Knife Review : WCB Automatic OTF Knives (BUYER BEWARE!!!)

Legal Automatics…


Wyatt Ulmer says:

I got a lightning otf for 20$ on a website called direct knife sales

Chase Rayburn says:

Let’s be honest, this video could have been about a third the length. You had some good information to convey about the knife and the brand, but when you just keep repeating yourself it sounds like some trying to meet an arbitrary time requirement, and you dilute your point as well as your ability to communicate effectively.

mark burress says:

There is a bit of a difference between Japanese made AUS8 A and regular God knows what AUS8

LiChoiFungfan says:

Dude,…you ramble on a bit too much,…repeating yourself and going off on tangents. Next, you trash this knife but, then the only thing you can specifically cite that’s so bad about it is a dulling blade. You say the steel “seems” less than what it should be but, you never say you know for sure what steel it is. It seems to open and shut every time you push the button and it doesn’t even look scratched, dinged or otherwise beat up. The way you described this knife, I would have expected it to be rattling, parts falling out of it, the blade failing to deploy half the time, and rust all over the blade. Maybe the knife isn’t all that great but, if it’s as bad as you described, then it should have been a lot more easy to specify a lot of actual problems (e.g. rusty blade, jamming button, slow fire, screws coming out, unsharpened edge, etc.) instead of so much subjective rhetoric. Maybe it’s not a Benchmade but, it didn’t seem like a spork either.

Sckarekrow says:

This a generic otf that comes from china. Small time companies put their logo on it. Same piece of shit as ravencrest tactical.

68Stan says:

I’ve got one of these in black, bought on Aliexpress for $26 a year ago. Even the sheath is identical The steel is definitely worse than AUS-8, maybe the heat treating was screwed up, or it’s some lesser steel. The knife is fun (albeit really heavy), but anything above $40 for it is ludicrous.
And BTW, when you say you’ll be brutally honest – be brutally honest please. Don’t beat around the bush and make millions of reservations and apologies; you said once, that this is your opinion about the knife and the company selling it, and not about the viewer that sent it – we get it. You said you’re guessing or assuming – we get it. Be brave.

Adam Kern says:

You want a good otf save up and get microtech otf I now own 20 and beat the crap out of them there worth every penny I’ve not ever trade them it’s never about the money it’s about the quality so buy microtech even if it takes you a few months or years to get enough money to buy one you won’t be sorry there worth every penny

exexpat11 says:

If you order from overseas and run the customs hassle $27. You can order from a dealer for $40. You can order from someone slapping their own name on it for $125-$140 which is a Ripoff. The put out videos (example), “The Tactical Shark is just as good as MicroTech and is the new Maker in Town” and it is this $27-$40 knife.

Fictional Subliminals says:

I just want my knife….

M. S. L. says:

We need a group of people that bust these companies marking up this crap & expose the truth that they can be had for like $20 -$30. If they really wanted this crap.

L_W says:

$1000 says the same company that makes that also makes cobratech

Doug C says:

thanx for ur review w/ a bit of racism..

Mike Friday says:

Cardboard is an edge killer on all knives

William Hughes says:

Sorry wrong vid and company

TacticalBadger says:

I’m pretty sure I ran into the Worldclassblades guy at the Indy 1500, he repeated himself about 1000X talking about his OTFs , he had some Microtechs at his booth , had some fakes too which he pointed out where fakes.
*EDIT* Was definitely WCB , I found the card he gave me when I was at his booth.

Adam Hastings says:

Conquest tactical otf are just like this knife. The have a lil better website. Conquest says that thier otf knives are 440c and they still want 200 bucks for them

dannypstl423 says:

That website is bullshit. Great review. These are Chinese knifes. Try $20 dh gate. If you want cheap buy cheap from the source.

robert paulson says:

They go by the name ‘Raven Crest’ as well and they claim they are USA made knives

Randolph Harrison says:

Hi Jeff.  For someone who can’t afford a Microtech or other high priced OTF knives, are there any that you can recommend for 100 or less?  Thanks

Brian roselli says:

If its cheap then why do they have a life time warrenty

Wash_Your_Fruits says:

what do you think of Ravencrest?

Allison Forti says:

blade looks cheesy

William Hughes says:

I have a Damascus one and I love it!!

Buffalo Chicken says:

can I send you pics of a knife I got as a gift. it has know markings but I believe it to be a copy of something.

blake102989 says:

I just got one of these today at the deer and turkey expo just for shits and giggles and to possibly help to get the company selling these shut down. mine actually says D2 on the blade and the guy selling them told me they were D2 steel ( which I knew was bullshit when he told me the price). he also told me they were made in the USA which I could tell was bullshit. I went on their website before I grabbed one and the website it only had a description for the micro otf and which it said it was AUS-8 steel. they’re faulse advertising to the max, so don’t let them fool you too. plus I would bet money that raven crest is owned by the same person.

Jew Hair says:

Fun fact: that “USA” you see isn’t an abbreviation. Knives like that are not legally able to be manufactured here. They are actually made in a place that is actually called “Usa (oo-suh)”

Crazy Piotr says:

….serrations….on an OTF….REALLY?

Eric Serobyan says:

same knife no markings no camo 15-20 bucks all day on dhgate just go and search microtech and set it to prices lowest to highest

Erich F. says:

Talking about cheap steel at a crazy price, I saw some Cutco knives at Costco. They are CRAZY expensive and are made out of 440A. A real rippoff if i ever seen one!

Ballistic Mooshrum says:

What is OTF?? Some one plz tell me

Wise Beard Man says:

First of all, I’m not into knives that much to justify spending 200+ for a well built microtech. I would much rather spend the 50$ for this POS and carry it and not have to worry about damaging it to the point where I felt 200$ went down the drain. Also, the cool thing about these OTF knives is they have interchangeable blades. You can actually buy blades and all the parts to repair these for close to nothing.

I think the blades and parts range anywhere from 2$ to 20$. The blades are of course the most expensive part, but all you need is the handle and you can swap out the blade with different blade designs. I bought a Delta force and it’s definitely better than a lightning and I found a website that sells them in parts and I bought a bunch of different styled blades. Pretty cool if you ask me.

hollyburnside83 says:

DON’T BUY FROM HELLYTEC!!!! I bought a knife it broke the first time I opened it. . .sent it back for repair/exchange (lifetime warranty) and when they mailed it back USPS delivered it to the wrong house. That person mailed it back to HellyTec and now I am out a knife (they will not send it a 2nd time) AND WON’T REFUND MY MONEY ($100)! That company is unethical, you agree to unethical terms when purchasing and their knives are SHIT. Even the BBB won’t help.

Christopher Coggin says:

donald j trump lead by example.

Caleb Turner says:

Hahahaha that world class blades website has all the knives from dhgate listed for 200 $250 and the like while you can literally order the same knives direct from china on dhgate for 20 or 30 bucks what a pile of shit.

JorgeA. Melendez says:

Could you tell me where you bought it or what the model is called

Louis Ramirez says:

Aw rite awredy…

Chris Jacobsen says:

not quality at all mines helly tech pos broke a spring second day lifetime warranty is bull dont waste your money n i dont live in a commie state can carry anywhere but why its junk the south rules

The Boy says:

Ha love the sarcasm towards the knife laws xD

I am Craig Grant's bitcoin wallet says:

one of them TAN TOES

Eric Buchanan says:

Here in 2018 they have “upgraded” to D2 blade steel and they have upgraded internal hardware

mark burress says:

And yes I know that’s not Microtech…whoever…just sayin. I mean hell get a well made AO and be done.

Joan Protano says:

Hubby bought a knife at a gun show Kane County, IL fairgrounds in Dec of 2017, from Nick at World Class Blades and it failed within days, sent it for repair. The repaired/replacement failed in hours. Expensive, crappy knife. Address we mailed to is a UPS store. Buyer Beware.

James pringle says:

NJ has the same knife laws, I Cary a spring assist and there pretty good.

malehangershop Bob Jones says:

I’d suggest a deposit on a G&G Hawk Deadlock. After which, you have a few more months to get together the rest of your balance.

John S says:

I loves my high priced ‘murican knives made by meth heads getting paid over twenty bucks an hour.

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