Knife Review : Schrade SCHOTF8TB (Legal Switchblade Or Just Damn Close?!?!?!)


Nathan Fournier says:

Legal in Canada?

No Data says:

Any and all knives are legal in my state, is there anywhere I can easily buy automatic knives for good prices?

sunnyminhas30 says:

Canadian legal!

Junior Garcia says:

CA legal or nah?

Gunnar Stahl says:

Whats the deal with the $500 otf is that just mark up bc of the brand

Octafari says:

Drinking game
Take a shot every time he says automatic knife

Josh Rayburn says:

Can i get this on Amazon

WaterCroc says:

I like OTF’s! Is it legal in Massachusetts?

Elfavelita says:

If they removed the button slider, and made it actuated only by that knob attached to the blade then it would be CA legal to carry.

Zack Bisson Loves TukTukPirate says:

have have one of these. I live in Canada is it illegal to have one of these knives in Canada. I love it. it has a black handle and a rainbow colored blade

Tipton Wheeler says:

Is this made in the USA


hello I have a shotgun knife but I broke you know how to fix? You know some video showing the spring system something? tutorial

Drew Doescher says:

What grade of steel is this?

Tactical Patriot2000 says:

Knife laws are so dumb

mephInc says:

“legal switchblade”..depends where you live.
Everything except ballistic knives where I live, even to carry.

Jeff Windle says:

cool idea & a must have. “spring assisted” knifes are in my opinion great for restrictive states. plus there just cool.

Aaron Moore says:

Under UK law this would still be considered an automatic knife unless you removed the button on the handle, I believe Canadian law is the same. Even if that weren’t the case the reason that UK law allows the carry of “folding knives” is prevent the carry of OTF knives because they’re scarier.

Adrian Eyre says:


Golden Warrior says:

I used a switchblade cause some gang person had a crowbar

the dude look like he was in his 30’s

I’m 14 years old

.Dot says:

so is this legal in Canada, or is this among the many knives that are not legal (mostly for no reason.)

vaporizethis says:

possible court issues asside really want one for my collection since im in Cal, we have the fuckiest “weapon” laws

Nicholas Aarons says:

Cool Knife Jeff & Review. Keep up the great work. Nick.

MooTaters says:

Have to be careful about how the law is written as well. Last I checked mine blankets assisted knives with what was likely meant to cover automatics, as well another part covers anything that uses “gravity to assist” aka balisong/butterfly knives.

Pierced From Within says:

nine just came in the mail today, I got the spear point, really like it. great knife for the price, I believe mine was 50 shipped from bladehq. very solid and terribly fun.

Captain69Coma says:

So is it spring assisted? As in will Cali police jump down my throat still for carrying?

Ron Smith says:

In Idaho: Balisong knives are legal.Switchblades, automatic knives, and other quick release knives are legal.Bowie knives and other large knives are legal.Throwing stars and throwing knives are legal.Stilettos, dirks, and other stabbing knives are legal.Disguised knives like belt knives, lipstick knives, cane knives, and key knives are legal.Spring powered ballistic knives are legal.Pocket knives of any size are legal.

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