Knife Review : Boker Kalashnikov 74 (Automatic) (Limited Edition)–Boker-Auto–47–Limited-Edition-Green-Boker–8343


cutlerylover says:

older pinned mkode,lsa are greta balisongs with heavy use they will loosen and are not adjustable so I always suggest getting a newer model if possible BUT it doesnt make the old ones bad at all, some have been used for decauses and stil,l work fine, look into a BM51 morpho for a great current production baliosng

Nate Bowman says:

i just bought the desert warrior edition from bladeHQ

James Savage says:

have not gotten a chance to play with it yet but nutnfancy did a review on it and was a 10 out of 10 on his scale so I’m guessing its awesome for the money might be hard to get tho last i checked bladeHQ and bladeplay didn’t have any in stock =/

Bruno Mac says:

I cannot stand his voice! That is why I am here instead…

chickensodelicious says:

Hey Jeff, I just got my boker and I love it but it has a little bit of front and back blade play. Is there anything I can do to fix this? A reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Zachary Miller says:

are these leagle to own in nj

sleestakattack says:

I’m pretty sure “Bali-Song” is what Benchmade calls their line of butterfly knives, though. I’d look into it. There are lots of counterfeit 42’s though.

James Savage says:

i was talking about the lightning OTF

Adam Johnson says:

Jeff , i can’t find any page to tell me the answer i need so please help , i am under 18 and am a UK citizen it it condemned illegal to be bought a lock knife and only use it in my property, obviously if provided with the landowners permission? The knife i am ‘looking’ at is a crkt lake 111 z2 , with the blade length being under 3″ even if i am under 18 is it legal for me to buy . thank you , anyone’s help would be appreciated. – Adam Johnson.

Shrey Kalawatia says:

Does ship international? I really want this knife but I live in Dubai, U.A.E. 🙁 A. reply would be nice 😀

Escape Dog says:

taiwan is ty not taiwanies. lol

LiveFreeorDie92 says:

they dont ship to the middle east

KerrankiSuomee says:

I knew that allready…. cutlerylover anwsered my question and im feeling like a boss ^^

jacob hintz says:

Just ordered the blue blade hq anniversary model

Leonard R. says:

This is the one that costs $40 right?

Miles Digby says:

Thanks for a great review. I would suggest a Boker Magnum over the 74. Mainly because the clip on the Magnum clip has THREE screws in it. I will probably buy a 74 now after seeing your review, I am color blind and was sure the 74 had black grips on it, also I thought they were cheap plastic

FYI this is my second Boker Magnum, After 11 years it tor itself apart because the speed it opens is still very fast. Basically the screws got shaken off in two places.

Thank for a great review, and your blood.

GingerDeadMan says:

I must have one.

Ezio Auditore says:

wow i blinked and missed that knife shoot out

winomaster says:

I just received my Biker Kalishnikov full size today by mail. It’s my first full size knife after 25 yrs of carrying a keychain utility knife. I just recently heard that automatic knives have been legal in my state for the last 5 years. I bought it while in a state of irrational desire. So, I didn’t wait to clarify if I could have had it in red as Blade HQ shows it in a video, but did not display it for sale in red. Having ultimately bought it in black, I wish now I had ordered it with the black clip. It’s less conspicuous when carried inside the waistband. All in all though, I’m real happy with the knife. I thought I might buy a “mini” for attaching to my keychain if I end up not carrying it every day for some reason. But I also favor the Kershaw Launch 4. But it has no lanyard hole where I could attach it to my keychain. Would it be a simple matter to have a pro drill it to allow attachment to a keychain?

pwnedman231 says:

i tried too high five you but my laptops screen shattered into pieces

KerrankiSuomee says:

First of all its awesome that you still look for your older videos and help us noobs 🙂 second thanks for the info and if you would be so kind could you answer some of the questions in my first comment ? 🙂

KerrankiSuomee says:

I think its not “Benchmade” but instead “Bali-Song”…. i know that a benchmade is worth a shit ton times three 🙂

jamockor says:

are all colors limited edition or only the green?

taylornutt says:

How do you unlock the blade to close it?  Do you press the button to unlock the knife blade to close it?


Hey jeff i live right buy you in maryland nice vids. How do you feel about miners have knives for protection where i live theres a lot off crime ive always had a little knife for farm work but ive been scared to use it other way ive been alway scared what would happen if some one took something out and i could not get away

Metal Heads Club says:

I was actually made aware that the actual automatic knives like these are third party conversions, and that boker doesnt make an automatic knife. The actual knives that boker makes are button-locks, with no spring action what-so-ever. They’ll actually tell you on their website that they make no automatic knife, and the autos arent covered by their warranty. They also say if you send them an auto for repair they will destroy it. really sucks, I love the knives though

KerrankiSuomee says:

Hey cutlerylover do you know is “1.6 Bali-Song® Model Forty Two” (this name and text was copied from a site that sells them and translated) Its has 440C stainless CNC-machinized steel handles, spring latch-lock, hand fitted and hand finished. Comes with a cordura carrying case (is this good ? any experiences?) It costs 100 euros. What else should i buy with this ? Is the blade (440C) hard to maintain/sharpen, is it too soft/hard? Reply for more info 🙂

cutlerylover says:

Bali-song was the markings on old benchmades…right before and after they were ben chamde before Bm they were PCC, it sounds like an older models not a 42, and still worth 100 eruos

sleestakattack says:

Care to ellaborate?

Daveed says:

Do you think a pocket clip is concealed or not?

rollingleaf71 says:

are auto knife legal in California?

Adam Willick says:

automatic knives are illegal in canada but for some reason this one is on the Canadian amazon lol

cutlerylover says:

the term bali-song is Filipino, benhcmade just liked it and desided to use it on lots of folders as well as balisongs in their line and still use the term today…

talontyke says:

i want 1 NOW do u get the rifle free?

Smoking Dagners says:

Very nice, I will have to have one. Jay

KickGameReal99 says:

i got the mini and im 15

Metal Heads Club says:

Thats actually very peculiar because I read it on Boker’s website. Its under the US page, on the FAQ section, also states it one more time under the “Warranty” section of their website, saying that if you send them an automatic knife theyll destroy it. I suppose they could be full of shit though.

Nero says:

Please try to read the german literature on camera. Just because it is a german knife 😀

Sonylover97 says:


Yes, but the blade must be under 2 inches.

NaviSky Hunter says:

i’m in pa too can i buy auto knives?
thanks for the video jeff

Thomas Jefferson says:

My 74 Mini has been a great knife with one exception. Occasionally while carrying in the pocket, a coin can get wedged in between the halves and jam the entire operation

Ledge_pls says:

ill bleed for the taiwanese hahahaa

sleestakattack says:

Bro people pay out the ass for Benchmade 42’s (if it’s legit) You will see them going for $300+ at times. So if we’re talking about the same knife & its authentic, yes pay 100 euros for it, haha.

Eddie King says:

The blade is nice, but the button is garbage. Sticks, and is too recessed. Had to make a modification.

MrNotsam123 says:

they have the green one jeff has, the tan, a drop point black and an all black. im not sure about stonewash though

ZachBraps says:

So is that a switch blade? Because its “Automatic”

Rush says:

Just picked one up for $27 I think it was a cyber Monday sale or something.

shotnva777 says:

That’s odd? Seems like something you’ve HEARD and not actually DONE! I purchased the 65th Anniversary Edition of the Boker Plus Kalashnikov (I have #549 of 650 made and it will never be used), something was wrong with the locking mechanism, fresh out of the box. I sent it to Boker and it was returned, repaired, with a FREE mini Kalashnikov for my “troubles”! THAT said, I own 7 Boker Knives and consider them some of the best in my stash, which includes a $2000.00 Protech – among MANY others!

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