially when they haven’t really been innovative and different. Just another otf.

Jeff Standerfer says:

Just picked up the exact same knife as yours. Very, very happy with it. Gonna be a great user indeed.

ATech Reviews says:

Awesome, I love me a cool OTF knife!

tim fenrich says:

Keep em coming! f the haters….nice otf

brianminkc says:

texture = honeycomb

Almost Smart says:

here is your hoe hahahahahahahaha

PurplEDC Reviews says:

I picked one of these up yesterday.  Damn good knife.  I got the exact one you did the video on.  I’m super impressed.  Especially with the internals.   Super beefy and the locks are double the thickness you usually get in a knife like this.   And I love the T10 torx instead of proprietary hardware.   Great video LTK.

PkwyDrive13 says:

That’s way too expensive for what it is…crazy. I’ll stick with microtech for that price

tommyd3jr says:

u into butterfly knives at all? Benchmade just came out with a new one that’s a looking like a gem.. the one black the black clip is prolly a knife center exclusive

Jef Jewell says:

Been looking at these since they came out. I think I will be grabbing one 😀

William Prince says:

Still chewing on this versus MT UT Hellhound. Y’all help a brother decide

Matt Hancock says:

awesome dude , you make it interesting and funny bro definitely helpful not boring

Eric Olsen says:

it’s so funny that most of the time people leave troll comments they always use some bullshit name to hide behind. when they are done running around YouTube chasing unicorns and rainbows , come back and use your real name. this guy shows more knives in a week the most channels do in month. . keep it up great variety and info.

Harry Wright says:

Nice of, too rich for my blood but that’s okay, you just keep being ltk you’re video are different that’s why I like them. Harry

BrandonL337 says:

Checked this out at Blade Show, super comfortable in the hand, and the switch doesn’t rip up my thumb. Gonna save up for one of these.

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