Knife Review: Piranha P1 (Very Nice Affordable US Made Automatic)


dudelivestrong says:

I guess in West Virginia you can carry any kind of knife. Anything over 3 1/2 inches cannot be concealed. Hmmm!

busch says:

Man is that ever a nice knife, i wish we could have them in canada

hampstershat123 says:

Jeff, are Autos Legal or Illegal to OWN in PA? I remember reading years ago that they are allowed for private collections but doing research right now seems to contradict my previous research. Seems they are illegal here, sad.

Jacob Summer says:

Calling your local police department right now to tell on you for carrying an auto knife. You admitted to it on video.

Guy Peck says:

auto knives are legal in Georgia

Formal Duck says:

Flip a balisong underwater

Jeffrey Langston says:

Auto knives are legal in Nevada. So, I edc a kalashnikov 74 daily. Looking into Piranha now thanks to Jeff.

Kevin Hartman says:

I have a Piranha Virus, which is I believe, a slimmed down version of the X. VERY nice pocket knife. My only complaint, if I had one, is the pocket clip Piranha uses. I don’t care for that retention “bump” in the middle of the clip. It makes the smooth handled knives hard to extract from the pocket and also hard to put back in the pocket. Not sure why they did this as there are many knives that stay put in your pocket without this, it’s a problem every time you try to use the knife while EDC’ing it. Would I NOT get another Piranha because of this… no, and I have my eye on the full size bodyguard model as well. Thanks for another honest review! Keep up the good work,

Dom Sniff says:

Hey Jeff I’ve been really getting into your videos this last week and you’ve sparked my interest in cutlery I dont own any expensive knives or anything but I do love knives and I wanna thank you for making awesome quality content

Tai Hunter says:

Can’t have a knife like that in AUS so sad

MidnightSundowns says:

That’s the ONLY thing I enjoy about being in Arizona. We have virtually no restrictions on knife laws. The Sportsman’s Warehouse (walking distance from my house) literally freely sells OTF’s and automatics and blade length is not regulated.

no one says:

This knife looks really cheap, because of the full flat? grind mirrorpolish blade and the green handle.

Ben_Long1018 says:

I live in Ohio and I don’t really care about carrying an auto around. I’m not breaking any other laws so the cops aren’t bothering me.

WarGrrl3 says:

really like that knife. ty for the info

CB Fall says:

Amazing knife review,Jeff!!!

Adam O'Connor says:

looks like a sebenza clip on a benchmade reflex

S&Tguy says:

Jeff If You ever would like to sell or trade the very cool Battlebox watch that You got in this months box. I would love to buy it or mybe trade for it. But it’s only if You would ever want to do that. But You do not have to.

kubitron says:

Benchmade Reflex

Anus Repair Man says:

Rip Pennsylvania knife laws

tommylabors _ says:

you rebel you

Steven Bush says:

They made autos legal here in Oklahoma because cops don’t know knife actions and were claiming assisted were autos and taking them from people

Eddie King says:

Have this in the blue splash. I consider this a gentleman’s knife. Something you would carry while in a suit and tie. Very collectable. P.S It’s legal to carry any knife in my state of Tennessee as of January 2014.

Col. Richard Hunter says:

Very Nice!

mark h.contento says:

Don’t you think it strikingly resembles the Benchmade 2550 Reflex?

Yannick Bislin says:

no pivot screw, what a shame

Peach Jackson says:

I received a red DNA as a gift and I couldn’t be happier. It’s an amazing knife.

locke2517 says:

no more knife restrictions in Texas. what a time to be alive

Surago says:

I really like the x. I have not pulled the trigger on buying one yet because I just don’t know man, they seem like they’re knockoffs. they just look poorly made.

Save Me says:

knife blade reflection asmr

zleggitt1989 says:

in case you’re curious Jeff this knife company is out of Twin Falls Idaho

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