Hubertus Springer Lever Lock Switchblade Knife Review

The Hubertus Springer switchblade is a classic lever lock automatic knife design. Hubertus-Solingen is one of the last makers of this style of automatic knives and each one of these old-school switchblade knives is hand assembled by German craftsmen.

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Woodsman Whitesmith says:

i have one of these , a shell picker model , that was my grandfathers and made in the 1930s ,,,, still works!

Zach Mosteller says:

Awesome knifes

Dominic Minischetti says:

Very cool!

Grzegorz Kondracki says:

If you like knife like this, check Czech company Mikov.

Mike j says:

Those are NICE! Thank you for sharing your video!

Son of Dad says:

Great review of a nice knife I can’t have in California……..I’m not bitter.

Tony Napoli says:

Thank you for sharing Brian
Enjoy your freedom!
Cool knifes here in the UK I would be locked up for owing one

Ken Ess says:

I have an AKC lever switchblade myself and while they are pretty nice knives I’ve always wanted one of those hubertus made ones.. they just seem a few steps better made.

Ronald Coleman says:

Too pricey for me.

JT Survival Systems says:

Very cool knives Brian. Thanks for sharing!

Archangel73146 says:

Good video. I have around 20 switch blades and 3 of them are from that company. I have been getting switch blades since the 90’s.

Cain tuckee64 says:

They seem a little high $, but it’s hard to find quality…I’d say they are worth every penny. Solingen, Germany is known the world over for quality knife steel.

Yeah it's me. says:

I have a custom made Italian Stiletto switchblade. ^” double edge blade with buffalo horn handle. But I’d love to have a lever lock switchblade. While my Italian Stiletto is cool for collecting it’s way to long for a pocket and the blade type is realistically useless. The German blades on the other hand can be very useful work knives (I’m 66 and when I was a child those knives were pretty common).

Addison Esslinger says:

Hubertus knives are great. I have a few. Hubertus uses a kick spring instead of a coil spring. Over time, and with wear, the edge of the blade will protrude from the handle when closed. They are best stored in the open position.

Lisa Booker says:

Your face is lit up like a kid in a candy store…or a Brian in a knife shop! LOL Very cool knives. I’m a sucker for a cool “switchblade” myself. The larger one is gorgeous but like you the slim one makes me think Westside Story. Very nice. TFS. Hope you and yours had a nice Thanksgiving. God Bless ~Lisa

Yungi Park says:

Damascus steels just look super cool


Good review . I think That lever lock mechanism is copy from Our Indian “RAMPURI KNIFE ” (The first auto opening knife in “WORLD” from 18 th century )

TheOkWoodsman says:

I wonder if they’ll demonetize this one for those “scary” and “dangerous” switch blades.

Craig Maslonkowski says:

Knife stuff ? Good, bad ? Cool looking but wouldn’t want to spend that much on a toy unless it preformed

workingclassless84 says:

I think I found mine and my dad’s Christmas gifts……thanks!

Peter McPherson says:

Those are both really cool knives. Wish they weren’t illegal in my state!

Richard Edgecomb says:

Years ago a friend gave me a single bladed Hubertus lever lock knife The was produced decades ago. I was so impressed with this knife I worked with the same retailer you did to purchase a high-end multi bladed lever lock Hubertus (cost $300+). I was extremely disappointed with this 2016 product, especially compared with older knife. Materials were not as good and there were problems with the fit & finish. The retailer was very helpful in working with Hubertus to get a replacement blade. Unfortunately, while this replacement functioned better the look of the materials was IMHO substandard. I’ve since seen other Hubertus knives that have the same issues. The modern Hubertus knives are not bad knives, they work (open, close, cut), but the exception of the unique lever lock they are a little below Boker in quality and terribly over priced. I treasure my older model for several reasons, but must recommend people who want a really good quality Hubertus looked to the used market.

Weedus says:

We call such Knifes “Stilleto” in German….it somehow has become generic term for all “out the side automatic” knifes with a “stabby” blade

Gail Stokely says:

A good video and like those knives.

Mike Thomas says:

I have several Italian lever-locks. They’re fun, work horse knives. I’d love a quality German knife.

Michael Ryan says:

Brian, very nice, thanks for sharing !

korridor7 says:

From what I understand, John Wayne used a Hubertus in the movie Big Jake. I ordered one as soon as I saw your Christmas gift video featuring it!

DrDennis77 says:

Just beautiful! Love switchblades and superb quality!

Preparodies 1 says:

I need one and a leather jacket and some smooth do. All kidding aside, I love it.

Pascal Demas says:

Awesome…nice that you use the terms inches and centimetres. More German made knives please!

True Blade says:

Nice knives for the old school cool! The slim one looks like a doctor’s knife or physician’s knife pattern. The long narrow blade was used to extract powdered medicine from their bottles, and the flat bolster was used a a pill buster. Some doctor’s knives had long spatulas to extract the meds.

Mitchal Green says:

that Damascus and stag is sweet.

Mark Ashlock says:

Nice vid, but wish you had commented on blade play, etc., and done some “knife stuff” ; )

Clinton Lewis says:

Really cool knives!!

Dwight E Howell says:

Check your local knife laws. No point in doing time.

phyllis mulkey says:


Cariboo Country Outdoors says:

Wow. Some really nice workmanship right there. Could never get those into Canada though haha. Thanks for sharing. Westside story or the outsiders !

Surago says:

Just saying, from my recollection, I’m pretty sure no Damascus steel is “real” Damascus steel. Apparently no one was ever told how a real Damascus steel was made hundreds of years ago. So all we have now is our best interpretation.

Dave Hatzakorzian says:

I have many switchblades these would look nice in my collection

Zach Mosteller says:


tim berg says:

I love the stag one, but WOW they’re proud of them. I guess I’ll just look and not buy.

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