Knife Review : Benchmade “Infidel” OTF (3300BKOD-1101) (Automatic Knife)

Interesting Auto…


Jacob Logan says:

475 i can get a decent blade and a friggin handgun

its a cool knife and looks like its incredibly well made but idk how ppl justify dropping that much on pocket knives

Jesus Christ says:

knife laws were created by a bunch of pussies

che palle says:

for those bucks i get a gun instead,,,and cuz nowaday there is a metal detector in every places the boker ceramic switchblade knives r detector proof ,,,,just saying.

jonsbeneteau says:

i wasnt expecting much from this video.. but 9min in, deserves a like and possibly a follow. an actual legit review.. this guy knows what hes talking about. not some benchmade ad or anything related to a big company.

lrac rellim says:

the spring travel is the safety

supertedogpriken says:

an ak47 is ok.  but a OTF knife is against the law….     i love americans 😉

Ganesh Baniya says:

New best luck butam spring Nife

Randy Higgins says:

Just curious, have you had much tactical experience to judge on”Tactical use” not trying to be rude, just wondering as it is a perfect stabbing blade being D2 and a dagger style.

Martin Grahan says:

Beware this knife Is a complete rip off! A friend who used to work at Benchmade told me the cost of making this one is around 6 dollars, they buy tons of stainless steel blades at Crucible Industries, they finish and sharp them in an auto machine that works like a home-printer and all the other parts are imported from China (thats why Benchmade has so many fakes, because is actually made in China but assembled and finished in the USA) So you are basically paying 394 dollars for a 6 dollar knife that has a butterfly logo.

madzebra says:

Beginning September 1, 2017 it will be legal to carry this in Texas. Auto-open has been legal here since 2013 but now we will be able to carry a double-edged blade (read dagger).

David Orth says:

What? Why are you bashing politicians. They are here to help. Reach out to them and let them know what you want. You are their constituents.

Yeti Monsta says:

wow 20 minutes……

Greg S says:

Pronounced ˈȯr-ē-ˌen-təd NOT ˈȯr-ē-ˌen-tate-təd

Matt Owen says:

AKC Italy makes the good quality otf knives American companies can’t make what akc can in my opinion.

Cuda man says:

I stabbed trees with my lightning it actually holds up

Joseph Lee says:

got a 2017 version in black. $502….still a love the knife hate myself relationship right now.

/ / says:

would this be illegal in Georgia usa

lrac rellim says:

looking at Benchmade they originally only sell autos to law enforcement and military I D personal . I believe that’s where the names come from

RENZ says:

What’s the best brand you recommend?

Lori Noyes says:

This guy ever stop talking sounds like he is on crack

cody warr says:

how the fuck does a reveiw of a knife take 21 minutes!!!!!

Olly proxgamingx says:

lol illegal in UK

CIODOD says:

How about hesitation? That’s what I would call it. I have used this knife in “work” situations. Such as in situations were I am wearing a suit. As to your point as not being a tactical knife while in the jungle, sand box, I completely agree. But in club, a home, at the work place, in some situations, it has served me well.

David Olson says:

an otf is not an automatic knife it is an assisted open.

kris walton says:

razor sharp blood line dagger switch. i got a black one for sale $220 obo

parker144 says:

400 dollers i will just get a paragon warlock instead

VinylScratch389 says:

I have to say, the blade seems rather slow for a OTF. I’ve been carrying a ultratech by Microtech which is very fast in my opinion. Now I’m a benchmade guy through and through. They are my favorite company, but I’ll take my ultratech over an infidel any day. And ultratechs are less expensive.

tikiduck says:

Wont even consider it at that price point.

Bane7212 says:

Got one a while ago. Loved it for the first couple months. I thought it was perfect. The mechanism loses strength as you use it. Eventually the action wasn’t enough to lock the blade out without being face down. I was very disappointed by how this functioned after owning for about a year. I love Benchmade and this is the only product I’ve ever been dissatisfied with of theirs.

intra morph says:

how’s the bladeplay on this otf

brett kallok says:

you sir, are extremely boring.

Water_Elemental says:

assassins creed

Nassir sir says:

This knife is not for fit in your pocket. Never are you stupid. It will pop .

Shrabsters says:

Life is easier if you dedicate one pocket for a knife only.

Mitchell Armstrong says:

Seattle Washington Knife laws are so retarded.

No fixed blades

No automatic knives

Only cops and active military agents can have fully automatic knives/switch- blades

If you have and pocket Knife, it has to be under 3.5 inches, and a folder

Mike Truby says:

how would you grade the rigidity of the blade? how much shake does the blade of?

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