Knife Review : Protech Stinger (401PSBT) (Small Automatic)


Ethan Wong says:

Okay, i want to know how many one-armed viewers there are for this video… just curious…

champ3660 says:

@JRocker921 Hmm interesting, thanks

Nogorn says:

$100 for that!!!!!! WOW

SuperGhillie1 says:

unless you do something wrong. especially in PA, i doubt they would try to bring you up on charges just for having a few switchblades. here on long island, some of the cops are bastards and only care about making arrests to look good. they try to make an example of everyone. in nyc theyre trying to send an artist to jail for carrying a folding knife which is an “illegal gravity knife” bc they can flick it open if they hold it by the blade and apply “centrifugal force”. its all bullshit here

no dillinger says:

let me get this right/people are out[allegedly] committing felonies and your sweating them facing enhanced charges/lol for their choice of weaponry ,but it is good to hear that citizens who sadly have lost a limb are getting a pass/you might say they are single-handedly fighting for all are carry rights/maybe you can carry three and not sweat lt

Robert Marriott says:

i realize that it is more of a “collector’s” knife and that removing the pocket clip could devalue of the knife, but is it (permanently) riveted? from your video, it didn’t look easily removed. 

thanks for the helpful video… and yeah, the first 4 minutes may have been a bit boring but it is still good food for thought.

tylenator552 says:

from wikipedia : Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold, and are forced to work. Sounds like how the us government treats their submitizens

MrBICKUS9 says:

Thats kinda stupid, automatic knifes are pretty much the same by the looks of it, appart from pressing a button obv

tylenator552 says:

us government does both. They think they own you if you live there

PkwyDrive13 says:

I just bought a new one of these today from blade forum off a guy there, should have it this week..I own and carry many different autos and live in Texas where it’s legal too carry autos and ballisongs under 5.5in blades, I still think this knife is really cool and has a purpose. I will use it to carry in my suit or dress wear probably until I get a protech godson. I also got the OD matte handles with black plain edge, new in box for under $100. I’m excited to get it

Julian Peralta says:

i’ll be back!!

champ3660 says:

Does anyone specifically know the law about selling butterfly knives? There is a knifeshop at fishermen’s warf San Francisco and they were selling balisongs 3inche long blade, which was really weird to me. I was considering buying one benchmade model they have but I decided not to cuz i’m on a tight budget. I didn’t want to ask the guy just because I was thinking of coming back to buy it but didn’t want him to not sell it to me cuz I knew he wasn’t supposed to.

cutlerylover says:

@ConnorEllisLOL an auto you push a button or mechanism to release the blade to the open and locked posotion an assisted knife you have to move the balde itself to catch a spring to open it…its a minor difference but the world of a difference in law…

Bob johnson says:

Texas just changed their law, We can now carry automatic knives!!!  :o)
The reason automatics were banned in alot of states is because back in the 50’s all the gangbangers carried auto knives and had alot of brawls.

metropolitan6C says:

Hello, the question of ‘legal’ wear of knives is a leitmotiv in american review on YT, does your police are allowed to see what’s in your pocket at any time ? You, lucky americans, you can wear 9mm guns but seems afraid of a 2.1 inch auto blade. In France is illegal to carry any knife with a lock system but copsmust have a very serious motivated reason to ask to see what you have in your pocket.. Protech make somme very niice side autos and they seems to age weel. Thanks for sharing

FeXY says:

hey Jeff, i had one quick question on the knife. im thinking about getting one, but im worried about one thing. is there any way to lock it up while its in your pocket. that way if i lean against it or something, it wont shoot open into my leg.

Speedogg138 says:

@Redshift21 If you are a whackjob that believes the conspiracy theories then box-cutters killed no-one. X_x

Araya Skye says:

up till 4:00 :     booooooooooooriiiing

sasquatch446 says:

@MrKylemu1000 I think the age at which a teen can purchase a knife is 18.

But if your home, then i don’t think it really matters because it’s private property. I’ve had a knife ever since i was 12

photopuppet says:

@ShredLikeYouMeanIt1 I agree unfortunately. I will always love my home country (England) but the damn place is turning into a totalitarian state. I’m planning to move out abroad to a more free country as soon as I can…

dudewhoisnotfunny says:

in Canada any blade that can be opened using momentum or spring assisted
no balisongs or switch blade

Bob johnson says:

States let you carry a gun but not an automatic knife is ridiculous

QWASZX642 says:

haha in mississippi, where i live i can edc a balisong lol

Kyle Maddison. says:

it so cute aww lol

Columbus Cars and Coffee says:

In Ohio I could legally carry 15 handguns, even suppressed or full auto with the right paperwork. But, if I want one of these (which I do) it’s not legal to sell it to me! Nor could I carry it if you did. Whatever, lawmakers.

metropolitan6C says:

Are you often arrested in the streets by policemen to measure the lenght of your blade ?????? How many time did it happens in your whole life ? I’m always surprised with these infinite discussions on US websites

jhiller21 says:

You should work on one of those late night knife shows. Unfortunately they sell nothing but complete shit, but you would sell a lot of it.

Jake Marincovich says:

just get a swiss army knife and your a collector

knifeboy3 says:

Dude ballistic knife? No owning one of those is a felony

Jack Mutchler says:

@champ3660 bead blasting is a type of finish on a knife blade- its gives it a gray finish instead of the basic polished stainless steel

SwedishDynamics says:

that’d be nice for last stand situations

Jack Mutchler says:

@pirateTACTIX thats the comtech stinger

Tyler says:

@cutlerylover Do you know if this is legal in Michigan?

Austin Christopher says:

excellent review, man

ChiefPrepper says:

I can’t justify paying that price for that small of a knife. Guess i don’t live in California tho. Lol. I can carry whatever i want.

Gary Langley says:

knife laws/guns laws, are most of the time are silly, so you can have 2 knives and have it be illegal but you can buy a 3rd and its legal? in new york you can “carry ” an auto/switch blade if you have a hunting license and are hunting

JRolenx says:

please help me i haave a knife collection and i have always wanted a butterfly knife but there illlegal in my state please tell me how you found out you can be a collector

Big smoke says:

4:05 to get to the bit you came for

BigOStyle1 says:

Good review! Thanks for posting.

tylenator552 says:

People telling other people what they can carry? Sounds like slavery to me

chemicallust77 says:

would be sweet with a milled Ti handle:-)

SuperGhillie1 says:

they cant search your house anyway without a warrant

Michael Cameron says:

i have no idea what you where talking about, but nice vid anyway

champ3660 says:

Can someone explain to me why knives are sold “bead-blasted” I understand that bead blast is a process to take away rust/corrosion etc like sand blasting or something but what does it mean if theres a knife being sold bead blasted? Does it mean it was old and know its refurbished? Cuz i was bout to buy one and they were selling two versions of them and one was bead blasted. both were same price

SaruJerry says:

I only have one testicle, but that counts right?

oneasterisk says:

I had my knife taken away by constables around last year. They were called because some women thought we were causing which we weren’t and they let us go. I told them that I carried a knife on me (even before they searched me) and they said that although I was okay to have it (since I said I use it only as a tool), the knife itself was a concern. No confrontation, no words exchanged–everything was okay between my buddies and I and the officers. The knife was a Kershaw Blur.

Rajan Chahal says:

The sprints better

luis chavez says:

that is an awesome little knife

Ary727 says:

i have a knife, i dont know what it is, brand, or whatever, but it looks pretty weird, if i were to send u a pic of it would you help me out?, its extremely sharp and has a real weird shape.

uddo speck says:

i have only one ball for that reason i need the protech godson.

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