Knife Review : GANZO “G7211-GR” (Affordable Automatic “Switchblade” Knife)


MisterSir says:

I think for opening boxes and letters this is perfect.

Mason Thornburgh says:

I have little respect for ganzo

Warhawlk says:

I have this knife and I loved it, unfortunately only found out an automatic knife is illegal where I live after I received it. After about 3 or 4 weeks the spring broke so now it’s legal again. Also you should check out other Ganzo knives, you can get them real cheap at . Greetings from the Netherlands.

Michael Simoni says:

Thx. Great review.

Player Review says:

I have Ganzo’s G707 stiletto assisted. The plunger doesn’t even engage because the assist is so weak. Too bad because it is a pretty knife. I wonder which knife the G7211-GR is a clone of?
Edit: I think it is a Protech copy, maybe the Godfather.

Carlos Ortiz says:

the blade shape makes it look like a butter knife

Okke Wolf Koot says:

Hey Jeff,
I ordered this knife but i have a question, is it uncomfortable to push it in or hard? or is it still comfortable to push.
Keep up the good work,
A cutlery lover from the netherlands.

Beatles2010100 says:

I’ve got four Ganzo, gave one to a friend. I have the tanto one. I love these knives, unbeatable for the price.

MisterSir says:

I don’t think removing the spring would work..

it wouldn’t have any spring to push it up to the frame, to a point where you could press it or even to the point where it isn’t automatically depressed in that position ..


Offshore Drifter says:

I ran after a bus and this knife chopped my dick off. Not too cool.

jacob manalang says:

i like this knife a lot but the 719 works better for me since tip up carry. i like EVERYTHING else about the 721 over the 719. if you could make the 721 tip up it would be even more amazing than it already is

Jeff Windle says:

your other video on the ganzo knife. just a few thoughts on “cheap” knifes I get the Wal-Mart branded $4.10 that’s with tax here in ca. I get them all the time because I mostly give them away to people who cant afford something to carry for basic protection or are scared of firearms. cheap knifes are great they work for edc. these ganzo knifes are more expensive in the area of cheap Chinese knife they also seem to be worse in some cases. blade wobble & junk safety.another cheap knife that is spring assisted are “precision point” from big5 they run about 10.00 and are comparable to low end Kershaw’s. the thing about these are most people want a edc tool for basic tasks. ex: opening items or a “get off me knife” so I think if it hold up to everyday carry, holds a ok edge & doesn’t fall apart after a month. its a good buy. take a look at the precision point knifes they are on of the best 10.00 knifes on the market & are razor sharp.note: auto knifes are in most places legal to have but not carry. like here in ca. can carry only 2” auto’s which is bs.

3fingervic1 says:

I just got mine in the mail today. I’m pretty impressed. I bought it on Amazon for $24.95 shipped. Thanks for the video/suggestion. I may get a few of their other auto offerings.

Weta says:

I can own this knife in my country but I can’t carry it.

Generic Username says:

Ganzo makes quality knives for amazing prices

David Hayes says:

Thank-you Jeff. Another quality video. I will be purchasing this one.

chemicallust77 says:

It will open and stab your dick…lmao

Mr. Gibbys says:

In Texas you can basically carry one of these with a foot long blade lol.

Aaron Wag says:

Illegal in Canada:(.

elan really says:

I like your channel much more than that Skelton guy. The Skelton guy, and I’m not trying to start anything, I feel is just too uppity for me. Thanks for keeping it simple. I appreciate that. Also subscribed to your channel for that reason.

XDM50 says:

Hi Jeff,
Nice knife and great review. Thanks bro!

OnAirVoice says:

Nice review! Looks like a cool lil’ knife, just ordered one.

Justin P says:

To anyone who believes that auto knives should be legal in Minnesota or any state, please sign this petition to help the governor of Minnesota realize he needs to respond to the will of the people and legalize auto knives:

StratosGear says:

Just got my first ganzo today, gonna film tomorrow. Love ganzo! Such high quality for the price! I always saw videos on ganzos and now I get the hype. These things could pass for a much, MUCH more expensive knife to someone not in the knife scene. Have a good one brother

Kris Da Bali Guy says:

like 499

So5loW says:

I have the one with black scales and its stone washed.

Claus-L. Müller says:

Used to be on my list for a short period of time.

Level 100 Magikarp says:

this auto is trash friend had it and it broke within 30 mins

srg914 says:

I got the 7472 automatic for $20 and I’m very happy with it. I also got a 7533 that’s a piece of crap. Their axis lock is very stiff. I attempted to disassemble the knife and one of the scale screws just turns and won’t come out. And the studs for the axis lock are too recessed. I emailed Ganzo and they haven’t gotten back to me so I’m kind of sour on them. I’d certainly never buy one of their knives with their pos axis lock again. Benchmade knows how to do an axis lock…Ganzo…not so much.

That EDC Freak says:

quick corrrection the proper serial code is G7212-GR

Francis Chevalier says:

sad, now we cant even skip the ad. knife is awesome bro.

Koolkrap2000 says:

That would look sexy in carbon fiber!

Michigan Edge says:

great blade I have the g719.

Michael Kilimanjaro says:

LOL. I was playing with my G7211-GR when i saw this video. I have black one and couple of 7361s. I won 5 of these Ganzo switch blades. All very good quality, and 440c is good enough for my use. Thanks for introducing Ganzo blades. Sanrenmu and Ganzo are excellent value knives.

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