Kershaw Launch 4 Automatic Knife Overview

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Kershaw’s automatic knife offering, the Launch Series, is simply superb. These knives have a compelling design, fast action, high-performance materials, and they’re made in the USA!

The Launch 4 has a California-legal blade and ridiculously fast action. It’s symmetry in design, both the 6061-T6 aluminum handle and spear point blade, adds distinction. Following the tradition of its predecessors, the Launch 4 has a bulls-eye pattern red firing button and a tip-up carry pocket clip. This knife is a pint-sized performer!


Elisei Gherman says:

They are sheat

MANXAN H says:

Three kinds of quality Chinese made it meh ok
German made moderate to good
Then American made superb high quality that’s why it’s expensive buy American support America

Momo Ahin says:

Ok so if i were in a mall of course they had the knife detector would they detect this knife??

razerone49 says:

The <2" blade is Cali legal but not the button open-full lock. Am I missing something? This is considered a switch blade in Cali unfortunately.

Steve O says:

since its CA legal is it NY legal?

AgGuy07 says:

very pro tech runt-ish

Neo Smith says:

Fuck the left handed community say these knife makers.

J4R3D28 says:

Cute it is. Wonder if I could get the gf to carry one… hmmmmmm.

sik59rt says:

Love my Launch 1 but wish the handle wasn’t so smooth. It tends to feel “slick” especially when it’s cold out

MANXAN H says:

I don’t like the screws looks like they’ll loosen on constant in and outs


too small for my hands


cut your nails

MrAliaspostmortem says:

Reminds me very much of my Protech Stinger!

Ben Jones says:

So the knife is cool… but I really want to know what jeans are those?

ks al says:

first :p

Cyco Myco says:

80 bux for a toothpick…….

Brandon Word says:

FYI, the Kershaw Fatback has a deep carry clip that fits this perfectly 😉

Spacefi says:

I live where every knife is legal it’s kinda funny

The only Juan says:

How much

Razor_Regiment says:

Still like my launch 1 out of the whole bunch.

Jim Y says:

Bladehq, I don’t know if you guys check these comments but I did try emailing 1st. Just bought this knife from you guys December 20th. Just got it 12/23. Red with black blade. Looks beautiful. I normally love Kershaw. I believe I have 4 or 5 different models. However, this is the only auto from Kershaw I have. All the others are Protech and Microtech. I treat them all the same using the same lubricant on all. Sentry Tuf-Glide. Out the front and side swingers. I put 1 drop on the button and 1 drop on each pivot point on the blade. Wipe off the excess and wiped the blade down. Now when opening the knife the blade doesn’t deploy completely. 7 out of 10 openings it looks like its all the way open but the blade isn’t locked in the open position. I know Tuf-Glide is perfectly fine for all my knives since I’ve used it on every single one. Can you offer any advice? Even though I’m a collector I’m not comfortable taking auto’s apart. Thanks in advance.

Jay Bojorquez says:

I thought CA knives aren’t allowed to have any switch nor locking mechanisms????

ThePband says:

I’m a bot of a minimalist when it comes to stuff in my pocket. I wanted a blade I could carry and forget it was even there. It’s so small I have zero problem getting my cell phone or keys out, and it is so smooth that it doesn’t carve up my hand. Blade HQ had it to me in a couple of days and it is worth every penny.

RebelForce8 says:


Tim Gorodnitski says:

I should have bought this morning, already sold out

BlueRedGooGoo says:

it’s hard to pay attention because the way your thumb bends freaks me out.

Emir Dogan says:

how much?

On the edge Blades says:

I got 2 the other day love it sweet blade nice size

Vextos says:

I can’t wait for a restock.

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