Knife Review : Lightning OTF (Out The Front) Automatic–Lightning-OTF–170–Scarab-OTF-Series–270


Don Martin says:

Glad to see that you are happy with your Lightning OTF knife. I own one and was somewhat dismayed to find that it does not perform as one might expect. The blade “ejects” perfectly. Upon “retracting” the blade I have found that it fails, at a minimum, 30% of the time. This leaves you with a non-funtional weapon until you manually eject the blade and attempt to retract it using the “button.” This may, or may not, work.
You compare this to the MicroTec, stating that the Lightning goes for $40 (I paid $30 for mine) and the MicroTec for over $400. If money is you only concern, then go for the Lightning and hope for the best! 🙂 Personally I prefer the Benchmade Infidel which currently sells for around (+-) $400. I have carried the Infidel on a daily basis for over three years now and during that time have ejected, retracted, the blade well over 1000 times. It has never failed to perform perfectly. Again, I paid $400 for the Infidel. As the old saying does, “You get what you pay for.”

Johnny Rebel says:

It stopped selling on Amazon

Eetu Tunkkari says:

I hate Finnish laws, they prohibit the importing otfs (and maybe all autos). Damn it.

J Mas says:

I will say peaple make me laugh when some one will pay 15hundred i will pay 40 and laugh at them clowns that dump that much money for what better steel and what ever else they brag about what a joke

Dorsey m says:

there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on. you live in PA , at least that’s what I’ve heard .now I’ve looked at knife laws in different states , and ALMOST every single one of them says AUTOMATIC knives are ILLEGAL Including PA . the only state that allows civilians to own is AZ . now it seems like you live in a rural part of PA , so I suppose the laws maybe different. the only people I know of who could probably get some wiggle room on that law are LEO’S and military. nice knife though.

wardog says:

i carry and otf for “defensive purposes” not because i don’t have a better knife but because it’s more terrifying to those that don’t know better and because im not a fan of the looks i get when i go about my day with my ka bar or something of similar size

Trey Lawson says:

I agree blade play is a great site.

Jaxen Russo says:

arent otf knives illegal in Pa

Username47948 says:

My Lightning fires faster and harder than my Benchmade Infidel. The Benchmade costs 10 times as much, but fit and finish is definitely 10 times better and it’s made in the US. Lightning is still more fun to play with.

Christopher Whiddon says:

Blade steel is 440C painted aluminum handle made in Taiwan no warranty. This accounts for the cheap price. As of this post can buy them at SMKW for $29.99. Check your knife laws before running out to buy one!

Dennis Peadero says:


Trevor 87 says:

I’ve been using mine at work to cut twine. Its perfect for one handed use with gloved hands.

unknown says:

Are they legal in Pennsylvania

John Wardell says:

the blade steel is supposedly 440c

Rory Williams says:

How long is the wait on shipping if I order from Bladeplay?

Weasel says:

Buy American

Blocked User says:

Blame the Liberal Democrat for thinking they need to regulate and protect us from ourselves. It makes that mentality set feel warm and fuzzy inside . Since all they really know or do in life is try to outsmart the rest of us and work the system in their favor . It gives them Election talking points Like they Accomplished something …

lakin lackey says:

this isn’t really related to the Lightning, but another OTF knife made by a company called Helly Tec. Has anyone else heard of or bought this knife? I can’t find any reviews or anything about it.

EggBox360 says:

why do i want one? so i can be a criminal

Christian Turner says:

The only thing I would probably use this knife for is just flipping it in and out, like a balisong, mine are either trainers or no offense blades, I just flip up, no use just for fun xD, but I always stay true to my word and I’m saving for a special knife, its an old timer but shes a beauty, but still the only thing I would use an OTF is for flipping that switch up and down, all day.

Dis_ ISKyle says:

are they available in Canada?

Lame_Turtles says:

Would this be legal to buy and own in California?

12gaugebleachdrinker says:

I’m honestly buying one of these for EDC. I usually have my hands busy at work and need to cut some simple tape or .6 mil plastic. I’m not cutting cardboard boxes or opening packages constantly. I’ll update on how well the Lightning performs. I don’t expect much and I’m okay with weekly sharpening, but I honestly need an automatic knife that I can ope and close easily. I literally need to do it one handed. No way am I going to buy a MicroTech ,or a less expensive single action OTF like a Asheville Paragon, and use it for EDC, especially work. Maybe I’ll end up realizing this is not good for my needs and get a Boker AK auto for work EDC, but I want a Lightning either way.

Tommy Sands says:

lighting OTF is not bad for the price!

tommylabors _ says:

just got one of these double edged from The fatman

PilotPig916 says:

Would it work under water?

Tendo Manoka says:

5:08 guys he says 420 xD I’m so muchure

Anna Peterson says:

There’s a position out there that says the BaliSongs get a bad rap primarily because people keep slicing themselves with them trying to teach themselves flipping and spinning moves. As you said, an edge is an edge no matter how you get to it. Whether it’s an auto, OTF or a BaliSong, it ultimately comes down to the edge you’re left with.

Mawo Duffer says:

Otf box cutters alone are all I can handle

Bill Pugh says:

reading some of these people’s comments about breaking the Lightning. I can just see them using them as a pry bar, screwdriver etc LOL

Justin Nolan says:

+cutlerylover I have a knife that you may be interested in trading. I’d love to get in touch somehow.

rob frost says:

Does it not have a lock? I’m afraid it’ll shoot out in my pocket lol

Chris Carson says:

Contradict yourself much?

AVRGgamer says:

Will they ship otfs to places that are not legal

Oliver Lorenzo says:

anybody had this deployed while inside the pocket?

infamouscoma886 says:

Th reason otf knives are scary to most people is because they are easy to stab people with auto knives are what everybody carried back in the day because it got the job done right everytime!

Street Fighter Deadpool says:

I had one and recently lost it in December of last year. I really loved that knife. RIP lightning

Lyle Yates says:

The blade on the model you have here is 440C stainless steel. That is basically the highest quality American stainless steel you can get. I’ve had a few of these and I still carry one and I have 2 in my display case, one being a drop point and one is a double edged dagger blade. Mine holds its edge quite well. I have developed a method that when you take it apart it can be modified to lock up as tight as a Microtech. In fact I did a video on the modification and sent it to Blade HQ and in return they sent me a nice Boker Strike Plus automatic. As with all knives that are put together with screws, a simple remedy is just to use a bit of Loctite on the threads.

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