Kershaw Launch 4 – First impressions of this CA legal auto knife!

Check out the Kershaw Launch 4 – one of the newest Kershaw autos. This one specifically made for the California knife market. Feel free to comment if you have any questions, thanks!


ThePband says:

I live in AZ where we can carry whatever we want, but I do carry this knife on a daily basis. Deployment requires a deliberate action; don’t worry about accidental firing, I would carry this in my pocket freely, not clipped to the lip of my pocket, without any worry. What I love most about this knife is that it is so easy to get things in and out of the pocket without tearing up your hand, or it being so tight that the pocket is useless. Thx Blade HQ!

Electro says:

Is that law for just carrying or actual ownership?

BIG BEN says:

Hmmm….Nice if you are a collector otherwise, I don’t see the point of carrying a 1.9″ blade automatic little knife, knowing that I might lose it, but if that’s the case because you live in CA, I might as well purchase the Kershaw Chive 1600 on eBay at a much lower price. The Chive is a quick assisted opening little knife, it’s CA legal, it looks cool, made in USA and it serves the same purpose plus I won’t have much heart ache if I lose a $25- $30 knife vs a $75-$80+

Jonathon B. says:

I found the button to be really gritty on mine. Does yours have the same issue?

duke silver says:

ha ha fuck california

Knife Nut says:

I have this in black, purple, and red. The purple by far is my favorite. I carry my gun on my right side and keep this clipped on my left front pocket. It’s perfect if you’re being attacked and can’t grab your gun. The attacker will for sure stop if they get jabbed in the side with this.

taylor Wallison says:

now even though this knife is meant for people in California, I still think that this would be a terrific knife for every day carry in any auto legal state.

Chris Clark says:

I live in TN and we can have any auto but I think a small blade is much more practical. I just picked this one up and really like it. Most of the time a 4 inch blade is simply overkill.

7redi says:

Great video, I really like these small knives 🙂
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Have a great day!

East Fork Drifter says:

just bought the Launch 4. can’t wait.
You can own in your home any size auto knife, just can’t carry it. any auto under 2″ blade, you CAN carry concealed.
Stupid ass left wing politicians you can thank for this absolute stupid law. I can pull out of my pocket, and deploy faster that any auto I own, my Protech TR-5 Spring assist..which is a much bigger blade.
Keep voting for Democrats.. this is what you get.

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