Knife Review : Spyderco Citadel (Automatic)

Sorry cant find a site that has them in stock at the moment…Although Ill be honest, I didn’t look too hard, lol…


slayerv29 says:

Boss magnifying skills

noodle050 says:

Think ive seen it in the movie ”Bullet to the head”

beaker126 says:

Really nice, I’ve got an Embassy, I might have to see if I can find that one.

FrostBlade says:

wut multitool ring?

FrostBlade says:

Get the spring out! Like he says at the start.

ArmedNewYork says:

I have this knife, got it on bladeHQ about a year ago for $119!

Jonathan SWAT626 says:

what site did you buy it from as a civilian?

Chunskuru says:

@Super69ingOliver he’s already trading it i believe, sorry dude. 🙁

subversive775 says:

why would you mangle a beautiful knife like this by removing anything from it?!

TheEmperialist says:


Aran Kearns says:

Did you video this with a potatoe

Gosdent says:

That thing is sweet dude! Great action on it.

Ryan Hom says:

It’s not hard finding autos as a civilian I bought two microtechs online a lot of places say active military or cop stuff but all most really need is a active credit card


Hey Jeff — Does the lock have a spring or does it move freely – my citadel lock is loose and moves free – it does not stay in one place it moves back and forth — thx

Bbfishman says:

Im going to order this knife in 2 days, i was curious if anybody knew of the best site to buy it from? Im not spending $235, but ive seen a few different places offering it for a couple bucks less. Ive never bought an expesive knife so im just curious if anybody knows a good site, since im no expert on knives but i fell in love with this knife literally 3 seconds into this video and its decided that im 100% buying it in 2 days when i get paid. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Eric Von Zipper says:

Spyderco website says thay are restricted to police and military only.

Jeremy Holder says:

i have one of the smaller citadels. Mine has some up and down play. Not much at all, but im just wondering if its just mine, or a side effect of the auto. Great knife!

Grailstock says:

one of the better reviewers. Keep up the good work. I would hate to actually have to work at work cause there are no more reviews

397pollo says:

i would like to see a machete from spyderco

Adam Owen says:

The citadel has been discontinued 🙁

Jackson Davis says:

BladeHQ has them.

Galt4570 says:

You should have no problem selling it. They were discontinued a year ago and are hard to find. I’d buy it if the price was right! 🙂

Brandon gear says:

I had one on of those and I found out cops want them

ainulhaqkim14 says:

Nice knife but also to note, your recordings have improved 🙂
no more blurry views and such so I can see the nice details on the knife.

sturmgewehr70 says:

The Citadel has been discontinued.

Patrick says:

Yeah the jewelers loop is back

Eaglei322 says:

I have one as well i love it great knife i also have a Kershaw Rogue Auto if you have one Jeff you should do a review on it and if you dont i would be more than happy to lend it to you if you wanted to review it.. PM me if interested

XIUXIU1313 says:

Thanks for watching!

infesting says:

Albino just watch some videos of his and see the knives he likes.

JuliettWhiskeyNiner says:

They’re completely illegal and blanket banned. HMRC seizes literally anything sharp they can and some they can’t, only releasing the stuff after threatening court action and they’re legal people realising an offence hasn’t been committed. In other words, the chances of getting an actual auto past them is very, very, very slim.

duroSIG556R says:

The version you’re showing has been discontinued for several months now. Although, I own one. The large blade version! The new embassy’s don’t have as big of a blade.

KBar666 says:

Never got why they discontinued this one, I like both this and the Embassy, but if I had to pick one, the Citadel IMO should have stayed

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