Legal Weapon Review : Guardfather Automatic Spike

Interesting automatic pocket spike


Motherload111 says:

I removed the spring and the clip to make the button easier to access as well as making it safer in my pocket. I highly recommend doing this mod if you intend on buying this product.

Ramon Blackcamo says:

Very cool I want one

Demnselensky says:

If your channel is for reviewing then REVIEW THE DAMN ITEM
Just make a story time channel for Gods sako man

Abundant Kush says:

I’m gonna buy one and use it as a dabber for my wax

Johnny Lifeson says:

Got One .

chris stravoskufis says:

what kinda of world do we live in when we are worried about how we defend our self’s

CreditNoDehbit says:

is this legal in CA???

Toast Busters says:

Window breaker would also be another practical use for this.

Ramon Slan says:

Im sorry but if i feel my life is threatened.. Then im gonna use the the damn thing…its either u or them

CHEGE vara says:

Long introduction……………………………………………………………………………..

dale carpenter says:

Hey you could actually use it for an ice pick !

Robert Deskins says:

I used to have one of those, it is tricky to close but once you figure something out it ain’t a problem. I do recommend replacing both springs with stronger spings

redneckoutdoors14 says:

“It’ll catch on…you’ll see.” Lol xD

John Doe says:

3 minutes in and u didnt press the button its not that serious PRESS THE FUCKING BUTTON annoying video PRESS THE FUCKING BUTTON

rAdiant Jet says:

I have this one and I slso have one that is all titanium guard father that is far better! The purple one is rear and comes at a premium because of the whole Joker thing! I recommend putting some thread lock on the bottom!

Laundry Detergent says:

Stop talking and show us the weapon

Pierced From Within says:

3:05 to see it in action

Ezra Lynch says:

What country do u live in bc the knife restrictions might be different

raven sousa says:

hey jeff i live in texas where today big knives with many edges are now legal and am curious if this falls under knife laws as daggers dirks and many pointy blades are ok now i was looking at these and would love one

nate d says:

it sucks there are nothing real anymore with any bladed weapons. even in museums where you can look or even hold antique knives or swords even as new as ww2 that are actually perfectly made to look like a antique by infamous fake antique science and really there’s no way to know you have any real knives or sword cause most of earth’s materials have been man made and tempered with through chemicals in the ground to man made particles on our air so nothing is natural anymore

Mistr Monstr says:

If you remove the spring it becomes a double-action, gravity/inertia driven spike, and therefor doesnt constitute a spring-loaded weapon.

AWGG 16 says:

Is it legal if your 10

Chris D'oulmeth says:

Would be interesting to see how strong it is when you stab something.

fuckthepopulation says:

i want one

World's Biggest Booty Hoes says:

Looks fragile.

Elias Cervantez says:

I love your vids. But bro cut the rambling other than that good job

Gummy Bear says:

would like to know how the button looks
any one can send a link or pic to the button shape on the inside?

_Pine says:

Knife part at 3:00

Mike Turley says:


Tõp 5 Central says:

Boii u talk too much

Dwight E Howell says:

I’d rather stick a medium screw driver in my pocket. You can use it for a lot more stuff and it is sturdier.

Dutch Blades says:

2 years later and I’m still coming back to this video!
Found one on eBay wich never arrived and the seller was never heard from again…
These things are legal to own and carry here, but I just can’t seem to find one…

Sgt Rock 68 says:

I think Id flip it upside down and use it as a whacker. If the handel has any weight at all.

Douglas Barnett says:

Quit f-ing talking so much and show the pick

Moose says:

I want To Know Why He Is Boycotting Benchmade

Lyle Yates says:

I’ve wanted to get one of these for the longest time just for collector’s purposes, but my issue is that if it’s used to any extent, it’ll need to be sharpened and by sharpening it, after a while it’ll loose it’s tip length, making it impossible to close by pushing it down onto something hard. Now, if they were to make this into a double action/dual action, I would absolutely buy one.

Joseph Steaphens says:

I’d rather be judge by 12 then carried by 6.If someone is intending to do you harm you have the righto defend yourself,unless you live in a fail libtard state,

Psionic Crusher says:

More than two and a half minutes of crap….. you love the sound of your own voice

Full Metal Jacket says:

could break glass

Tiger_vii says:

my new clay sculpting tool lol…. pull this out in my clay class and that should turn heads!

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